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Welcome to Draw In Customers, the quick and easy place to get your business help and strategies literally drawn up in front of you. Through 1on1 business coaching we can take your business and help you grow it to the point that you are making more money, having more free time and having much more fun with your business.

Get your business to work FOR you!

With the implementation of our business marketing help, business systems creation, time management tactics and overall motivating personality you can be certain your business will rocket to where you always dreamed it would be.
Maybe even a bit past.

Let’s BOLDLY grow your business.  Where do you want your business to be?  Seriously, not where you think it will be or what is likely going to happen if you do nothing.  Where do you REALLY want your business to be?

What could a little mentoring do for your business?

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Business Strategy

How fast should you grow?  When do you make the next move?  With our business coaching, you can reveal the right answers to the tough questions.

Business Systems

Getting things done is what systems are all about.  Do you know what to do and when?  Do your employees?  We can help you get the right systems in place.

Time Management

Without a great system to manage your time, you will not be able to do all that you want and need to do.  Get more done in less time with a well designed organization.

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James Kademan is an experienced business coach that actually has started, grown and sold businesses. He currently owns other small businesses to keep his business coaching skills sharp by gaining real world current experience. He coaches individuals and teams, mostly business owners in the service and repair sectors. His business coaching sessions are fun, inspirational and keep you accountable to accomplishing your business goals.

"James is smart, has great ideas and is fun to talk to. I've enjoyed each session with him, and I've implemented his suggestions which have helped my business to succeed. I've known James in a variety of business capacities and have the utmost respect for him and his work. I highly recommend!"
Heidi Testimonial
HeidiGrowing Client
"James is one of the most inspirational people I know! Every time we meet I leave with a handful of business solutions and an empowered attitude to execute them. Beyond that, he has taught me the power of the mind and the importance of the energy behind my motives. He has directly influenced my business and life success. If you want to kick ass at life, he is your guy!"
Amy Moore, Testimonial
AmyBusiness Pro
"Working with James has been the best business decision I've made yet. He always has great perspective on the issues I'm facing, can see the straightest path to my goals, and pushes me to tackle new challenges right away, rather than wait for what feels like stability, but is really caution. James has also put me in touch with a huge network of referral partners and other great business people, which has played a big part in driving new clients through my door. I recommend him highly enough."
ScottGrowing Client
Let me help you realize your business goals and find success!
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Fully Confidential

Speaking with a business coach is a private matter, therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

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A complimentary business coaching session provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and make sure we are a great fit for you.

Timely Advice

Your business moves at your pace.  We work with you to tweak and move at a pace that helps you achieve your goals.

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