Tom Robillard, creator of the Shelf by Vehroot

The Story of Vehroot – For All of Us With Cell Phones in Cars

Tom Robillard – Vehroot You know how in most cars, you get in and unload whatever you have on you.  Water bottle, maybe some keys and, of course, your cell phone.  Cupholders have become phone holders.  Now as you drive … Read More

Judith Joy, author of Dear Future Lover

How to Manifest Everything You Want

Judith Joy – Author of Dear Future Lover Judith Joy wanted a new husband.  So she started writing letters to this as yet unknown man.  A few dozen letters later and she met her man.  In her new book entitled, … Read More

Salespeople should be nice.

Salespeople That Make You Hate Salespeople

I’ve had a rough week with salespeople.  Like most business owners with a brick and mortar place, we get a few random people popping in that want to sell us their magic beans, or whatever. Most of the time if … Read More

The commercial business loan lending roundtable.

Small Business Lending with SBA and Community Banks

Vince Hartmann – Bank of Sun Prairie Nick Drewson – WBD Inc Martin McNally – Right Bauer Brewing We did something a little different this time on the best business podcast.  We brought a crew of professionals in the small … Read More

Sarah Artz, owner of One One Thousand

How Do You Pivot in Business and Have Fun Doing It?

Sarah Artz – One One Thousand Sarah, owner of One One Thousand, has learned the art of the pivot in business. In this candid interview, she explains how she started and what she has changed with her business displaying, selling … Read More

Shree Kalluri of Zerology

How Do You Save the World With Your Business?

Shree Kalluri – Zerology If you were to look at all of the problems facing our busy world, you would find a few that we just haven’t solved.  Traffic and pollution are two problems that Shree Kalluri is tackling with … Read More

Episode 100 of the best business podcast

Episode 100 of The Best Business Podcast

James Kademan and Rachel Rasmussen – The Best Business Podcast When you start a podcast, you are committing to a lot.  You need to make sure you have great guests, great equipment and that you can attract listeners that want … Read More

How to flip houses with Todd Strauss

How to Build a Real Estate Flipping Empire

Todd Strauss – Spot On Properties The dream of making money flipping houses seems to be prevalent among many would-be entrepreneurs.  Todd Strauss has taken that dream and built what amounts to a serial entrepreneur’s empire.  Todd is a no-nonsense … Read More

Sheri Maass, the Love Coach

The Love Coach

Sheri Maass – The Love Coach We are all in relationships.  Some good, some less than.  What do you do when your romantic relationship(s) start to go south?  Enter a love coach. I have known Sheri Maass for years and … Read More

Randy Schmidt owner of Madison Property Restoration

How to Build a Property Restoration Company

Randy Schmidt – Madison Property Restoration We have all met business owners that are good at the service they provide.  But how many business owners do you meet that really know business?  I can tell you, it is rare.  That … Read More