Drowning in your business?

The Power of Experience

Have you ever tried to learn how to swim at a seminar?  It’s pretty similar to learning the in’s and out’s of business. Have you ever paid for advertising and hoped it worked? I received a bill the other day. … Read More

How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent

Lindsay Koch – The Baking Realtor Lindsay Koch (pronounced like caulk) is the Baking Realtor.  Which mean she can help you find the home of your dreams, while offering a decadent selection of sweet treats to complete the euphoria.  Lindsay … Read More

Ian Aley from the Madison Market Ready Business Program

How to Get Startup Businesses to Market

Madison Market Ready Program Ian Aley is the director of the Madison Market Ready Program.  This program is designed for entrepreneurs to prepare them to be part of the Madison Market, coming in 2019 or so.  Listen as Ian discusses … Read More

The Jills of All Trades

How to Start a Woman Owned Business -The Jills of All Trades

The Jills of All Trades Megan and Corinne, founders of The Jills of All Trades business came into the studio.  They tell us how they came up with the idea and started their business that helps market female owned businesses, … Read More

Business Elevator Conversations

The Art of the Elevator Conversation

You meet people all the time.  You talk to them about the weather, sports, kids and eventually they ask the question you have been waiting for.  That question pops up, “So what do you do?” As entrepreneurs we have been … Read More

Prairie Flowers and Gifts

How to Run a Flower Shop Business and Deliver Smiles

Prairie Flowers and Gifts Dina Pocernich, owner of Prairie Flowers and Gifts, has seen it all.  With her business she takes on the challenge of making people happy all over her town.  She does a great job and lets us … Read More

John Gishnock of Formecology Landscaping

How to Buy a Business and Run a Landscaping Company

Formecology Landscape Design John Gishnock, owner of Formecology, takes us on his business journey from potential entrepreneur to business buyer to business owner with years of satisfied clients to look back on with a smile. John tells us his secrets … Read More

Forward Natural Medicince's Dr. Woyak

How to Believe Success is Your Only Option

Forward Natural Medicine Dr. Ashley Woyak, owner of Forward Natural Medicine stopped by the studio to chat about starting a business based entirely around making the world a healthier and happier place. She talks about the successful principles of working … Read More

Apple Premier Partner

How to Create an IT Company for the Masses

Graphite Bob Mahnke, owner of Graphite, an Apple Premier Partner, talks about starting his business.  You will learn the ups and downs of working with a company worth over a trillion dollars that has an almost religious following as you … Read More

How to Make a Website in One Day

Bizzy Bizzy Candy Phelps, owner of Bizzy Bizzy has set a new standard for getting work done.  Websites in a day?  Yep.  Including graphics, content and SEO to make your new website actually get found.  Yep.  Listen to this podcast … Read More