What I Learned From Publishing a Book

Thinking of a great book to write is tough.  Writing that book is even tougher.  Going through the edits, marketing, publishing and all of the steps to actually get a great book in people’s hands is even more tiresome. And … Read More

Three Words That Will Kill Your Business

In every business you may find that there is some apprehension.  From the time an idea for the business pops into your head, through planning and into actually opening your doors you will continually be challenged by three words: Hopefully, … Read More

How Outsourcing Can Improve Business

If you’re an entrepreneur and are often frustrated with so much to do and not enough time, then you’ll want to continue reading.  James, from Draw In Customers Business Coaching, is giving me this opportunity to reach out to you.  … Read More

Is it OK to Ask for Help?

Speaking from a position of owning a business when it could not be a better time to own a business, I find myself in a pickle.  You see, I come across people that have their business started and operational and … Read More

How to Feel Vibrant

Listen to a favorite, upbeat song.  Loudly. Sing that favorite, upbeat song.  Loudly. Imagine you are in the front row at a concert with that band playing your favorite, upbeat song after you were already feeling exhilarated from their last … Read More

How to Focus as an Entrepreneur

I recently discovered that I am guilty.  I am guilty of cheating on my business.  Now, most relationships do not respond kindly to external exploits.  But then again, most relationships are not quite like the relationship you have with your … Read More

What is the best way to make decisions?

Recently I started a class for start-up businesses.  What I learned was dramatic in flair and challenged me in understanding just what mental blockades the start-up entrepreneur can face. The act of starting a business can be perceived as overwhelming. … Read More

Let’s All Hate Mondays Together

It happens almost daily.  I walk into my office and the smoker’s corner has a gentleman that is looking a bit depressed.  Actually, he is to the point that if he pulled out a rope and started tying a knot, … Read More

Haters Gonna Hate

I published a book that a few people hate.  Maybe hate is a strong word.  Maybe it would be better to say they just don’t get it. The book, as you may know, is titled You Got This! A motivational … Read More

Top 100 Business Coach Blog

Do you ever feel like the content you create is just adding to the noise that is the internet?  After all, there are about 59 million blog posts put up somewhere on the web each month.  I write one of … Read More