Does a Small Business Need HR?

With this podcast you will learn how Ginny and Amy started their HR business, Mindful HR. Any business with employees will have to deal with human resources at some point. It should be right away, before you get in trouble. … Read More

The Path to Health and Wellness in Life and Business

With this podcast you will learn how Jen started her health and wellness business, Jenerate Wellness. Note that is Jenerate with a J, as in Jen, as in Jen will help you generate your wellness.  Clever and true, indeed. Jen … Read More

How do you start a personal training business?

Exercise your right to start a business.  Corey from Digman Fitness tells us the secrets to making it all work out in business.  Keep moving, keep smiling and make sure you have a goal in place.         … Read More

How to start a restoration company?

Gerry deals the dirt on starting a restoration company.  From dealing with wet basements to less than sanitary things he and his crew have to deal with.  He gives us the dirty secrets of running Hydra Pro Damage and Restoration … Read More

How to Communicate and Rainbows

Today I visited a website.  Like pretty much the rest of the country, I happened to be online.  I was poking around LinkedIn and went down a rabbit hole of investigating some people I met at a recent networking event. … Read More

How do you start a general contractor company?

Mark from Actuate Improvement has been a force for change in the construction industry.  Removing the typical stigmas of general contractors by having ultimate communication with his customers.  This includes answering the phone when clients and potential clients call.  As … Read More

How do you start a non-profit for kids?

With this podcast you will learn how Katie left her solid, well-paying job to start a non-profit centered around getting kids moving and bringing more money into schools. She did this through sheer will, intelligence and a great desire to … Read More

How to Target Your Market

It all started innocently enough.  I was chatting up some students in a business planning class I teach about marketing.  The importance of marketing, how to market and the like. The basic premise was to make sure you market your … Read More

How do you start a brewery business?

With this podcast you will learn how Nate quit the grind of cubicle life and jumped on the beer and food train. Nate started Rockhound Brewpub a couple years ago and has been navigating success, beer in hand, ever since. … Read More

How do you start a business with no plan and survive a business fire?

Jeanne Kolker of Insight Counseling and Wellness talks with us about starting a business with no plan. Growing it faster than anticipated to meet the need of your clients and moving forward regardless. Even if a big fire puts up … Read More