Vivian Probst - Author

Putting the Whoa in Woman Ep132

Vivian Probst – Author, Speaker, Poet, Playwright, Consultant to the Affordable Housing Industry Vivian Probst has dedicated her life to making the world a better place.  Her latest project is the book entitled, Tha Womun Who Forgot Who She Was.  … Read More

Hector Colon CEO of LSS

From Boxer to CEO

Héctor Colón There are a plethora of similarities between fighting and business.  Some in business may even equate a day in business as a fight, battle or even war. The mindset, confidence, success and power all encompass both.  No one … Read More

Communication in Business

Your Business is Only as Good as Your Communication

Recently I was having a conversation with a client of mine.  They were frustrated because their clients kept calling and emailing asking for information.   The information these pesky customers were requesting basically consisted of questions that amounted to, “When … Read More

Steve Schleicher Voiceover talent

From Teacher to Voiceover Artist-Ep130

Steve Schleicher – Voice-Over and On Camera Talent Remember that dream job you were going to pursue?  The one that was awesome and ended up not happening.  Well, Steve Schleicher is a guy that became a teacher and for many … Read More

Problems are a sign of life.

Problems Are a Sign of Life

I was chatting with a friend the other day and my kid came along.  My kid asked for a drink, so I told him what we had for choices.  The selection included about twelve different options.  He sighed that first … Read More

Nicholas Hinrichsen Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso

The Story of Ep129

Nicholas Hinrichsen – Nicholas has gone the distance in Silicon Valley.  After starting up Carlypso and selling it to Carvana, he started, a website built to make refinancing your car easy.  That alone is impressive.  Add to that … Read More

Judith Joy of Yes With Joy

How to Achieve Your Dreams Ep128

Judith Joy – Yes With Joy Achieving your dreams is a fantasy to most people.  Something commonly left to those that are lucky, from many people’s perception.  Judith Joy takes that idea and alters it a bit, essentially asking her … Read More

Post don't Scroll Blog

Post Don’t Scroll

I made the mistake today that millions of people make everyday.  I was scrolling through some social media, killing some time that I really didn’t have to kill.  Then it dawned on me that what I was seeing was really … Read More

Barbara Schlaefer from JC Rose talks health insurance.

How to Solve the Health Insurance Issue Ep127

Barbara Schlaefer Health insurance is expensive, we all know that.  Businesses are expected to absorb the constant increases as they get told they are lucky to only have that 10% increase. But what if there is a different way?  What … Read More

Gary Tree from Advanced Building Corporation

How to Run a Commercial Contracting Company Ep126

Gary Tree – Advanced Building Corporation We all need healthy food, clean water and fresh air.  We also need some shelter. Gary Tree is the Vice-President of Advanced Building Corporation.  I brought Gary on the show because he is the … Read More