How to Keep a Networking Group Going

I recently attended a fantastic networking event.  It had great networking, startups, entrepreneurs and coffee.  It was in the morning so I could get rolling and not push into family time.  The energy was powerful, I met tons of awesome … Read More

Small Business Startup Checklist

The 1 month plan is to (in no particular order):   Create a name for your business.  Make it memorable and have it explain what you do.  Clever is good, clear is better. Keep in mind SEO with your company … Read More

Key Ways To Make Your Business More Transparent

Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent created by Track Your Truck

Take Control of your own Career – Here’s How to Join the Gig Economy

  The gig economy, the sharing economy, freelancing – these terms all refer to the recent growth in flexible career opportunities. Gigs can be any job and can amount to full-time work or just a source of some side cash. How … Read More

How Do You Make Money as a Service Business?

Systemization, then commoditization. Make money in-between those two. This blog is in reply to an interesting challenge I received after I posted a Business Startup Checklist on LinkedIn.  Click here if you want to check the discussion out. The challenge … Read More

The Worst Advice Website Designers Give

I just finished reading another book on marketing.  It was well written and had some great tips. But like most books, it included some information that had me slapping my forehead in disgust. You see, this book included a portion … Read More

How to Build an Email List the (Almost) Easy Way

In most marketing blogs the mention of utilizing your email list is standard fare.  Some blogs casually mention this, saying things like, “with a typical email list of over 10,000 names, you can expect an open rate of 2,000…” These … Read More

How Do You Focus?

How Do You Focus? Focus is a challenge for everyone, entrepreneur, employee and goldfish alike.  Every entrepreneur that I have ever met is filled with ideas.  Some are brilliant ideas about how to improve their business or make business more … Read More

What I Learned From Publishing a Book

Thinking of a great book to write is tough.  Writing that book is even tougher.  Going through the edits, marketing, publishing and all of the steps to actually get a great book in people’s hands is even more tiresome. And … Read More

Three Words That Will Kill Your Business

In every business you may find that there is some apprehension.  From the time an idea for the business pops into your head, through planning and into actually opening your doors you will continually be challenged by three words: Hopefully, … Read More