Haters Gonna Hate

I published a book that a few people hate.  Maybe hate is a strong word.  Maybe it would be better to say they just don’t get it. The book, as you may know, is titled You Got This! A motivational … Read More

Top 100 Business Coach Blog

Do you ever feel like the content you create is just adding to the noise that is the internet?  After all, there are about 59 million blog posts put up somewhere on the web each month.  I write one of … Read More

Everything I Need to Know in Business I Learned from Ferris Bueller

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss it.  Ferris gets moving at a fast pace with most everything he does.  He also knows that he needs to realize what he … Read More

Overwhelmed by Time Management

I am working with a client that needs to make some changes to their business to get where they want to be. The steps they need to take are numerous and can seem overwhelming to the point of being insurmountable. … Read More

Passion, Desire and Steamy Business Cards

Today is all about love and I want to share a story of something that borders on infatuation. Recently I learned of a business owner who was almost cleverly seduced by someone selling hope. These hope peddlers prey on small … Read More

Follow Through In Business

I am just returning from a dizzying week of trade shows.  One of the most difficult things about attending a show or having a booth at a trade show is not the registration, setup or tear-down.  It is not the … Read More

How Easy Are You?

I mean, how easy is it, really, to do business with you? Would you say easy as pie?  Pretty easy?  Or would you say you don’t really know?   Let’s find out, shall we?  Could you do me a quick … Read More

Top 5 Ways Your Business Coach is Screwing You

Top 5 Ways Your Business Coach is Screwing You Business coaches are all over the place.  The word coach is vague and tough to define.  Basically if you meet with a person on a routine basis and they give you … Read More

The Physics of Business

Sometimes I find that I am wrong, and I hate that. My wife is a science teacher. This means that she has some science homework she must grade on the kitchen table quite often. She teaches 8th grade science and … Read More

Doing Business as Yourself

I recently gave a presentation on Doing Business as Yourself.  I like to do business with people that seem genuine, authentic, natural and powerful.  However, for a person to be these things often they need to change or realign their … Read More