Parabo Press CEO Laurel Link

The Business of Pictures in a Digital Age

Laurel – Parabo Press We live in a world full of pictures.  Wouldn’t it be great to put this memorable images on some cool stuff?  Laurel takes us through the story of Parabo Press, a company that does just that.  … Read More

Authors Dave Sweet and Sarah Graham

How to Write and Publish a Self Help Memoir

Dave Sweet and Sarah Graham – Skeletons In My Closet: Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective Dave Sweet has been a homicide detective for 20 years.  The stories the majority of us wince at on TV he has seen first … Read More

Business prison or business factory, you decide

The Cost of Success

I was chatting with a client of mine that was gunning for the ultimate in business freedom.  Like most of us, her goal was to achieve a level of success in her business that allowed her to make money from … Read More

Tara Ingalls of Tingalls Graphic Design

How to Start and Run a Graphic Design Firm

Tara – Tingalls Graphic Design Starting her business 20 years ago, Tara has seen just about everything.  Her business has evolved from a one person show to a team of talent in all facets of graphic design.  She has grown … Read More

Jim the Home Advocate Madison

How to Build a Home Renovation Business

Jim – The Home Advocate Madison Working with contractors on your home renovations can be tough.  They are typically terrible at communication, show up at unscheduled times and try to juggle more jobs than they can handle effectively.  What is … Read More

David Benjamin the Author

How to Be an Author

Benjamin – The Author David Benjamin David Benjamin has a good idea.  Actually, he has dozens of good ideas.  He is one of the few people to actually put his ideas on paper and published them.  You see, Benjamin has … Read More

The real estate king of WI

How to Dominate in Real Estate

Bill – The Baker Realty Group Bill Baker has been playing the sales game for years.  He has seen and heard all of the excuses and reasons why something won’t work.  Then he comes in and makes it happen.  Bill … Read More

Prairie Kids Club owner Jen Mead

How to Start and Run a Kids Focused Business

Jen – Prairie Kids Club Jen Mead has taken on the challenge of building a business that entertains kids, pleases parents and can keep up with the growing demands of children as they learn cheer as well as gymnastics.  In … Read More

Motivation in Business

How to Feel Motivated in Business and Life

Ariel – Fitness by Ariel Ariel Mierendorf is a powerhouse.  She has helped thousands of people eat clean and achieve their fitness goals, she has kept clients motivated and she has competed as a professional body builder.  She essentially helps … Read More

Memra Language Services

How to Use Language in Business

Samantha – Memra Language Services Samantha Beaver gives new meaning to the term, “Language Arts”.  After interviewing her on the podcast I now understand the power that language can have with a business.  Whether it is interacting with employees, clients … Read More