Victoria Lioznyansky of Brilliant Speakers Academy

How to Learn to Present as an Introvert?

Victoria Lioznyansky – Brilliant Speakers Academy Introverts can have a rough time in business.  They may be smart and able to work alone or with a few colleagues, but as they move up the ladder, they may be asked to … Read More

John Fenley the new owner of Murfie.

What Ever Happened to Murfie?

John Fenley – Murfie Here’s the thing about good business ideas that get investors, sometimes they tank.  Started around 2012, Murfie was designed to give subscribers access to their physical music collection anywhere on any device.  In addition to that, … Read More

Monarch Media Designs Courtney Dane in Madison WI

How to Start a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Business

Courtney – Monarch Media Designs The cost of advertising can get pretty crazy.  If you have a vehicle that is on the road often, it makes sense to transform it into a rolling billboard.  Every driver you pass will see … Read More

Private jet costs.

The Cost of Private Jet Ownership

Scott – Private Jet Pilot Every time I wait in line at the airport, I dream of owning a private jet.  After talking with my buddy Scott, the private pilot, I have a new appreciation for the cost of operating … Read More

Jenna Atkinson of the P5 Women's Summit in Madison, Wisconsin

How to Become a Powerful Woman in Business

Jenna Atkinson – P5 Women’s Summit Jenna Atkinson is a woman of action, pure and simple.  She has put together a women’s summit that goes well beyond just a bunch of people gathering to listen to some average presenters.  She … Read More

Handy Appliance owner Ron Reichers

How to Start a Business and Build It to Last

Ronald Riechers – Handy Appliance Ronald Reichers has a interesting business.  Interesting in the fact that it has been around for decades, survived a few moves and will ultimatley be needed by just about everyone in his community at one … Read More

Vidal Espinosa - Invictus Advisors

How to Crunch Your Numbers in Business

Vidal Espinosa – Invictus Advisors Everyone is broke, they just don’t know it yet.  That is a bold statement by a bold accountant, Vidal Espinosa.  You see, Vidal is the number cruncher that many business owners need. He is the … Read More

Jennifer Philips of WESLI in Madison WI

The Business of Language Learning

Jennifer Philips – Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI) When I first met Jennifer I was curious to learn more about WESLI and how they are teaching English to students from around the world.  After talking with her about all that WESLI … Read More

Joanna at Sunshine Place in Sun Prairie WI

How to Make the World a Better Place

Joanna Cerbantes – Sunshine Place Every once in a while I meet someone that is doing something so powerful and yet so seemingly unknown that I am amazed.  Joanna at Sunshine Place is doing just that. Flying just under the … Read More

Brew master Martin from Right Bauer Brewing in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

How to Start a Micro Brewery

Martin McNally- Right Bauer Brewing So here in Wisconsin, we love a few things almost universally.  Beer is one of those things.  This is a place, much like many other places, that has exploded with micro-breweries. But every beer at … Read More