Bev Davis, author of Great Gray

The Book to Help Prevent Bullying

Bev Davis- Author of Great Gray, Great Gray Meets New Friends and Namaste, Great Gray Bev Davis has become an advocate to prevent bullying.  After experiencing bullying throughout her childhood and growing up with those feelings in the back of … Read More

Dr Vitale of Sun Prairie Pet Clinic

How to Run a Veterinary Business

Dr. Chris Vitale – Sun Prairie Pet Clinic Dr. Chris Vitale has a knack for knowing when to make the right move.  He also happens to have the patience.  Like a chessmaster carefully studying the board and making calculated, smart … Read More

Marc Azoulay Psychotherapy Services for Business Owners

How to Use Psychology in Business

Marc Azoulay – Business Psychotherapy Services Marc Azoulay was an addict.  He suffered from drug addition and had some challenges until one day he decided to turn his life around.  In doing so, he was helped by some smart people.  … Read More

Randy Lenz from NextHome Metro Real Estate in Madison Wisconsin

How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage Company

Randy Lenz – NextHome Metro Madison At one point, we have all met a real estate agent.  Maybe through an open house, a referral, or even at your local state fair.  What makes Randy Lenz stands out is his commitment … Read More

Zach Nigh from Green Clock, a video and marketing agency

How to Run a Successful Video Marketing Company

Zach Nigh – Green Clock Suppose you start a business that centers around making great videos.  If you are like Zach, you do this because you have a passion for the industry and you love business.  The information age has … Read More

Sara Klemme of Madison Festivals showing off her Mad Running Skills.

How to Run a Non-Profit Event Company

Sara Klemme – Madison Festivals Inc. What do you get when you combine a driven woman with a company that operates a bunch of high profile events for a popular city?  You get growth, change and some wonderful experiences in … Read More

Kayla from Cardbeenie

How to Sell on Amazon

Kayla Storlid – Cardbeenie Kayla is a fantastic entrepreneur.  After selling her first company, she started another company.  This time, she is in the product world, rather than the previous service world.  This is her second time on the Authentic … Read More

Abe Degnan from Degnan Design Build Remodel

How To Start a Design Build Remodel Company

Abe Degnan – Degan Design Build Remodel Generally speaking, contractors are often good at construction and terrible at most other facets of business.  This goes especially for communication.  Abe Degnan, owner of Degnan Design Build Remodel in Madison, Wisconsin, has … Read More

Greg Altman owner of Lucky Dog Daycare

How To Start a Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility

Greg Altman – Lucky Dog Daycare Just about everybody loves dogs.  But if you really, truly want to see a true dog-lover, meet Greg.  Greg owns Lucky Dog Daycare, just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in Sun Prairie.  He has expanded … Read More

Allison Dunn of Deliberate Directions

How To Start a Successful Business Coaching Company

Allison Dunn – Deliberate Directions Suppose you move across the country and decide to use the skillset you have acquired from years of working in all manner of businesses to start an executive and business coaching company.  You know no … Read More