Episode 100 of the best business podcast

Episode 100 of The Best Business Podcast

James Kademan and Rachel Rasmussen – The Best Business Podcast When you start a podcast, you are committing to a lot.  You need to make sure you have great guests, great equipment and that you can attract listeners that want … Read More

How to flip houses with Todd Strauss

How to Build a Real Estate Flipping Empire

Todd Strauss – Spot On Properties The dream of making money flipping houses seems to be prevalent among many would-be entrepreneurs.  Todd Strauss has taken that dream and built what amounts to a serial entrepreneur’s empire.  Todd is a no-nonsense … Read More

Sheri Maass, the Love Coach

The Love Coach

Sheri Maass – The Love Coach We are all in relationships.  Some good, some less than.  What do you do when your romantic relationship(s) start to go south?  Enter a love coach. I have known Sheri Maass for years and … Read More

Randy Schmidt owner of Madison Property Restoration

How to Build a Property Restoration Company

Randy Schmidt – Madison Property Restoration We have all met business owners that are good at the service they provide.  But how many business owners do you meet that really know business?  I can tell you, it is rare.  That … Read More

Donna Varen - Absolute Hypnosis

How to Use Professional Hypnosis to Create a Better Life

Donna Varen – Absolute Hypnosis We all have some habits we would like to break.  We have also all seen the stage hypnotists getting members of an audience to do crazy things.  Did you know that you can replace some … Read More

Sandra Daniel, owner of the Fire Light Group in Madison WI

The Secret to Employee Retention and Happiness May Be Incentives

Sandra Daniel – FIRE Light Group Every entrepreneur wants to know the secret to keeping their best employees happy.  Do you pay them more, give them more freedom in their position, a fancy title, or just hope they do a … Read More

Rob Grether creator of Dashelitos Hot Sauce.

How to Start and Run a Hot Sauce Company

Rob Grether – Dashelito’s Hot Sauce I used to think that serial entrepreneurs just couldn’t commit to a great idea.  Now I realize that serial entrepreneurs are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to implementing great ideas.  A … Read More

Lindsay Leno owner of Upshift Swap Shop in Madison, Wisconsin

How to Build and Run a Clothing Swap Shop

Lindsay Leno – Upshift Swap Shop Lindsay Leno is an entrepreneurial genius.  She has discovered a problem and created a remarkably simple solution.  You see, sometimes you want new and different clothes just because you want a change.  But the … Read More

Lyle Hill of Glass.com and autoglass business fame.

How to Build and Run an Auto Glass Business

Lyle Hill – Glass.com If you are in the automotive glass industry, you know Lyle Hill.  He has been in the industry for years and has written about it for almost as long.  Lyle is the down to earth guy … Read More

How to Build a Commercial Construction Company with Integrity

Chad Eschler – Findorff Construction Chad Eschler tells a great story about working for a commercial construction company in Madison, Wisconsin.  The company is one that, in that area, everyone knows.  Often, a company is known for it’s less than … Read More