Dr. Marty Greer – Checkout Veterinary

Entrepreneurs always seem to have a plethora of ideas racing through their head.  Seemingly without notice you’ll just get an idea and you come to a crossroads.  Do you pursue this idea, or do you let it lie?  This happens so often that you must say no to most ideas.
Already a big name in the veterinary world, Dr. Marty Greer came up with an idea for a drive-through veterinary clinic.  It would remove some basic time-wasting tasks for patients and doctors alike.  It would also make things easier, something that we all can appreciate.  So Dr. Marty Greer did what any entrepreneur with an idea that keeps swirling around does.  She started another business.  Keep in mind, this is beyond her already successful and still operating other veterinary clinics, as well as traveling around the world speaking about and to other veterinarians.
Listen as Dr. Greer explains the thought process and the joy of creating something new from a profession that has been around for generations.
Visit Dr. Marty Greer at: CheckoutVet.com
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