Yakov Smart – Connect and Profit

Marketing is a funny thing.  As business owners, we know that we need to market.  On the flip side, who has the time to really invest in doing all that we should, or need, to do in order to get our name out there?  Nevermind that most business owners just don’t know where they should be marketing their business.  What is a business owner to do?
Yakov Smart has a marketing system that just may work for businesses that can benefit from getting influencers in the LinkedIn world to do a little marketing FOR them.
Just as Yakov jumped on this podcast to let you know he exists, you can connect and be known by other influencers that are in the circles you want to sell to.
It almost seems to easy, right?
Listen as Yakov explains his marketing system, the success he has personally had with it, as well as some steps for you, the entrepreneur, to take to market your business in a similar fashion.
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