James Kademan and Rachel Rasmussen – The Best Business Podcast

When you start a podcast, you are committing to a lot.  You need to make sure you have great guests, great equipment and that you can attract listeners that want to listen to all of these great guests.  It helps to be able to talk with most people.
When James Kademan decided to create a podcast geared towards entrepreneurs, he did it to help himself as well as his listeners.  As a business owner, he was sure that if he got something out of the interviews, the audience would as well.
This specific podcast is episode 100.  A milestone in any podcasters path, especially a business podcast.
In this business podcast, James brings on fellow entrepreneur and friend, Rachel Rasmussen, owner of Rescue Desk Virtual Services.  Together, James and Rachel discuss the fun, challenges and excitement of starting and running a business, as well as the joy of podcasting.

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