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FAQ | Ready to Take Action with a Fast Business Coach for Your Small Business in Madison Wisconsin


Get Started TodaySome of the questions that many of our potential clients ask surprise us.  If you do not see the question, or answer for that matter, that you want here than feel free to call us at (608)210-2221 or email  Let’s get started with all of these questions and answers…



Business Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

A Business Coach can be defined by many different ways. Essentially a Business Coach is a person that you meet with, often on a regular basis, to mentor and guide you and your business to help in areas of growth, profitability, free time as well as system creation among others. A business coach is generally a strategic partner that can offer you advice. A business coach typically is not actually taking the actions, they are guiding you towards the actions you need to take.
This is the just about the most important question you could probably ask. The relationship between a business coach and a client is deep and filled with trust, respect and a mutual understanding of navigating the good as well as the bad times.
In that regard, you want a business coach that you get along with from a personality standpoint. You also want a coach that will work with what you consider success. Some coaches are strictly for growth and an exit strategy. Other business coaches are more fluid and can help you on a more localized scale.
Because of the differences between personalities and belief systems, most business coaches offer a free session. That free session is for you to find out what that coach can offer you.
If that business coach uses that time to sell you on a coaching package, walk away. A free coaching session with Draw In Customers Business Coaching is available and we do not sell you on anything. We simply ask what you would like the next steps to be at the end of our coaching session. We hold nothing back.
It is possible that you do not know everything. In my experience, no one does. It is also possible that you want to avoid as many problems as possible. A good business coach will help you navigate around potential issues, resolve issues that will arise and give you sound advice to keep your business on the path you want it to be.
Just about every successful business person has a business coach or mentor or group of people they feel comfortable with enough to discuss business challenges and find ways to improve. No one is impervious to improvement.
Think of the best athletes. Can you think of any that did not have a coach?
Even business coaches themselves utilize other business coaches.
Most business coaches have sessions that meet on a defined schedule. Often once per week or once per month. or even quarterly. Draw In Customers Business Coaching sets up a schedule that works best for the client based on 3 criteria:
1) What you as a client can do between coaching sessions.
2) What you as a client feels is most beneficial.
3) What the business coach feels is manageable.
Basically you as a client will need to take some actions between coaching sessions, in addition to the typical work you already have. This is the biggest limiting factor to frequency of sessions.
At Draw In Customers Business Coaching, we typically meet with you at our office located in Madison, Wisconsin or over the phone. It is possible for a business coach to meet with you at your location, though often the distractions of some workplaces limit the privacy and concentration needed for proper coaching.
Yes. Time management is one of the principals in business success. Master time and you can master just about anything. We offer time management training through a series of sessions meant to detail what you have done, what has worked for you and what you are hoping to accomplish.
Typical results can show up in just one session. Though a series of 3-5 sessions have proven to build upon each other and leave our clients with a freedom they had never dreamed of.
However, you need to find the time to meet with us. Commit to making that happen, either with us or other time management assistance of some kind.
The range of topics with your business coach is essentially limitless within the confines of business. Just about every business owner knows that their business and personal life affect each other, so a good business coach can delve into a bit of life coaching when needed.
This is not to say that we are life coaches. Quite the contrary.
Typical topics include:
Business plans
Marketing plans
Employee issue resolution
Increasing profit
Exit strategies
Work Life balance
System creation
Increasing time off
Business strategy
Business growth
Client retention
Client acquisition
Customer service
Business opportunites
Time management
Of course, this list is just the beginning. Your business may have other topics you would like to discuss with your business coach.
Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to Draw In Customers Business Coaching. We need you to feel comfortable with your coach knowing that what is mentioned in the session stays in the session. Outside of alerting outside help for substance abuse issues or knowing someone may be in physical danger, our business coaches have a duty to keep your coaching sessions private.
Because of this stringent policy, we allow our clients to speak freely about their problems and challenges in business with no fear of this information leaving the business coaching session.
We have all of our business coaching clients sign a confidentiality agreement that details what precautions are taken with their privacy in mind.
Like many questions covering a broad scope, the answer is, of course, it depends. Typical costs for a business coach can vary quite a bit due to the nature of the environment. Similar to similar questions to doctors about how much is surgery, an exact price is difficult to give without knowing some details.
That said, an experienced, talented coach will offer coaching for typically between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars, dependent on coaching terms and scheduling. Some coaches, like Anthony Robbins, get paid over a million dollars a year to coach an individual client. Some business coaches offer some coaching at no cost.
The price is not the important question. The real question is the value that coach provides you and your business. If a business coach can help you grow your revenue 50% in less than a year while decreasing your actual working hours by 10 hours per week, what is that worth to you?
Define what you want your business coach to help you with before you start comparing prices.
You will want to start by setting up your first business coaching session to make sure we are a great fit for you and your business. Feel free to call us at (608)210-2221, email us at or sign up here: Click to Schedule Business Coaching Session
Yes. Every business coach has a different take on guarantees. In your hunt for the perfect business coach you will find a lot of fluff. Draw In Customers Business Coaching has a take on this that challenges most other business coaches. We have the Business Coaching NO RISK Guarantee. With this NO RISK Guarantee you and your coach will determine what your goals for coaching are. These goals can be attributed to less time working, annual revenue growth, increased profit, etc. After your goals are defined a written guarantee is put in place. You will achieve these goals with the help of your business coach. If you do not, you will be refunded 100% of your investment. That means that your success is our success. Keep in mind that we have a No Slackers policy to make sure you are successful.
If we discover that you are not performing the majority of the actions that we suggest, we no longer will have you as a client. You will be offered a pro-rated* refund for your payments made to us. Our schedule is too full to have clients that will not be committed to growing their business. We need our clients to be committed on a grand scale, so we can grow their business with the help of their own desire and ever expanding vision.
You can join a gym, but you cannot pay someone to do your push-ups or run laps for you. Only you can perform those actions. With your commitment and our expertise, your business is limited only by your beliefs.
*Pro-rated refunds will be calculated based on initial coaching term and term actually used. A 25% disappointment penalty will be subtracted from the refund which will be paid within 90 days of our cancellation of your commitment. Basically, it is in your best interest to do as your business coach says.
Yes, we have worked with many start-up businesses. Helping new entrepreneurs with everything from putting together a business plan to figuring out the next best steps to take to actually get the business going to helping the business become profitable as soon as possible. We also help relieve any stress or feelings of overwhelm that can stop a great business from actually starting.
Yes. Business consulting and business coaching mean different things to different people. Many times they are used interchangeably. Coaches typically guide while consultants include real world experience. From Draw In Customers perspective, a business coach without current real world experience may be limited in what help that coach can offer. To be all inclusive, we offer business mentoring, business help and business guidance as well.
Yes. Many of our clients have been in business for a number of years. Either through a desire for growth that has not quite happened yet, preparation for selling or just to get some free time back, hiring Draw In Customers Business Coaching makes business sense for many existing businesses.
Not exactly. Though our coaching training includes the psychology of human interactions which allows us to be life coaches, we choose to stick with business coaching.
That said, how many business owners do you know that have a business that does not affect their life in some way outside of their business? Your life and your business are so entwined together that it is often tough to distinguish them.
Let's just say we offer life coaching for business owners by concentrating our coaching mostly on their business.
Yes. A great business plan is necessary for your business to have direction and to know if you are successful. Draw In Customers can work with you to put a great business plan together that you can use for yourself or to share with potential lenders.
No, not if you do not want one. We have a basic agreement that lays out the ground rules for coaching. These ground rules include privacy, timeliness and expectations for all parties involved.
Many clients choose to meet just once per month, or as needed with no formal contract needed.
However the majority of our clients choose to meet with us on a routine basis, with an agreement that lasts generally for six months to a year. If you want to sign up for a longer term, there is a lower overall cost.
Yes. A thousand times yes.