Joshua Rhodes – Rhodes to Wealth

We have been taught to work for our money.  But did you know that your money can also work for you?  This seems to be the semi-well kept secret of the people that rise above the people scraping by.  Save as much as you can and make sure that the money you have saved is chugging away earning interest and growing in value.
We’re not talking about the current savings account rates of zero point zero (too low to care).  We’re talking about wealth building strategies to help you turn your dollars into more dollars on a level that makes a difference in your life and your livelihood.
Trading time for money is not the game you want to play.  It doesn’t scale and it often has a pretty low ceiling.
Listen as Joshua explains how he has built a podcast to dig into the minds of the wise wealth builders.  He details a few tidbits of information about what he has learned by interviewing the greats in the wealth building world.

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