John Warrilow – Built To Sell

Just about every business owner I have ever spoken to, when asked why they started their business, has the word ‘freedom’ somewhere in their answer.  Scheduling freedom, income freedom and the freedom to do what you want, when you want.
Fast forward to the reality for many business owners and they are free to be at work as much as they can, their wallet hopes everything they need is free and they are free to do whatever they want – as long as that is going to run their business.
Then they dream of selling this prison.
It’s tough to find buyers of self-made prisons these days.
John Warrilow, the author of Built To Sell, has a better idea.  Build your business to the point that you are not needed, so you have the option to sell it when you wish and you can sell it for a dollar amount that makes freedom much more real.
Listen as John details the ways to prepare your business for sale.  This is advice every business owner should hear, whether they intend to sell soon or not.
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