Victoria Lioznyansky – Brilliant Speakers Academy

Introverts can have a rough time in business.  They may be smart and able to work alone or with a few colleagues, but as they move up the ladder, they may be asked to be more outgoing.  This may take shape in the form of a group meeting, a presentation or some situation where you, as an introvert, want to curl up in a ball.  So what is a growing introvert to do?
Get an education to gain the skills, confidence and drive needed to overcome this fear and make some presentation magic happen.
Victoria Lioznyansky has a business, the Brilliant Speakers Academy, that helps people with this.  She has created a way to solve her introvert challenges and now has created a course for others to do the same.
Listen as Victoria tells us the intriguing story of how she became aware of this issue personally, solved it and created a business helping other introverts.
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