Sandy Forster –

What would you do if you were $100K in debt and had no real prospects for digging yourself out of that hole?  Would you give up, or would you push ahead and find a way?
Sandy Forster, of, also a Bestselling Author, Speaker & Prosperity Mentor, helps people find their wealth.  Both internal and external wealth.
You know the books and sayings, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, The Richest Man in Babylon, Positive Thinking, the list goes on.  Sandy has actually implemented those teachings.  Even to the point of writing a book on manifestation years before The Secret came out!
Listen as Sandy explains her story and illustrates how you can achieve what you want, simply by believing and taking action.

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My name is James Kademan, entrepreneur,

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Today we’re welcoming/preparing to learn from

Sandy Forster,
the best selling author,

speaker, and Prosperity mentor

Sandy, how are you doing today?

I am doing amazing.
Thank you, James.

And I have to say,

the very fact that you’ve got the name Prairie in a bank just is amazing.

I love it.

Yeah, it’s a weird.
I don’t know.

They throw money at me at

the place that we record all this,
so we had to give them kudos.

So it’s all about how it is.

So you on your website, you know that you
went from Welfare to millionaire.

Which that alone,
you have us…

Well, pretty intrigued
because that sounds pretty cool.

So how would you just tell us
briefly and then we can dig into it.

What is your backstory for going
from Welfare to Millionaire?

Yeah, sure.

So basically the very quick back story.

I met a boy when I was 16 in high school.

We went out for 11 years.

We got married.

I had a three year old and a six
month old, and then we got divorced.

And the business that I had at the time,
which was designing and manufacturing

swimwear, which was really just a hobby,
like it was something that I did.

I used to buy lovely fabric all winter and

and go to my garage and sew it all
into bikinis and gym wear and then find

an empty store down by the beach
in summer and then sell it all.

And so it was just a hobby.

But suddenly that hobby had to become
an actual business, like a real business.

And I didn’t make enough money at all.

I just went further and further into debt

and I ended up one hundred thousand
dollars in debt and on welfare and

literally thought that that’s where I was
going to be kind of landing the rest

of my life because I couldn’t see how
I would ever get out of that debt.

But very luckily,

I discovered the law of attraction and I

quantum physics and neuroscience
and discovered that you could actually

create your life the way that you wanted
to by basically rewiring your brain.

And so that’s what I did.

And yeah, I went from
Welfare to Millionaire.

And my absolute passion now is helping
other entrepreneurs to really understand

how they think, can really affect their
future, their destiny, and their business.

All right.

How long ago did you have
the swimwear company?

That was probably 22 years ago. Oh it was, OK.
This was a while ago.

All right.


I discovered the law of attraction
well before the rest of the world.

So, yeah, I really first discovered a law
of attraction about twenty years ago.

And at the time I was as I said,
I was really struggling financially and

I really dived into it and just
gave it everything I had.

Because the thing is,

just imagine, you’re one hundred thousand
dollars in debt and on welfare.

And if you focus on that and you think

about that and you put all your
energy there, it’s not a happy place.

No, it’s very tough.

Just it’s really scary.

It’s just really,
really scary and not nice.

So when I discovered the law of attraction

discovered, what you focus
on is what you create.

I felt like I was in heaven because

focusing on how my life actually was.
I was focusing on being

a millionaire and all the things I would
do when I was a millionaire and having

my own house and having a car that didn’t
leak and grow a plant in the back because

it because when it rained,
there was so much water there.

And and being able to travel and being
able to do all the things that made

my heart sing, it was just it was
so much fun going to that place.

So, you know, as I said,
I really dived into it.

And I spent a lot of time really focusing

on what I wanted and things
just completely turned around.

So let’s talk about the law
of attraction for a little bit.

How did you stumble upon it?

Was it I don’t know if the secret
came out all the time.

This thinking grow rich or the richest man

in Babylon or there’s millions
of books that talk about it.

So how did you stumble upon it?

Well, initially I stumbled upon it,

I guess, when it was just
called positive thinking.

I remember going to a seminar I buy what
was his name is one of those really?

I think it’s Brian.
Tracy, and he came to Australia and he was and it

was just it was a huge, big,
like entertainment center.

And it was probably there’s tens

of thousands of people attending
and 98% of them were all men.

And it was all about sales.

So it’s a big sales conference.

And he talked about

the super conscious mind and how
we had this part of our mind that.

We’re just not tapping into and if
we tap into it,

then everything can change,
and his language was very much aimed at

men, salesmen, and but years later,
when I thought about everything he said,

because I found my notes and I went
through what it was like, oh, my gosh,

this guy was talking about the law
of attraction, but he was languaging it

in a way that felt
comfortable to mainstream.

But the way I actually discovered the law
of attraction and understood what it was,

was, as I said, I was one hundred
thousand dollars in debt.

I was on welfare.

I was really stressed out.

I was embarrassed about my situation.

I felt a lot of shame because I thought

the rest of the world had the money thing
sorted and I was the only one that didn’t

and and really scared and frustrated
and didn’t know what my future held.

And I remember going to

was kind of like

this, like a career counselor
slash hypnotherapist.

And I went to this guy and he put me under

I didn’t even know that I went under,
but he did whatever he does.

And then at the end of it,
he said, So what came up for you?

And I said, Well.

The only thing that really appeals to me
is personal development,

but in my mind, I’m thinking there is no
way I’m getting into the personal

development industry because
there’s only two things you can do.

You either write a book or you speak.

And there is no way on this planet that I
can ever do either of those things.

So I just kind of dismissed it.

Then about two weeks later,
I saw these tiny little ad is my neat

little ad in the paper,
and it just jumped out at me

and there were some words
in there that really appealed.

One was it’s his strong work ethic.

It said personal development
and it said make money.

And I was like, yes,

it was ticking all the boxes.

So I answered that ad and it just
happened to be about a product.

There was sort of a suite of products
that was homestudy courses and there were

seminars, but it was all based
on the law of attraction.

And that’s the first time I
discovered the law of attraction.

So that would have been

gosh, that was about

20 years ago, back to the year 2000, OK.

And that was well before
the secret came out.

So the secret came out in 2000
and I think it was 2006.

But so I discovered the law
of attraction and I absolutely loved it.

And as I said, I fell in love with it,
just kept applying it in my life.

And I’d love to say that from that point

onwards, there was onward
and upward and amazing things.

But but it doesn’t really work like that.

I used to think I used to I used to say

to people, I work by the bulldozer method,
meaning I get a goal, I focus on it,

and I just go toward it and everything
else just gets knocked out of the way.

And that can definitely work
up to a point.

But at some point you have to actually
what I call a line, body, mind and spirit.

So you can’t just do the doing and focus

on what you want and go toward it
and expect that life will be nirvana

from that point because we’re human
and stuff happens and we react to stuff

and the way we react in the way we
think can really affect our results.

So when I discovered that it was all about

aligning body, mind and spirit,
a little about aligning your thoughts

and your feelings and your actions,
that’s where the real magic happens.


That’s pretty cool.

So tell me about

the law of attraction and moving
into the body mind spirit thing

that goes a little bit beyond what
I guess what a lot of books talk about.

Yeah, well, a lot of books and the movie,
the sequel was amazing and

I absolutely loved it because
by that stage I had already written my own

book, had to be wildly wealthy fast,
which is all about all the different

processes and exercises that I used
to manifest more money into my life.

And so when the secret came out,

I was like beside myself because it was
like, oh, my gosh, this is so exciting.

It’s based around what I already teach.

It’s going to really open the world up to
this amazing thing called the attraction.

And what we focus on is what we attract.

But before that, what happened was I
was really in that place where I was

I was coaching groups around
the law of attraction.

And I was really helping them to to

put into place all the different
processes and exercises.

But what I noticed was a lot of people

were kind of struggling
with actually manifesting.

So they were doing all the right things

that thinking, well, the right things,
but they weren’t actually

manifesting what they wanted or what
manifesting on a consistent basis.

And so so what I really discovered was

and it actually comes back to something
that Wallace Waddle’s,

who wrote The Science of Getting Rich,
was a book written in 1910.

So that’s over over one hundred years ago.

Yeah, very old language.

But in that book, he says something
very profound and I love it.

He says, I thought the thing
you desire is brought to you.

But by action, you receive it, all right.

And that’s kind of the missing
piece for most people.

They sitting around meditating, expecting
the money to drop into their lap.

But they’re not taking action.

And so when I say a line, body,

mind and spirit, it’s about
thinking that you’ve already created,

manifested, attracted what
it is you truly desire.

So you get really clear
on what you design.

You think about it,

and you you really getting to that place
and imagining it’s already in your life.

And then spirit is all about the feelings.

It’s about really connecting

with the feelings that you would have,
as if you have already manifested it.

So quite often it’s things like gratitude
and joy and happiness and appreciation.

So really getting into the feeling place.

But then people want taking action, right?

We’re basically sitting around
expecting it to magically appear.

And the missing piece is the action.

When you take action,

you’re affirming not only to the universe
that you’re serious,

but you’re actually affirming
to yourself that you mean business.

And when you do that,

something kind of shifts that thing,
like your confidence grows.

You feel like because you’re a logical

mind is going, OK,
I get this, this is real.

Whereas if you don’t if you
hand me if you if you don’t take action,

what happens is your logical mind,

which isn’t the creative mind is the one
that really allows you to attract,

but your logical mind goes,
well, this is a load of rubbish.

Like I don’t see how
this is going to happen.

And and when your logical mind comes

in and sabotages you, then you’re
not going to attract anything.

You’re not going to that the opportunities

in the situations and the experiences
and the connections and all the things

that will enable you to manifest your
dreams, to attract things into your life,

it’s not going to happen because
your logical mind is sabotaging you.

So when you align body, mind and spirit,
when you think the right thoughts feel

right feelings and take the right actions,
that’s when it all can happen.

Gosh, yeah, that’s cool.
That’s cool.

The action thing is,

is definitely I feel like that’s,
that’s lost with a lot of people.

The implementation, they feel
like I’m thinking all the things.

Then yeah.

So what is the last step
that you took towards that goal.


And that’s the thing because because
the law of attraction and all

the different processes and exercises
and all the mindset work.

It is so much fun like it is,
it’s way more fun than the action.

If it’s a dream, that’s why it is.

So that’s why, you know, everyone’s
quite happy to do all that stuff.

But actually taking the action is,

is when you allow it to move from the
metaphysical into the physical world.

So action is so important.

Yeah, interesting.

And let me give you an example.

I want to give you an example of that.

I just want to jump in because
I talked about the secret.

And so when the secret first came out here
in Australia, it didn’t actually come out.

So there was this trailer and I
don’t know if you saw it.

It went for about, I don’t know, a couple
of minutes, probably two minutes.

It didn’t actually say it was
about the law of attraction.

It didn’t didn’t give you that definite.

But I just got this sense because I talked
about this secret and it just felt like it

really had something to do with what I was
doing, really had something to do

with my book and on the courses
and programs that I was offering.

I just really wanted to to see it.

And but I couldn’t sell it
in Australia at the time.

And so I decided to email
the secret people.

So I sent an email off to Rhonda Byrne
and she’s the producer of The Secret.

And I actually send it directly
just to the secret website.

And I got an email back
from Rhonda herself.

He said, we get, you know,

dozens, hundreds, thousands of emails
come to our website, but I never get any.

And for some reason, I didn’t have it.

Yours came to me.

And in the email I’d said,
I’d love to send your gift because I think

what you’re doing is going
to change the world.

So she said, I’d love to have a gift. So I
said in my book and I said

to my millionaire mindset program,
which at the time was

printed at home study course,
and she emailed me back and said,

Oh my gosh, did you watch The Secret
and then write your book?

And I said, no.

The book’s been out for ages and I
still haven’t seen the secret.

So she ended up sending me a DVD and I had

a secret party at my house while
people around we watched the secret.

And I was like, Oh, my gosh.
And I said, Why?

I said to her, why can’t we
buy the secret in Australia?

And there was some sort of agreement

that until it aired on TV, they weren’t
allowed to actually sell it along.

And I had clients from all around
the world and I said, well,

I want to be able to sell it to people
because I think it’s amazing.

I’ve I said, can someone else
in America sell it to Australia?

And she said, sure, you know,

American or any American company can,
but we can sell to Australia.

And I said, well, I just happened to.

A US company,

and so my US company purchased the secret
and then began selling it to all

my clients and customers now, but what
I’m trying to get at is my idea alone.

So I took action.

I could have thought, oh, I want to I
think this movie is going to be amazing.

Like, I just would love to be able to see

it, but, oh, you know,
I’ll just leave it at that.

But I took action and sent the email
and then sending the email

and communicating and and then asking the
question, well, could my company do that?

Now, keep in mind,
I knew nothing about importing, exporting,

Texas coming out of the country.

I didn’t know any of that.

And I just said, I’ll do it.

And that idea alone made me close to three
million dollars in less than a year.

Well, from taking action then
record speed, the universe loves action.

So I know you just got it.

You just got to add
that missing piece that Mr.

Greedy and take action and the universe

will just allow things
to unfold before you.

Because when I reached out to them,
when I reached out to the secret people,

I had no intention of, oh,
how can I make huge money out of this?

I just thought what they
were doing was amazing.

And I just wanted to send them a gift.

And as a result, it I got
a huge gift out of that.


I think what’s interesting
is that you did not perceive the secret as

competition or you’re not thinking like,
oh my gosh, you’re doing this huge thing.

I’ve done this years ago.
This is old news.

This isn’t a secret.

I just know or not enough people bought

my book for this to be a bigger
deal of this kind of thing.

You didn’t look at it like that.

Yeah, I looked it interesting.

Yeah, I looked at it purely as, oh,
my gosh, this is going to allow people all

around the world to suddenly get what it
is I’m doing because, you know,

that was the biggest thing
when you think about it.

Twenty years ago,

people when I talked about the law

of attraction, they thought I was
talking about some sort of dating thing.

I didn’t really get what
it was that I was doing.

So I loved the idea that the secret was
going to really open people’s eyes up.

Because the thing is,
when you think about it.

A movie or a documentary,

many, many, many, many more people will
sit down, chill out and watch something,

then they will pull out
a book and read it.

Oh yeah.
Why it is.

So that’s why I just knew that the secret

was going to change so many lives,
because it was going to reach people

that would never in a million years
have thought about reading a book.

So yeah, that was, that was really
cool the way that they did that.

I love that movie still to this day.
I love that movie.

Yeah, that is very cool.

Now, tell me your first book that you
came out with at that point.

Where did you make it to your million

dollars five, six years
after your own welfare?

Yeah, so so what happened was

I was on welfare, really struggling,

and I decided and I was being
an entrepreneur, so I was still trying

to make my business work
and it just wasn’t working.

And this is a swimwear one.

Ended up closing this women’s gym way down

and then started doing the personal
development course that I was selling.

So I was doing that and it
was going along beautifully.

And then the person who owned the global

marketing rights to that product
had a dispute with a printer.

They said, you haven’t printed it.

We’re not paying for it until you print it

free to say, well, we’re not going
to reprint it until you pay for it.

And then we’re stuck in this deadlock

on it for, oh, gosh, I think it was
about eight months.

And keep in mind that that was
a direct sales business.

When you’re in direct sales and you don’t

have a product to sell,
you don’t have a business.

So that went down the tubes.

So then I was kind
of struggling a little bit.

I discovered coaching.

I borrowed money to go
through coach training.

I started kind of coaching people.

And I really liked that because I loved
the idea of being out of work from home

and being able to choose my own hours
and the fact that it was in the personal

development industry
and I was helping people.

But at the time, I kind of felt
like an absolute fraud.

I felt ridiculous because my life
was in chaos, like I had no money.

I felt stressed and I felt like a crummy

money because I used to yell at my kids
and it was all just a bit a bit too much.

And and then being a coach,

I just like at the start, I just felt
like like who am I to coach people?

Like who am I to be, you know, trying
to get people to achieve their dreams.

But then I realized that the coaching is
not about being the expert or being this

perfect person or having
your life totally together.

It’s about taking clients through

a process and guiding
them and supporting them.

And, you know,
as long as you’re on the path to improving

yourself, you don’t have to be
the one that is like a guru.

You’re not sure, you know, consultant.

You’re not you know, you’re not
the person who knows everything.

So that that kind of made me feel better.

And I really loved what I was doing.

And around that time, my my accountant
actually came to me and said.

I know you’ve had previous experience
in direct sales and I am going into this

business and I would love
you to be my partner.

I’ve got lots of clients, but I
don’t want to talk to them about it.

And I know you’d be great talking to them.

And my logical mindset of identity
is like, what are you doing?

You said you’re never going
to get into direct sales again.

And but then something just kind of made

me feel like, oh, I got
to look at this anyway.

We went into a partnership and we
started promoting a course.

And it was very a very practical course.

It was based on real estate investing.

And my business partner was
an accountant, financial adviser.

What else was she?
She was like a tax person,

like all that practical,
what I call boring stuff around money.

That’s very important.

And so we went into partnership and about
six months in six or seven months.

And I actually woke up one morning with
a name wildly wealthy women in my right.

And I jumped online and I registered
the name registered domain name and then

did nothing with it for about
three or four months.

And then we were both
at an event in the US.

And I said, look, there’s something I
want to talk to you about and know.

This education that we’re
promoting is really helpful.

But I just think that the very fact
that I’ve got you to ask questions of and,

you know, I don’t feel stuck allows
me to move forward with this.

And I just think it’d be great to have

a whole community of of women
and really support them.

And so the idea was we would have while
Iraqi women mentoring program,

we would bring the real estate education
into the home study course into it.

But we would have wildly wealthy women’s

we could weekends a few times a year,
we would have weekly live calls where she

would talk about the practical side
and then I would talk about the mindset.

And we launched that program.

And literally within three months we had

something like seven hundred and fifty
women join and that was a three thousand

or so dollar program
at about two million dollars.

So, yeah, and that’s that’s basically how
I sort of started to make a lot of money.

And then I wrote my book because I used

all the practical I mean,
all the that mindset principles

to actually create the success, you know,
because remember, not long before that had

been one hundred thousand
dollars in debt and on welfare.

And by using all the things that I now
teach, I was able to just, you know,

ideas out of no way would pop into my head
and connections and people and all sorts

of things happened because I was
I was aligning my body, mind and spirit.

I was I was thinking the right thoughts.

And I was definitely taking action.

I was feeling like feeling so much.

It all just came together.

So I’ve had over the years,

I’ve had a few ideas that, as I said,
I literally just come out of the blue

and I take action on them and that’s
where they go.

I was joking to someone the other day

speaking of this,
or they’re just like somebody came to me

and they said, I’m an ideal man
like I can.

Every entrepreneur has ideas,

but it’s implementation or
taking those action steps.

That’s the difference between successful
entrepreneur and the dreamer, essentially.

And I think the thing is,

quite often we become entrepreneurs
because I we like the freedom.

We don’t want to have a boss.

We want to be able to choose our hours.

But what happens is many entrepreneurs

then end up just working all the time,
like constantly working.

Yes, they have a million ideas,

like they’ve got too many
ideas and that’s the problem.

They start one idea and then they come up
with another idea and they go over here

and they get another idea and they go over
here and and and they just don’t kind

of focus and narrowing on one thing,
really make it work.

So that’s really

That’s cool.

So tell me about the wildly wealthy women.

How has that evolved over the past?

We’re talking fifteen, twenty years.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So wildly wealthy women started as,
as I said, a business,

a business partnership between
myself and my accountant.

And it was very much focused
around real estate and around.

And I would bring the mindset in.

But then over the years I started to bring
more of the things that I created success

around because
we saw lots of women creating lots

of success in the real estate industry
and buying properties and doing

developments and doing all
sorts of amazing things.

But then I started to bring in
things about becoming an author or

becoming an info partner
or becoming a coach.

And I started to bring that into the mix.

And then, after all,
it’s probably about six years or so

something happened with my business

partner and she really
needed to take a step back.

And so I ended up just
taking over while were.

Myself and my plan was, get this,
so my plan was initially,

can I’m going to close it down for a while
and I’m going to reopen it up and just

focus purely on becoming a coach,
becoming an author,

becoming an entrepreneur,
creating online courses and products

and becoming a coach,
all those sorts of things.

And people could just do
the things that they wanted.

So that was the plan.
All right.

But I never did it.


never closed it down or never.

And I closed down and never started it
back up for years and years and years.

Yeah, ridiculous.

So I only just relaunched
it again last year.

And it really is more very much just all
the mindset principles for entrepreneurs

to to really rewire their mind to lots
of visualizations, lots of inspiration,

lots of mindset hacks,
but it only opens probably once a year.

And so currently it’s just a white list.
But all right,

it took me ages to reopen it because I’m
like all the other entrepreneurs,

got so many ideas just trying
to figure out which one to do.

So between the time that you closed it

down, in the time that I
guess you reopened it.


What were you doing then?

I guess we just
bask in the glow of success for you.

No, no, no, no, no.

I get totally bored basking
in the glow of success.

So I in about 2008, so about 11 years ago,

I launched the inspired
Spirit Coaching Academy because I had so

many women say, oh, my gosh,
I want to live your life like I want to be

able to choose when I
would choose where I work.

I want to be able to make
as much money as I want.

I want to be able to help other people.

I want to be able to spend
more time with my family.

You know, I want to do what you’re doing.

So I launched the inspired

Spirit Coaching Academy,
where I train and then internationally

certify people to become
law of attraction coaches.

So we don’t you know,

we dove into how to be a coach or
the practical aspects around that.

We give them lots of processes to follow
with when they’re working with clients.

And then we also dove into the mindset

work and all the stuff
that I totally love.

And and so, yeah,
I’ve been doing I’ve been really focusing

on that probably for the
last ten years or so.

And loving it.

So we’ve we’ve trained thousands
of people around the world to be Wow.

Attraction coaches.
All right.

So let’s talk about marketing,
because something like that, you need

a big audience in order to be as
successful as you are. So how do you get

the word out that you have this
this process, this intellectual property

kind of thing? How do
you get the word out?

Yeah, well, I still kind of do it.

The way I did it is because you’ve got
to remember that when I first started

in business as a coach and really trying
to build that business, I had no money.

So I was one hundred thousand
dollars in debt and on welfare.

So I had to become very creative as
to how to actually launch my business.

And this was before social media.

So, yeah, it’s a different
story than to make that claim.


So I had to kind of figure
out how to get the word out.


I’m really good at low and no cost ways.

And I know there’s Facebook ads
in the school that these days,

but I still spend absolutely
nothing growing my business.

Wow, that’s impressive.

So for me, I like the way I look at it is
I’ve always thought and this is something

that Mark Victor Hansen,
who wrote The Chicken Soup for the Soul

books, and they’ve they’ve
they have published over.

I don’t know if it’s a billion
or half a billion either way.

It’s a lot.


he always said that you should use your

book as your business card,
and that is exactly what I’ve done.

So I wrote my book back in 2004
and throughout the book,

although it’s filled with all
the different processes and exercise

and things that I’ve done
to manifest money in my life.

Very much sprinkled throughout the book,

additional things like come back
to my website, you know,

come back to this particular URL
and and get this free guided

visualization, I’ll get this
free money tracking process.

So get this free
whenever it happens to be.

And so I’ve got it set up so that anyone

who reads my book comes
back to my Web site.

And the great thing about a book
is it’s obviously a printed book.

A lot of people these days only bring out
Abels or Kindle books,

but a print book is amazing because think
about it when someone gets a print book.

They usually don’t throw it in the bin

like they don’t throw it in the rubbish
that I throw it in the trash.

They keep it,
they to keep it on the shelf.

They donate it.

They give it away as a gift.

You know, whatever it happens to be.

But that book is always out there.

And if you’ve written the book correctly,

it just becomes like this
ongoing everliving business card.

And so I know that my book is really
helped in many,

many ways to attract people to me
because they come to my website.

They love everything about the law
of attraction, come to my Web site,

then they’re in my community and then as
well as the inspired

Spirit Coaching Academy,
because not everyone wants to be a coach.

I also have millionaire mindset

experience, which is kind
of the next level of manifesting.

It’s the it’s where we really get

in and start rewiring
the brain in an amazing way.

So they come to my community
and they see what’s available.

And quite often they’ll they’ll
purchase something.

They’ll or they’ll download another

freebie that I’ve got that I really feel
at my business, my business got my book.

It really has become my big business card
and consistently attracting people to me.

So that’s one way.

But when it comes to actual marketing,

marketing and I don’t do a lot of it these
days simply because I think I think

sometimes when your business gets
to a certain size and when your reputation

sort of grows to a certain point,
there’s a lot of word of mouth.

It’s a lot of someone reads a book and,
oh, my gosh, you got to write that book.

Oh, did you hear Sandy on a podcast
or did you hear about this?

And so it becomes a lot easier.

But when I was first starting out,

I did a lot of things like
sending out press releases.

So no matter what was going
on in my business,

I would always write press releases
and send them like a finished article

to the local paper, to the regional paper,
to the big city paper.

And I used to get a lot of press releases.

I went in, Oh, this is a really great tip.

I would go in lots of competitions.

I’m not talking about winning
a fridge competition.

I mean business competitions.

And I and I would always use the fact

that I had entered a competition
to get that information out to the media.

I would use the fact that I had been

shortlisted in a competition, I was
a finalist and get that out to the media.

And then I won quite
a number of business awards.

And so, again, I get
that out to the media.

And then any type of media that I got,
I mean, if you go to my website,

Wölfli wealthy dot com and you look
on the media page, you’ll see

so many articles and magazines
and and interviews me.

And the reason being is because
the media loves the media.

I know it’s all changing now
and I know it’s very different.

But the media feeds off the media and if
they see one story,

they want to be part of it and they
feel like that they can do a story.

So that really local

just in your free paper or whatever
happens to be local,

you’ll find that once you’ve done that,
larger media start looking at you.

So you’ve had lots of things happen,
like even in Australia is one

of Australia’s leading
national women’s magazines.

Got me to write an article,
a monthly article for quite a few months

all around the Secret
and the Law of Attraction.

So, yeah, pretty cool then.
A super cool.

So they reached out to you and said, hey,
you’re an expert on this.

Were you?
They Googled the secret and my name came

up and so they flew up to see me and talk
to me and said, yep, we want to do so.

They did they actually did two

two page spread on me and it was
called Oprah’s Aussie Secret.

And it was me and Oprah standing next

to each other, like superimposed,
but like we were best friends and talking

about and how Nicole Kidman used
the secret and how, you know,

I used the secret to change my life
and how Oprah left the secret.

And then from then I ended up doing,

as I said, a whole series
of articles that I write for Nice.

So then I had to bring in quite a few
clients and it would brought in a lot.


That’s incredible.

That is super cool.
So from the I guess from this whole law

of attraction thing,
was there ever a point when you believed

it seems kind of weird or seems kind
of silly or like how does this work?

I just wish for money and it just lands
in my lap or something like that.

Was there any doubt or maybe.

Yeah, I mean, what level of doubt?

I’m human and I have I’m a Gemini as well.

So it’s like this split personality,

very creative, one side and very like
questioning everything on the other side.

So the first time I.

They kind of discovered the law
of attraction, I actually thought.

There was part of me that was like,
you know, it just seemed a bit we were,

you know, a bit New Age hippie
ish and I really didn’t know.

But I guess that we live in really,

really exciting times in that quantum
science is now able to validate a lot

of what was previously
thought of as very Wellwood.

And so,
yeah, so for me,

that that side of it really allows me
to go, okay,

this is real because there are times
that sometimes, you know,

the most amazing things that have happened
to me and it’s like,

oh, that’s just a coincidence or,
you know, what’s going to happen anyway.

Like I in my millionaire mindset

experience program,
I actually have all my students

share their successes because I believe
that by sharing a success and hearing

the success of someone else,
it builds people’s belief.

And when your life is built,
then you’re able to create more.

And some of the things that happen
even blows my mind like people have.

I had one woman had a ninety seven or
ninety three thousand seven hundred dollar

loan wiped off like they came to her
saying, we’re going to wipe your loan off.

I’ve had people that have manifested
you ten thousand dollars in a week.

I’ve had all these amazing things.

And even though I teach this and then

my students, sometimes I go,
oh my gosh, like

what’s going on?

And it’s so exciting to see other
people create money, miracles.

And I thought, as I said,
I’m here and I’m like everyone else.

There are times who I think is this just
all like we all like the placebo effect.

We just think it’s going to work.
And so it works.

But who cares?

Like, the bottom line is,
I think it’s fair.

The law of attraction is ancient.

It’s been around forever.

But we now have this not only
quantum physics, but neuroscience.

And they’re really understanding

and looking into the brain and seeing how
it works and and really, really,

really getting to that point where
we and I was actually listening

to a neuroscientist the other day and she
was blowing my mind about,

you know, she actually had pictures of how
the brain works and what happens when you

think and what happens when
you create a memory and why.

Twenty one days is no longer the amount of
time that you need to rewire the brain.

You need to go usually three,
three cycles of that,

say sixty three days to really
anchor something into your brain.

Long term forever.

So many exciting discoveries when it comes

to the brain and the mind
and the law of attraction.


That’s cool.
That is very cool.

So you mean twenty years into this you’re

still it sounds like you’re still
learning, which is impressive.

Yes, I know that’s the most exciting part,

because if it was just physical
attraction, this is what you do.

I’d probably be bored by now
and be off doing something else.

But because,
you know, they are discovering new things

and, you know, it’s just it’s also
exciting that to me, it’s all new.

And the thing is, I love to learn because
then I can go back to my students and then

give them more information
and help them even more.

So I think I think I was born to teach
only because I was born to learn.

I love learning.

I like I remember when I was one hundred
thousand dollars in debt

and on welfare and the things that really
that I loved more than anything was

reading a book and discovering
things and and going to a seminar.

And it was like, oh, like so exciting.

So yeah, I love learning and I
just love sharing what I learned.

Very cool.

So once you became a millionaire, did
you ever reach out to your ex-husband?

So how do you like.


So we met in high school when we were 16
and we went out for about ten or eleven

years and then we got married
and pretty much straight away.

As soon as we had kids, I realized that,

oh my lord, we are not
meant for each other.

We just had a completely
different outlook on life.

And the thing was.

So so you have to understand that.

Yeah, yes, I’ve become a millionaire.

But he was a millionaire before me.

So when we split up,
he then went on to create a very

successful multi million like
he’s a multi multi millionaire.

But I was the reason I was on welfare.

And I probably shouldn’t say this,
but I’m going to anyway.

The reason I was on welfare,

because I was not being paid
the right amount of child support.

So I was on something like one
hundred and five dollars a month.

So I’m on about wow.

Butthat’s the thing.

People that people who have businesses

and good, good accountants
and everything can juggle things.

Yeah, yeah.

So I had one hundred five dollars
a month so yeah I was really struggling.

So no point pointing out to him what
I’ve done because he’s already done it.

Because the thing is he wouldn’t he

there’s not one speck
of him that would ever.

Ever believe in the law
of attraction, really?

Oh, gosh, no, we are polar opposites.

There’s not one

cell of his body that would think
he thinks I’m completely insane.

But the thing is, the law of attraction

works for everyone,
whether you believe it or not.

And gravity.
This is a man who totally believes that he

he is going to be
successful and that’s it.

And he just took action
consistently to do that.

So he created that.

So whether or not you believe it,
it’s working behind the scenes, right?

Yeah, well, yeah.

So if you if you believe it and you

and you understand it, you might
as well use it to your advantage.


Let’s shift into your books because
you’ve written a few of them.

I have.

So tell me about just
how many books you have.

Gosh, I think I’ve been well,

I’ve written my own book,
How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast.

And then I’ve been a contributor
to probably about another 10 or 11 books.

All right. So the wildly wealthy one,

that was the one and only one that you
did on your own, is that right?

That’s the one and only one.

And I have been trying to write
a number of books for many years.

I look back and think,
how on earth did I even write that book?

Because but I think the way I write
that book was because I was actually

teaching the principles
by telling seminars.

I was teaching it before webinars
and video and writing around,

just teaching it over the phone
every week over a period of weeks.

And then it started off as teaching it
every week for four weeks.

And then I expanded it six weeks
and then eight weeks and then 12 weeks.

And once I got to 12 weeks, I thought,
I can’t keep expanding this course.

And I’ve got so many great stories and so

many examples and so many processes,
I can’t keep expanding it because then I

have to increase the price and then it
becomes sort of too much of the people.

And I want to be able
to reach more people.

So I just took all the notes that I had

from creating that course
and turned it into a book.

And that’s kind of how
the book ended up being the


That’s pretty cool.

So how did you I’m curious about the book
thing, the marketing knowledge

for the book,
simply because I’m speaking to some

authors in a few months and I
just talking to other authors.

I’m always curious about how they went
on the road of getting published,

marketing, getting known,
all the stuff I love books.

Books are my thing.

I love I love showing other people how I

did it, because I figure that if I’ve been
able to do it, then anyone can do it.


after I had the book written and then I

got an editor and I made it all nice,
then I decided to self publish because I

understood that if you want to get
a publisher, then potentially the book

might take, you know,
18 months or so to come out.

Like I did not want to wait that long.

My book was I knew it was going to be
my business card and I wanted it out now.

And we’re talking 15 years ago.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It’s a different world than for.
So I know.

I know.
So I was like, I, I want my book out now.

So I decided to I learned about
the whole bestseller campaign.

I learned about

releasing a book on a certain day
on Amazon and getting joint venture

partners to partner
with you to promote it.

So what I did was I made a list of about
I think there’s about 50 people that had

kind of in the same not not money mindset,

but in the same sort
of personal development niche.

So they were all about empowering people

and they reached out to them and told them
what book was going to be published,

when it was going to be released on Amazon
and asked them if they wouldn’t mind

supplying a bonus like a digital bonus
for anyone who purchased the book.

And as part of that,
they would have their name and their

website and a bit of information about
them and a link back to their website

for people to download their bonus so
it would become a promotion for them.

So I reached out to these 50000 people.

I sent them my book because I’d already

had it printed and said, OK, this is
the day we’re going to do the promotion.

And I gave them all the information and I
think I had about twenty say they would.

And I got all the details up

on the website and, you know,
I had everything already.

And then I did a live tell,
a seminar to my audience.

And at the time I think my audience was
probably only about four thousand people.

But I let them know about the the book was

going to go live on this particular day,
and that’s when you should buy it.

And basically what
happened was on that day.

Lots of people bought the book nice,
I promoted it and it cost me nothing.

I think I sold probably close
to one hundred thousand

one hundred thousand dollars worth

of books in the first I
think the first month or so.

And yeah.

And it really just allowed me, I guess,
more than anything allowed me to.

I sell a book about Bayeh,
get in front of the audience of those

people who became my joint venture
partners in that particular promotion

because they sent an email out to their
list and whether or not someone purchased

the book at that time, suddenly
my name was kind of in front of them.

And I always believe that a great way

to build your business is just
being known to a lot of people.

Right, the people that you’re known to.

And this is like a bit of a Hollywood
law of attraction thing.

But the more people that know
of you, it kind of rises

your away.

And it’s not just in the people that have
heard your name, but just generally.

And it just really helps.

So, yeah, I think I think that whole
process really helped to launch my book.

And again, I got a whole lot of different
media around that.

I made sure that I took screenshots of it

and I was above some other really well
known best selling books at the time.

I made the I think it was the business,

the Business Week best
selling list in the US.

Well, I think I was yes,
I’m like number five or something.

And and I wasn’t even
selling through bookstores.

I only sold on Amazon.

So it created a lot of a lot of attention.

And then I got a what do you call
a foreign rights agent, contact me.

And then they
took on the foreign rights to the book.

And I’ve got it translated into that.

Only about 11 different languages

at the moment, this Franco
Nigerian and Romanian and

all sorts of languages.

So, yeah, I did a lot of good.

That is cool.

That’s impressive.

So the next five years,

three years in the future,
where would you like your business to go?

Well, at the moment I’m focusing
on launching my own podcast.

So it’s.
Yeah, yeah.

It’s something that I wanted to do
for probably who knows about ten years.

All right.

I don’t know what’s been holding me back
because I love to talk about my topic.

So that’s launching
in the next couple of weeks.

That’s going to be called
wildly wealthy women.

And it’s all about money
manifesting in mindset.

So I’m excited about that.

And I really just want
to continue to do what I’m doing.

I want to reach more people because I feel

that when I transform someone’s life,
when I allow them to create the freedom

and the prosperity and the lifestyle
that they really love,

that it not only affects them,
but it affects the people around them,

affects the whole family
and potentially friends.

And, you know, it really
has that ripple effect.

And deeply, when I try and be able to be

it’s really affecting a lot of people
because all their clients get affected.

And then my clients families and it
really makes a huge difference.

And and that’s what I’m all about.

I’m all about really helping other people

to be able to live the life
that they truly want.

Because having gone from welfare
to millionaire, I know the difference.

And not that everyone is out there being

on welfare, but I know what it’s
like to struggle around money.

And I know how

how I don’t know how scary that can
be and how shameful that can feel.

And and now that I’m a millionaire,
the lifestyle that that’s given me

and my kids like the things that I’ve done
with them, I’ve I’ve been able to take

my daughter on a shopping spree,
but instead of just down to the local

mall, I took her to New York
and and we had a blast.

And I took my kids
to track the Inca trail.

And we have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and
base camp on Everest and

swam with the dolphins in Hawaii and just
done all sorts of amazing, amazing things.

So it is going to be really fun.

And that’s what I want for other people,
because, you know,

I know when I had no money,
I think the main thing that really

affected me was I felt like I had
no choices and and no choices.

Feels like jail to me.

So I know that by allowing other people to

create more abundance and attract more
prosperity into their life,

it gives them the choices to to really
live a life that they love.

I like it.
That is super cool.

Sandy, where can people find you?

The best way to find me is just go

and you can find me there.

And also I have a little gift

money manifesting bundle that your
listeners might be interested in.

If they just go to
they can get some affirmations,

guided visualization, there’s even a

special visualization for business
people so, they can grab that there. I love that.

That’s awesome.

Sandy, thank you so much
for being on the show.

I should ask you, just besides your
own book, do you have a favorite book?

Oh, someone asked me this the other day,

and I still don’t remember the name of one
of the books that I absolutely love was

a book by Mark Victor Hansen
and Robert Allen.

And it was a book that had
two books in one.

So on one side of the page
was very creative.

You know, that side of the brain story.

And on the other side of the page
was a very logical, practical steps.

And I can see the cover.

It’s purple and it’s gold and I
just don’t remember the name.

But it’s by Mark Victor Hansen.

OK, I’ll dig it up
and put a link in there.

That’s awesome.
So thank you so much.

This has been

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speaker, and Prosperity mentor

Sandy, can you tell us the website again
where the listeners can get the all kinds

of stuff that you had?

And I just want to finish on one thing
because because sometimes people sort of

hear my story and think,
oh, well, she’s so lucky.

She’s, you know,
she’s got it all together.

But I want people to know that I
dropped out of high school in grade 11.

I didn’t even finish high school.

I was the least lucky, least

likely person that people would
think would go on to create success.

All I wanted to do is go down to the beach
because I live on the Sunshine Coast

and it’s like
so people look at me and think, you know,

oh, she can you know,
she’s got it all together.

She knows what she’s doing.
But I was the least likely. Dropped out

of school in high school, had no
connections, had no one that had money.

I had, like there was no way.

So I even had no real skills.

Like, there was really no way that you would
think I would go on to create what I had.

So I believe that if I’ve been able to do
it within the law of attraction,

rewiring my mind and taking action,
then anyone can do it.

It’s really about setting that intention.
I love it.

I love it.
That’s a-

I don’t know, it seems like a good
place end there because it’s so true.

The limitation is all in our mind.

Right, exactly.

That comes down to. Awesome. Past episodes

I should let you guys know
can be found


noon, and night at the podcast link

Thank you for listening.
We’ll see you next week.

I want you to stay awesome.

And if you do nothing else,
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