Shannan Bogle – UPS Store Madison, Wisconsin

On Variety Being the Spice of Life: “You never do the same thing twice. And that’s what I loved about it was you were always doing something different whether somebody was walking in to have you shipping a book for them and then the next person was having you fax for them, and the next person had an Amazon return. So the variety of it is what caught me.

Retail businesses still exist, and the UPS Store franchisees have been growing as people will always need to send something from one place to another.

But Shannan Bogle of the UPS Store in Madison, Wisconsin lets us know that her store does so much more than shipping.  After decades in this business, she has an incredible amount to share.

Shannan will also tap into the versatility required to manage a UPS store, from printing services to Amazon returns, shedding light on the highs and lows that come with balancing corporate mandates and the independence of franchise ownership. We’ll explore the current business climate’s pressures, the impact of the pandemic, and the shift to remote work, as well as the local community dynamics over her 26 years of operation.

She delves into each facet of business ownership, retail business ownership, and the ways entrepreneurs can make moves to grow their business.

Listen as Shannan explains not only her world, but a broader way of looking at business and finding the gold buried within every business.


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Shannan Bogle [00:00:00]:
The one thing when I did buy it that I thought was funny was they did make me take out, life insurance policy that equaled the loan. Just because there’s not enough product in my store

James [00:00:11]:

Shannan Bogle [00:00:11]:
That would pay off the loan. And since it’s all knowledge based, they’re like if you get hit by a bus tomorrow, we can’t recoup.

James [00:00:22]:
You have found Authentic Business Adventures, the a business program that brings you the struggle stories and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. Downloadable audio episodes can be found in the podcast link found at We are locally owner of the UPS Store in Madison, Wisconsin. So, Shannon, how is it going today?

Shannan Bogle [00:00:48]:
Thank you. Very good. Thanks.

James [00:00:51]:
I’m excited to learn a few things from you. Thing 1 is how do you end up in the shipping business?

Shannan Bogle [00:00:58]:
Well, I started out my previous I was a bartender.

James [00:01:03]:
Oh. Seems like an easy transition. Right?

Shannan Bogle [00:01:05]:
No. Yeah. Bartending at night is a great job. Bartending during the day, not so much.

James [00:01:12]:
Oh, just from a financial point of view or just a really crazy drunks come in?

Shannan Bogle [00:01:15]:
No. You can’t make any you don’t make money during the day. Oh. Like you do at night.

James [00:01:19]:

Shannan Bogle [00:01:19]:
So then, luckily I was working at, a bar on road. Mhmm. And a former work coworker came in and said, oh, go talk to John up at the UPS store on road. And I went and talked to him and started there and the rest is history.

James [00:01:36]:
You end up buying the business? Yeah. Wow. So you went from bartending?

Shannan Bogle [00:01:39]:
Out. Yep. And I started out on the counter.

James [00:01:41]:
Alright. Yeah. As an employee?

Shannan Bogle [00:01:43]:

James [00:01:44]:

Shannan Bogle [00:01:44]:
Yep. And learned a lot from him and he was a great teacher and he made me a manager and then I expressed interest in wanting to buy it. So we had a contract and about 4 years into the contract, I felt comfortable enough with selling price. Somebody came in and he was shipping out, I’m a nosy person. He came in, he was shipping out a small business application. So I asked if I could go have coffee with him. He was a small business. He, you know, went to banks and got you the loans.

James [00:02:16]:

Shannan Bogle [00:02:17]:
And he said, yeah. Everything looks good. Let’s go forward.

James [00:02:20]:
Oh. So okay. That brings up way more questions than I even realized. You know, it’s so funny. I’ve known you for a few years. Mhmm. And I never knew your story. Yeah.

James [00:02:30]:
So tell me, when you went from bartender to work in a UPS Store, I mean, that’s different clientele, it’s different feel bartender Store bartender, bartending, usually think of as fun. Yeah. And I don’t maybe UPS Store is fun. I don’t know.

Shannan Bogle [00:02:47]:
It is. The UPS Store, you never do the same thing twice. Okay. And that’s what I loved about it was you were always doing something different whether, you know, somebody was walking in to have you buying a book Store them and then the next person was having you fax Store them, and the next person, you know, an Amazon return. So the variety of it is what caught me. Because one thing I love you notice, I love to talk.

James [00:03:12]:
That’s good. Round touches. So good.

Shannan Bogle [00:03:14]:
So as a bartender, I could always talk to people. But the one thing from being and that’s why I tell people that’s the environment I came from is because I speak so loud.

James [00:03:23]:

Shannan Bogle [00:03:23]:
And it’s because you speak over the jukebox. Well, you get some customers that don’t want you speaking that loud to them. They think you’re yelling at them. And it’s like, no, that’s just me and luckily my coworkers are very good about saying, hey, she really does talk that loud all the time.

James [00:03:38]:
Dial up action. Yes. Oh, that’s awesome. So how long ago did you buy the UPS Store then?

Shannan Bogle [00:03:44]:
It’ll be 8 years on Saturday.

James [00:03:45]:
Will it real? Well, congratulations.

Shannan Bogle [00:03:47]:
Thank you.

James [00:03:48]:
Tell me as far as price goes, how did you figure out or I’m sorry. How did he figure out what he was gonna charge, and how did you figure out that that was seemed like a good deal?

Shannan Bogle [00:03:59]:
It’s a very successful store.

James [00:04:01]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:02]:
He was of course at the beginning of the contract, it was way too high.

James [00:04:05]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:06]:
But you know, he was he was a smart businessman who had set these prices to say, hey, here’s the top end. And then I just went with kind of the middle.

James [00:04:15]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:15]:

James [00:04:16]:
Alright. And then the banker person that you talked to, they looked at financials and they’re like, yeah, this is good. Go ahead.

Shannan Bogle [00:04:22]:

James [00:04:23]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:23]:
Oh, yeah. And then they, the one thing when I did buy it that I thought was funny was they did make me take out, life insurance policy that equaled the loan. Just because there’s not enough product in my store

James [00:04:36]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:37]:
That would pay off the loan. And since it’s all knowledge based, they’re like, if you get hit by a bus tomorrow, we can’t recoup.

James [00:04:44]:
Sure. So tangible assets, they need something. Okay. Yeah. Or life insurance policy.

Shannan Bogle [00:04:48]:

James [00:04:49]:

Shannan Bogle [00:04:50]:
Mhmm. I found that very interesting.

James [00:04:51]:
Alright. So when you bought the business, at that the day that you give him the check or the bank gives him the check or whatever, does he go away? Yes. Or he stick he does.

Shannan Bogle [00:05:00]:
He would actually had moved to Florida because he had made me the manager, but he was still in Madison. And I said, you have to go to Florida. I have to sink or swim. Oh, smart woman. Because and then that was how I figured out I wanted it too is not having somebody to lean on because when he was there, I always could turn to him with questions. It’s like, no, go away. Go far away so that I can figure out if I really needed to ask you the question or if I already knew the answer.

James [00:05:28]:
That is smart. You know, it’s funny you say that. Because I try to go away or just not be available to my employees sometimes just to see give them the opportunity to solve problems or to just figure it out.

Shannan Bogle [00:05:41]:

James [00:05:41]:
Because if they start relying on you, then they’ll ask you, like, how am I supposed to exhale? Oh, okay. Right? I ain’t got the time. So tell me, you’ve had the UPS store for almost 8 years. Is this you’ve owned it for almost 8 years?

Shannan Bogle [00:05:55]:
Yes. I’ve been there 26 years.

James [00:05:58]:
Holy cow. Yes. Same Store? Yes. Same location?

Shannan Bogle [00:06:01]:
Yep. Same place. Yep.

James [00:06:03]:
Alright. So tell me over the course of 26 years, what has changed in that neighborhood? Huge.

Shannan Bogle [00:06:09]:
Growing? Huge change. No.

James [00:06:11]:
No. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:06:12]:
The pan unfortunately, the pandemic, like a lot of, you know, wiped out a lot of small businesses because that’s what I bragged about was the fact that the area I’m in, it’s all small business owners. So, you know, I was doing a lot of their printing and their, you know, stuff for them, the mailings and that kind of thing. Well, and then the pandemic hit. Well, people realized I don’t need to maybe rent a space, an office because I can work out of my house.

James [00:06:38]:

Shannan Bogle [00:06:39]:

James [00:06:40]:
I remember actually, it was just yesterday. I was listening to a podcast talking about different property types for investments, and this is probably the I’m gonna call it the 10th video ish video podcast, whatever that I listen to, and none of them were saying that office space was a good investment.

Shannan Bogle [00:07:00]:
Right. I actually had a box holder that approached me which I thought was a good idea because what they were trying to push was co working spaces. Mhmm. So then he was trying to get me to maybe invest with him to say hey, let’s open an area, you know, on the west side because there’s so much vacancy that we can go into a co working space. I didn’t think that was a great idea because Alright. A lot of people if you haven’t noticed or if you’ve noticed unfortunately the businesses that have been really hurt.

James [00:07:33]:

Shannan Bogle [00:07:33]:
One of them always is is just because it’s in front of me is maybe a dry cleaner.

James [00:07:38]:

Shannan Bogle [00:07:38]:
Because yeah. Because you don’t have the work clothes anymore. Look at your wardrobe now. Yeah. Yeah. You just you you don’t need that necessarily.

James [00:07:47]:
People don’t even have to wash pants anymore. Right? We got Zoom. We’re good. Exactly.

Shannan Bogle [00:07:52]:
Just make sure your shirt’s clean.

James [00:07:54]:
Yeah. Tell me, let’s talk about when we’re talking about the different things that you do, a typical UPS store has a ton of services and products and stuff like that. Mhmm. So because I don’t know all of them, can you just give me just the the CliffsNotes version of all that you offer? If you remember.

Shannan Bogle [00:08:12]:
Oh, yeah. No. I do.

James [00:08:13]:

Shannan Bogle [00:08:13]:
We have printing

James [00:08:14]:

Shannan Bogle [00:08:15]:
Which is a wide, wide thing. You know, because we can do from postcards down to up to big size posters and banners.

James [00:08:22]:
Banners, business cards, brochures, that’s it.

Shannan Bogle [00:08:25]:

James [00:08:26]:
Slap some ink on it, we can do it.

Shannan Bogle [00:08:27]:
Yes. Okay. Anything we can print. Mailboxes. We rent mailboxes,

James [00:08:33]:
which a

Shannan Bogle [00:08:34]:
lot of people don’t understand. It used to be, you know, because you don’t want a PO box.

James [00:08:38]:

Shannan Bogle [00:08:38]:
wanna look like a legitimate business. You’re using a street address. That’s the benefit. And then the other, you know, and when, customer’s gonna Google it then it’s gonna come up as a business location. So it makes you more reputable

James [00:08:52]:

Shannan Bogle [00:08:52]:
When you’re starting your business.

James [00:08:53]:

Shannan Bogle [00:08:55]:
We do faxing. Faxing became more prevalent again during the pandemic again.

James [00:09:01]:

Shannan Bogle [00:09:02]:
Because people when because on the Internet, you always hear about people getting hacked

James [00:09:07]:

Shannan Bogle [00:09:07]:
And problems. Faxing is stupid.

James [00:09:10]:
Nobody’s hacking phone lines?

Shannan Bogle [00:09:11]:
No. So because a lot of people unfortunately were going we’re sending in their social security number to the Department of Workforce Development to get unemployment. We went way up in faxing.

James [00:09:22]:
So okay. So somebody comes to you with a sheet of paper, and they’re like, hey. I need this faxed over to somebody else. And you take that piece of paper, you shove it through the fax machine, you dial the number. It makes the cruelest sounds in the world.

Shannan Bogle [00:09:38]:
Makes the sounds that you we used to have when we first got Internet.

James [00:09:42]:
Yeah. The dial up modem sound. Yeah. The who knows what sound that is, but, anyways, that’s still a thing. Oh. Common.

Shannan Bogle [00:09:49]:

James [00:09:50]:
Just to help me understand this, ballpark, How many fax pages are you sending through in a day?

Shannan Bogle [00:09:57]:
About 8.

James [00:09:58]:
Eight pages a day? Yeah. Of faxing? Mhmm. That blows my mind.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:01]:
It used to be a lot Store, but now it’s, you know, but it’s still there. Because I I would

James [00:10:07]:
think anything more than 0 seems weird to me.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:09]:
Yeah. Because we can also scan an email, which I would think people would rather have done. Sure. And we do that all day too.

James [00:10:16]:
Alright. Alright. So we got that. We got the printing. We got the mailboxes. We got the faxing. What else you got?

Shannan Bogle [00:10:22]:

James [00:10:22]:
Scanning. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:23]:
Scanning. Okay. Returns, of course.

James [00:10:27]:
The Amazon returns.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:28]:
Well, Amazon happy, TikTok. There’s a lot of yeah. There’s a lot of different

James [00:10:34]:
I feel old. What is a TikTok return?

Shannan Bogle [00:10:37]:
Well, TikTok, you know, the platform TikTok. Yeah. They have a store on there. So people will buy items from the TikTok. And then if they need to return them, they come in and we do it.

James [00:10:48]:
I have to admit that I’m not on TikTok.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:51]:
Me neither.

James [00:10:51]:
So I don’t even know there was a store.

Shannan Bogle [00:10:54]:
I didn’t either until we started doing it. Then I had to ask people. Yeah. Because once again, I like to talk and I’m a nosy person.

James [00:11:00]:
What are you doing?

Shannan Bogle [00:11:01]:
I said, how did what is this? You know?

James [00:11:04]:
What are they buying off of TikTok?

Shannan Bogle [00:11:06]:
Clothes. Mostly clothing.

James [00:11:07]:
Got it. Okay. That’s probably why I’m not there.

Shannan Bogle [00:11:10]:
And I think it’s mostly, you know, like influencers and stuff. That’s how they make their money of course.

James [00:11:14]:

Shannan Bogle [00:11:15]:
Is when your everyday person buys the product that they’re promoting.

James [00:11:19]:
Interesting. Okay. Alright. And then happy, what is happy?

Shannan Bogle [00:11:23]:
Happy is a bunch of retailers like, the higher end ones. They use Happy Returns as their return processing. Oh, nice. So, yeah. We’re just a happy bar, or it’s called happy return bar.

James [00:11:35]:
Alright. So tell me, just really quick, let’s run down this rabbit hole a little bit. Does the UPS franchise, UPS Store tell you that you have to accept these returns?

Shannan Bogle [00:11:45]:
Yes. Okay. UPS store franchise is is a franchise. Okay. So we all answer to corporate.

James [00:11:51]:

Shannan Bogle [00:11:51]:
While their job is to go out and find us corporate accounts.

James [00:11:58]:
Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:11:58]:
To keep us prevalent to people. And that’s why they’ve went the, my franchise Store is located in California. They went to the leader of Amazon and said, hey, we have 5,000 locations. Why don’t we be a return location for you?

James [00:12:14]:
Got it. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:12:15]:
Because their theory is most people are in the proximity of a UPS store.

James [00:12:23]:

Shannan Bogle [00:12:23]:
So then they can go easily scan the code.

James [00:12:26]:
Boom. Boom. Alright. Very cool.

Shannan Bogle [00:12:28]:
To us it’s great benefit because we picked up the people walking in the door. It’s marketing to get an individual customer is cost a lot. We all know that.

James [00:12:38]:
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Shannan Bogle [00:12:39]:
And then they have done that for free because now people are that would had never gone to a UPS Store, now are coming having to come through the Store. And hopefully, they’re getting me because I’m talkative. Or they’re seeing the posters around saying, hey, I do notary. I do shredding. I do all this different stuff that you wouldn’t think about. You’d think only shipping.

James [00:12:58]:
Mhmm. And

Shannan Bogle [00:12:59]:
so I’m hoping that then they go out to lunch with their neighbor. And the neighbor says, hey, I need a notary. And the woman says or the woman or man says, hey, I had to return something at the UPS store and I saw that they do it.

James [00:13:12]:

Shannan Bogle [00:13:13]:
And that’s what our goal is. It’s just, you know, to increase your customer count, obviously.

James [00:13:18]:
Sure. Fair. So we got returns on there. The list you also mentioned shredding. Mhmm. So somebody comes to you with a big pile of all their tax documents from years past, and they say shred this.

Shannan Bogle [00:13:29]:
And that’s interesting because that’s what’s our we’re promoting right now because, obviously, tax season is Yeah.

James [00:13:34]:
Here we are. Yep. Here we are.

Shannan Bogle [00:13:36]:
And so I I see people once a year because it’s like, okay, I can get rid of all this now.

James [00:13:41]:
Alright. Interesting.

Shannan Bogle [00:13:42]:
But yeah.

James [00:13:43]:
And then you mentioned something else in there, but I missed it. I don’t know. You just keep going down the list.

Shannan Bogle [00:13:49]:
Notary, probably.

James [00:13:49]:
Notary. Okay. Tell me, what does it take to be a notary?

Shannan Bogle [00:13:53]:
It’s it’s you have to be 18 years of

James [00:13:56]:
age. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:13:57]:
Not be a felon.

James [00:13:58]:
Big prerequisites. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:14:00]:
And then just basically, the state of Wisconsin wants their money. So you buy the sampler, you do the application, you send them money, and then they approve you or disapprove you.

James [00:14:09]:

Shannan Bogle [00:14:10]:
And then you get a 4 year commission, and then every 4 years, you go through the same process.

James [00:14:14]:

Shannan Bogle [00:14:15]:
But what’s nice is, you know, when banks when their lobbies were closed, people didn’t know, you know, what do you do? And so many people are they now bank on the Internet. They don’t have a local branch that they can go in and, you know, and banks don’t wanna do a notary for somebody who’s not a member of their institution. So Interesting.

James [00:14:36]:
They can

Shannan Bogle [00:14:37]:
come to us because we’re we don’t care.

James [00:14:39]:
Nice. We don’t care. Alright. And what else do you have on that list?

Shannan Bogle [00:14:44]:
God, we do so much. It’s like, okay.

James [00:14:45]:
What Shipping’s gotta be in there somewhere. Yeah. Okay. UPS Store, you’re like, hey. We ship stuff. Whatever. We ship. Tell me

Shannan Bogle [00:14:52]:
But that’s a pretty, you know, everyone thinks UPS Store and they think shipping, UPS shipping.

James [00:14:57]:

Shannan Bogle [00:14:58]:
And that’s why I always do everything else because I’m assuming my name is the shipping.

James [00:15:04]:
Fair. Okay. How about, I’m just gonna guess here. Laminating? Yep. Alright. How about boy, what else do we have here? Well, let’s talk about post office stuff. Do you do any United States post office stuff? Mhmm. Okay.

James [00:15:19]:
So you can ship or mail Yep. Whatever? Yeah. Sell stamps? Yep. Alright. How about selling boxes or shipping supplies and all that kind of stuff?

Shannan Bogle [00:15:28]:
Oh, yeah. And we’re in UPS stores. The reason we push packing is we are, we are known for packing ship guarantee. Which means if the stores pack it, the way we’re trained, it’s a guaranteed claim to be paid. Alright. Because so many people will come in with their used boxes Yeah. And it’s packed fine. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:15:48]:
But the first thing an insurance company is going to do is deny a claim. They never wanna pay. Mhmm. So they’re going to say, hey, it’s used cardboard. That right there is it’s null and void. Oh. Yep. And a lot of people because you don’t read the fine print maybe on the UPS site about packing.

Shannan Bogle [00:16:05]:
It has got to be brand new corrugated cardboard.

James [00:16:08]:

Shannan Bogle [00:16:08]:
Reason is is the shipping environment nowadays, it’s not as it’s not a person. So they’re not deliberately trying to damage a package. But it is going in a conveyor belt system with millions of other packages. Well, you know, stuff happens.

James [00:16:25]:
Yeah. I always think of Jim Carey and Ace Ventura delivering that package when he’s doing his cartwheel on it, getting it stuck in the elevator door. Yeah. So anytime I pack stuff, I think, what would Jim Carrey do with this? I gotta be prepared for that, and I can also tell you from experience that I have receiving packages. So we send out computers and stuff like that to employees. When that employee goes away, typically, we want them to send their equipment back, and sometimes, I think, I don’t know why we got rid of you as an employee, because the way that you pack this thing, either they hate me, which is possible, Store, they just don’t understand that gravity is a thing. Because I’ll see that they put the stuff in, and then they’ll put packing on top of it, but they’ll put like old magazines, or newspapers, or something like that. Something that the weight of the thing that’s on the bottom, if that box were to ever shift, is going to completely crush what you use, like this insignificant thing that you’re using for packing, which at the time is filling space, so it looks fine.

Shannan Bogle [00:17:32]:
What we do is because we also, at the store, we can send the packages to people that are in the same kind of situation, which we do a lot of

James [00:17:41]:

Shannan Bogle [00:17:41]:
Is, you know, somebody will come in and say, hey, I got a an x employee. I need them to send me the computer. I have a printed out sheet that I add in there about how to pack it.

James [00:17:51]:

Shannan Bogle [00:17:52]:
Because a lot of people, yeah, they will put it right on the bottom and then they’ll put the old newspapers on top. And it’s like, no. Make sure it’s in the middle of the box. Everything is solid. It’s not moving, and it’ll be fine in the

James [00:18:03]:
system. Yeah. I like that. Yeah. Normally, the machines we get sometimes are so full of cat hair. I’m like, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s so gross.

James [00:18:12]:
I don’t wanna

Shannan Bogle [00:18:14]:
The ones I hate are the people that you could tell maybe, they smoked in their house.

James [00:18:20]:
You know, it’s interesting you say that because I have had that, and I didn’t know these employees smoked. Yeah. I didn’t even know they had cats. I didn’t know, But you get that computer back, you learn a lot about someone just in opening that box.

Shannan Bogle [00:18:33]:
And then you’re like, gee, I don’t wanna see their house. No. No. Because it’s like, oh. I didn’t

James [00:18:39]:
know you read UPS magazine. What’s wrong with you? All this kind of Store, it’s interesting. So tell me about well, shipping. Do you offer FedEx or Speedy or anything else? Or is it just

Shannan Bogle [00:18:52]:
We used to.

James [00:18:53]:
You used to. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:18:54]:
Yes. And then, because I really liked the DHL company. Oh. Because DHL is international shipping.

James [00:19:01]:

Shannan Bogle [00:19:02]:
And so that’s all they did. So I find that when, you know, they were really good. So then what they did was they opened a store next to a UPS store in Miami, Florida. Okay. So corporate came down on them. And I stand behind my fellow franchisees, you know, obviously, franchisees. But I was disappointed we lost DHL because Oh. The closest one now is in Milwaukee because they have to be near an international airport, international port.

James [00:19:31]:

Shannan Bogle [00:19:32]:
So that’s why I made it more convenient for everybody to be able to go into a UPS store and do their DHL shipping.

James [00:19:37]:
Mhmm. So you so UPS store is different than UPS shipping. Is that correct? Separate essentially, separate companies.

Shannan Bogle [00:19:46]:
What we used to be is mailboxes, etcetera.

James [00:19:49]:

Shannan Bogle [00:19:50]:
And that’s we’re still the same concept. And that’s the problem we don’t like necessarily the name. Because people connect us right away with UPS and it’s like, no, we wanna stand apart. And that’s why we really liked the mailboxes, etcetera, james. And when we were mailboxes, etcetera, we did do FedEx.

James [00:20:07]:
Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:20:07]:
And, you know, because it like I said, every company has their their, strength.

James [00:20:12]:

Shannan Bogle [00:20:13]:
And I liked FedEx for the fact that FedEx Air didn’t have any packing standards because it was hand carried and they were more gentle on their items.

James [00:20:22]:
Really? Okay. I didn’t know that. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:20:24]:
So yeah. And FedEx Ground and FedEx Air are 2 different companies.

James [00:20:27]:
Oh, I found that out the hard way.

Shannan Bogle [00:20:29]:
Yeah. You do. Whenever you you send something ground and then if you have to do a claim, you find out it’s not Bart

James [00:20:35]:
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That was it’s a long story that really is not not much to do with what we’re talking about other than FedEx, I guess, has 3 different companies or something like that. There’s domestic and ground world, something like that, And I had a package issue. I don’t even remember if it was sending or receiving. But I do remember that I was running around, and I was like, you know what? FedEx Madison is right by the DMV, and I joked with a guy saying, I don’t think I’ve ever actually preferred to go to the DMV than what I’m doing right now. And he kinda laughed and was like, sorry. So whatever it was, I think I just tried it over.

James [00:21:18]:
Either shipping or receiving, whatever it was.

Shannan Bogle [00:21:20]:
Well, the nice thing too with when you go the difference between the FedEx stores and the UPS Store. FedEx is owned by FedEx.

James [00:21:27]:
X. Mhmm.

Shannan Bogle [00:21:28]:
That so Store owner isn’t necessarily in the store. When you walk into a UPS store, the reason you’re greeted so nicely is the owners usually sitting in back. Alright. Watching on a camera to make sure their employee is good at customer service.

James [00:21:43]:

Shannan Bogle [00:21:43]:
Yeah. Because I can train anything. Okay. I can’t train customer service.

James [00:21:47]:
No. Oh, my gosh. No. I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard.

Shannan Bogle [00:21:51]:
I know. You can’t teach that.

James [00:21:53]:
No. It’s interesting. Very interesting. Yeah. Okay. So we got the the gamut of what you guys do, all that jazz. Let’s go into some of the specific stuff as far as I’m gonna dig into this business a little bit, if you don’t mind. No.

James [00:22:05]:
So the money making end, are you making more money on shipping Store selling packing tape Store the mail box? Selling

Shannan Bogle [00:22:11]:
packing tape.

James [00:22:12]:
Selling packing tape.

Shannan Bogle [00:22:13]:
Yep. So

James [00:22:14]:
in a perfect world, everybody would walk through that store and buy 10 rolls of packing tape? Yes. Okay. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:22:19]:
And the it it sounds weird, But the reason we have their shield. Now as UPS sets our shipping james. So our percentage isn’t as high for the shipping part. Okay. Because UPS obviously wants to keep it low.

James [00:22:34]:

Shannan Bogle [00:22:35]:
Mail boxing. Well, I can set my own pricing there. Okay. So that being said, that’s why that’s Store money maker for me is the printing. I can do a better profit margin.

James [00:22:46]:

Shannan Bogle [00:22:46]:
The shipping retail tape, shipping tape. I can do a better retail margin. Alright. And that kind of thing. And that’s why that’s a better profit maker than actual the shipping. I not to get you anything wrong. I do like to ship.

James [00:22:59]:

Shannan Bogle [00:22:59]:
And that’s why I’ll start with air.

James [00:23:02]:

Shannan Bogle [00:23:02]:
Because I have a better profit margin in air than I do in ground. Really? So yes.

James [00:23:07]:

Shannan Bogle [00:23:07]:
I’ll I’ll ask you. I’ll say, you know, when do you need the package to get there? Yeah. And I’m gonna give you that guaranteed date

James [00:23:13]:

Shannan Bogle [00:23:14]:
And the price. And then you’re gonna look at me like, no. That’s too expensive.

James [00:23:17]:
I didn’t say I wanted to buy a car.

Shannan Bogle [00:23:19]:
I just want

James [00:23:19]:
to get a package.

Shannan Bogle [00:23:21]:
And so then I’ll say, well, we do have a ground option. We always have a ground option. It’s such and such, but that’s not a guaranteed date.

James [00:23:26]:

Shannan Bogle [00:23:27]:
And most people are okay. Alright. That’s fine.

James [00:23:30]:
Alright. So does u p UPS says, like, hey, if you’re gonna ship this bottle of soda, it’s gonna be x dollars, and it’s gonna be x dollars regardless of what store I’m going to, presuming that the distance and all that kind of Store. Right. We remove those variables. UPS says it’s this. Just like if I was going to buy a lawnmower, and I look on 50 different websites.

Shannan Bogle [00:23:52]:
Like, you know, in west side of Madison, this is $12. Mhmm. It’s gonna be the kademan if you walk into the east side of Madison.

James [00:23:58]:
Interesting. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:23:59]:
It’s gonna be $12. But we’re gonna charge different packing prices.

James [00:24:03]:
Okay. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:24:04]:
Because we and like I said, because the individual owner sets all their their pricing.

James [00:24:08]:

Shannan Bogle [00:24:08]:
So we have a store in Stoughton. Okay? The Stoughton gentleman isn’t going to charge as much for a stamp as I can because of the location.

James [00:24:18]:

Shannan Bogle [00:24:19]:
And obviously, Stoughton isn’t gonna, you know, isn’t gonna, support over pricing.

James [00:24:26]:
Sure. Interesting. Yeah. I guess the

Shannan Bogle [00:24:28]:
And I don’t it’s not to say I overprice, but, you know, I I’m I’m delicate to the area I’m in is how I can set my pricing.

James [00:24:36]:
You know, I always used to joke with people that were in the smaller towns when I was doing work fixing printers and stuff like that, that your stuff, a lot of the stuff that you pay for, is often, depending upon which direction you’re coming from, either more expensive or cheaper. More expensive sometimes if we have to come to you because you’re farther out, cheaper if you’re there because your rent is half of what we have to pay for rent for our office building or whatever Mhmm. Or retail space in the city versus in a suburb. Right. That’s just that’s the game. So Yeah. Pick your poison, I guess. It’s Oh, very much so.

James [00:25:13]:
As easy as you want it to be or as simple as you want it to be. No. Cheap. Tell me about, I want to go down the road of employees. So employees are always a good time. We always have fun talking about employees on authentic business adventures here. So tell me, you have a retail store, which means you need to have employees open to close. And are you open 7 days a week?

Shannan Bogle [00:25:35]:
Nope. 6.

James [00:25:36]:
6 days a week.

Shannan Bogle [00:25:37]:
Okay. 2026, I have to open 7 days. When I sign my new franchise agreement, the new franchise agreement Oh. Requires us being and it’s all based on

James [00:25:47]:
Amazon return.

Shannan Bogle [00:25:47]:
Yes. Thank you.

James [00:25:48]:

Shannan Bogle [00:25:49]:
You said that I didn’t.

James [00:25:50]:
It was a guess. I don’t know.

Shannan Bogle [00:25:51]:
They want the convenience of being open, you know, 7 days a week.

James [00:25:55]:
Okay. So So from a help me out though. From a dollar standpoint, I’m just gonna dig in this. You don’t have to give me exact dollar amounts, but the amount of people I don’t know what you get paid when somebody drops off a UPS drop off thing. To add a day, you’re talking, do you have 2 people on at a Store, or could you get away with 1?

Shannan Bogle [00:26:17]:
I do 2 people just because of Then the stigma of it being if something happens to somebody.

James [00:26:31]:
Sure. Fair. Fair. Totally fair. So you’re gonna be open, what, 8 hours on a Sunday, something like that?

Shannan Bogle [00:26:36]:
No. I have to be open 5.

James [00:26:37]:
5 hours.

Shannan Bogle [00:26:38]:
Because I tried to

James [00:26:39]:
Okay. Get it lower. Alright. So that means 10 hours of payroll. 10 hours of payroll and all the burden that comes with that burden rate, all that kind of Store? Yep. Electricity. Sure. Alright.

James [00:26:52]:
But on the flip side, the building’s there anyways. The building’s paid Store. Rent is paid for. Right? It’s not like you get a discount, because you’re not open 6 days a week. So there’s numbers that have to be crunched. Probably won’t come on your favor, but you never know.

Shannan Bogle [00:27:06]:
Well, this would be the 1st year that I didn’t open See, usually, I’ll open Sundays in December.

James [00:27:12]:
Oh, for Christmas time stuff.

Shannan Bogle [00:27:13]:
Yes. Because we are so busy. So I I kind of know what a Sunday would produce. And trust me, a Sunday, it would be worth it to be open on Sunday. It would. I just feel that and right now because it is so I’m right now I’m staffed up good.

James [00:27:30]:

Shannan Bogle [00:27:30]:
But, you know, not in the past, I wasn’t. So I was working open to close.

James [00:27:35]:
You were working? Yes. Okay. Own your own business. Yeah. Get all the freedom

Shannan Bogle [00:27:40]:
And I was like, you know, at least on Sundays, I could answer the Store, I could answer my phone. I didn’t have to worry.

James [00:27:46]:
It’s a little bit of elbow room. Exactly. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:27:49]:
So that’s why I was liking the fact that, you know, we weren’t open Sundays.

James [00:27:52]:
But Alright. So tell me, do you have a manager or manager or something like that that you could rely on for something like that?

Shannan Bogle [00:27:59]:
My son.

James [00:28:00]:

Shannan Bogle [00:28:00]:
Alright. Yeah. But he went back to school to UW Whitewater. I’m very proud of him.

James [00:28:05]:

Shannan Bogle [00:28:05]:
For cybersecurity because, you know, that’s where we’re going in the future.

James [00:28:09]:
That’s headed that way. Yeah. Yeah.

Shannan Bogle [00:28:11]:
Yeah. So and the poor kid, you know, it’s it’s his decision. Alright. You know?

James [00:28:17]:
Fair. Okay. So does that mean you have to end up finding another manager? Yeah. Okay. Alright. Always good fun. I have all this trust that I need to essentially sell or give to an employee.

Shannan Bogle [00:28:29]:
Oh, it’s, you know, it I find myself I’m too hands on. And just like the previous, you know, I’m I take after him and the previous owner, get out of here. Alright.

James [00:28:41]:
Give them give them the reins, have them freedom. Yep. Yep.

Shannan Bogle [00:28:44]:
And, you know, it it just be in the background and, you know, so you can fix things. But, you know, you gotta let them go out on their own and do it.

James [00:28:51]:
Sure. Tell me about hiring employees as a franchisor Store you’re a franchisee, I should say. Does UPS Store corporate govern how Store who or No.

Shannan Bogle [00:29:02]:
Or what

James [00:29:02]:
you’re gonna ask?

Shannan Bogle [00:29:03]:
Because the different different states have different laws.

James [00:29:06]:
Oh, do they?

Shannan Bogle [00:29:06]:
So, yeah. So they couldn’t control anything. You know what I mean? Because here in Wisconsin, for example, we’re a a right to work Store. Which means and I love that because then it’s just like, you know, if there’s gonna be too much to learn, you can just look at me and say, hey, you know, I just this is not gonna work. Mhmm. But I can do the same. And then we don’t have to worry about reprisal as far as unemployment, that kind of thing where some states, you know, if they hire a person, they can just go on unemployment on them.

James [00:29:38]:
Yeah. Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:29:40]:
So that’s what I like. But yeah. So they don’t have any restrictions. You know, normal ones that you have. You know, you can’t because you do have high value items.

James [00:29:50]:
Right. Right. Right. Right.

Shannan Bogle [00:29:51]:
So maybe you can’t have certain people working unfortunately.

James [00:29:54]:

Shannan Bogle [00:29:56]:
Part of my application, can you lift £50? It’s not going to be a a continuous thing. But somebody may be bringing in a heavy item. Sure. A generator.

James [00:30:08]:

Shannan Bogle [00:30:08]:
Can you lift that? I’ve got tools and I’ve got, you know, carts and stuff to work with, but you gotta be able to physically lift that. You have be over 5 55 because you have to be able to make a box. So you have to be able to

James [00:30:23]:
Oh, interesting.

Shannan Bogle [00:30:23]:
Things that you don’t think about, you have to be tall enough that you could reach the top of a piece of cardboard and make a box out of

James [00:30:30]:
it. Interesting. I never even thought about the height thing. Okay. Alright. And does UPS Store, do you have to go through payroll with them, or can you do your own I

Shannan Bogle [00:30:38]:
have my own.

James [00:30:38]:
Okay. I don’t know. It’s interesting talking to people that are part of a franchise, to learn what their franchise has, I’m gonna UPS, helped or shackled them with, depending upon perspective, And others, whatever freedoms that they give you.

Shannan Bogle [00:30:51]:
And what was really interesting was when you were talking about, you know, you’re paying rent in a different in a small town versus a now our corporate does will help you out with your lease. Oh. They do have it’s it’s all a matter of what you need too. See, I’ve been in this Store so long that, you know, hey, I can figure things out. Mhmm. But, you know, maybe a new owner needs a lot more help, they’re gonna get it.

James [00:31:17]:
Okay. You know? So new owner can say, hey. Here’s the lease. I haven’t signed yet.

Shannan Bogle [00:31:21]:
Oh, no. And they have a whole legal department that will go through it, and then they’ll talk to, because perfect example during the pandemic is a lot of people had asked for reduced rents.

James [00:31:31]:

Shannan Bogle [00:31:32]:
So our corporate sent out, you know, a notice saying, hey, if you need help, we’re happy to help you if you need to talk to your landlord.

James [00:31:40]:
Okay. So Wow. Interesting. Yeah. That’s cool. That’s very cool. How has it been, I guess, presuming that the franchisor aren’t listening. How has it been being a franchisee? It’s been good, bad, mediocre, indifferent? Indifferent.

James [00:31:57]:
Indifferent. Okay. Do you know, I guess, I don’t know if this if you know people are not

Shannan Bogle [00:32:01]:
A lot of things have changed. And I’m not maybe happy about them. We used to be my biggest Store biggest cry thing I have with is the fact that they don’t they give a better discount. UPS is I mean, UPS gives a better discount to company like called like pirate ship. Ship Sticks. That kind of thing. Then they do the UPS Store, but they saddle us with the name and the shield. Oh.

Shannan Bogle [00:32:29]:
But if people go online, they can get a better price.

James [00:32:33]:
Oh, interesting.

Shannan Bogle [00:32:33]:
That has always been my biggest I’m just mad about it. I just get mad about it because it’s like, you know, why should if I represent

James [00:32:44]:

Shannan Bogle [00:32:44]:
Them Mhmm. I should be able to give the lowest price then. Right. Why should the customer then because then you’re just making the customer mad.

James [00:32:53]:
Right. Interesting. Mhmm. What what is their reasoning? Do they have reasoning?

Shannan Bogle [00:32:59]:
Oh, they just want everybody.

James [00:33:00]:
Oh. They wanna get

Shannan Bogle [00:33:01]:
all the shipping that they can. Alright. So there’s gonna, you know, so.

James [00:33:06]:
So when UPS has I wanna say that they had some layoffs. UPS, not UPS shipping. UPS Store company.

Shannan Bogle [00:33:14]:
No. UPS company.

James [00:33:15]:
But UPS shipping has had some layoffs.

Shannan Bogle [00:33:17]:
They did they what was that? Like, a 120,000?

James [00:33:21]:
It’s a big nut.

Shannan Bogle [00:33:22]:
Yeah. Yeah. And they laid them off and that because a lot of people don’t understand, they had the contract come up this summer. So a lot of people were thinking, oh, you poor stores and I’d have people come in and comment to me and they’re like, oh, how does that affect you? It didn’t.

James [00:33:36]:
Okay. That’s the question.

Shannan Bogle [00:33:38]:
Not at all at all.

James [00:33:39]:

Shannan Bogle [00:33:39]:
It won’t affect me at all. UPS because of the bottom line. And that’s why I like being a franchise is because you know what? If we lose money for a quarter, I’m not answering to anybody.

James [00:33:51]:
Right. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:33:52]:
You know, I’m just trying to figure out how to recoup it. UPS was losing money and that’s why they laid all these people off.

James [00:33:57]:
Alright. Was it drivers Store who are they laying off?

Shannan Bogle [00:34:00]:
I don’t I think there was a variety of that place, you know, things. Just because I know a lot of your older drivers, once they signed the new contract, they’re retiring now. Oh. Because they can get a good payout and they’re on their way because just like everything else evolving Mhmm. UPS is becoming more automatic shipping. So or Store automated.

James [00:34:21]:

Shannan Bogle [00:34:21]:
You know? And that’s why the the personal touch isn’t there anymore.

James [00:34:26]:
Okay. So tell me let’s dig into more the, I wanna dig into more of the employee Store. As far as the market, we’re in Madison, Wisconsin. Tough market or at least it was. I don’t necessarily know if it is still. You have to help me with that. Hiring employees or just finding employees.

Shannan Bogle [00:34:45]:
I can’t find employees.

James [00:34:46]:
Can I?

Shannan Bogle [00:34:46]:
Because Okay. What they want is because if you turn on your radio or anything, it it it’s all about money.

James [00:34:53]:

Shannan Bogle [00:34:53]:
And I have the Culver’s right next to me that says, hey, we’re hiring at $19 an hour. People don’t read the fine print.

James [00:35:00]:

Shannan Bogle [00:35:00]:
And they don’t go in and see, oh, well, you gotta do 3rd shift and you gotta be a manager and you’re not gonna make the $19 for 4 years.

James [00:35:08]:
Sure. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:35:09]:
But them advertising that, then people are coming to me and they’re saying, hey, you gotta hire me at least $20 an hour. And I’m like, hey, can’t.

James [00:35:20]:
Yeah. There’s the door.

Shannan Bogle [00:35:22]:
Yeah. So that’s why I was maybe open and open to close because it was like, you know what? No. I’m gonna keep that money because I I can’t afford to pay people

James [00:35:34]:

Shannan Bogle [00:35:34]:
The $20 an hour. Now it’s it’s coming back down. Now it’s starting to be more reasonable.

James [00:35:38]:

Shannan Bogle [00:35:39]:
And that’s when I’ll the pool will open up again to be like, hey

James [00:35:44]:
Now people are more practical, they understand their skill set, their value to a company. This is what they can offer.

Shannan Bogle [00:35:51]:
Well, and what I wonder too is how people are paying their bills. Because, you know, it used to be, you know, when I was, and I hate to even say this because, you know, I’m not that old.

James [00:36:02]:
Back in

Shannan Bogle [00:36:03]:
the day. Yeah. Exactly.

James [00:36:03]:
Let’s just put a little wood together here.

Shannan Bogle [00:36:05]:
I know they still got a car payment. They still got rent. They still got, you know, they talk about the price of groceries being so high. Where are they getting the money?

James [00:36:13]:
I don’t have a good answer there.

Shannan Bogle [00:36:14]:
Oh, sorry.

James [00:36:15]:
I don’t I don’t know. I mean, it’s either credit card or parents, would assume. Mhmm. Because yeah. I guess the the work ethic that I have or that I was raised with, where you just you earn your living, and you don’t rely on anyone else. And the people I’ve talked to a lot of people that don’t necessarily even understand that mindset. They’re like, I don’t really need this job, because I’m 27 years old, and my parents are still paying Store my stuff. And from my point of view, I have too much pride to let somebody pay for that, and there’s a lot of people that screw pride, man.

James [00:36:55]:
I got somebody else paying my bills, so I don’t have to work. Mhmm. Or I can search out this all meaningful job, whatever. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Let’s dig into the the other stuff. You said shipping supplies, good. Shipping, not as not as high a margin. Printing, lamp Do people still laminate? Is that a thing? Okay.

James [00:37:16]:
Yes. Fake driver’s licenses or what are they laminate?

Shannan Bogle [00:37:19]:
No. And what was funny was, in the beginning of the pandemic when they told you to laminate your vaccination card, I always

James [00:37:27]:
Did they I okay. I’m out of touch. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:37:29]:
Yeah. And so we, you know, we had bought pouches for that for that size. It’s like, but why? All they’ve done is keep giving us shots.

James [00:37:37]:
Oh, funny. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:37:38]:
So you have to keep updating that dumb thing. Oh. But, yeah, we used to have, there used to be a bar downtown.

James [00:37:45]:

Shannan Bogle [00:37:45]:
That would have us laminate, you know, like 300 menus at a time Because, you know, college kids, unfortunately Oh, sure. Not the cleanest to kids.

James [00:37:53]:
Alright. Or just kids. Yeah.

Shannan Bogle [00:37:54]:
University. Just wipe it off then and give it to the next person.

James [00:37:57]:
Alright. I never even thought about that.

Shannan Bogle [00:37:59]:
Okay. Yep. Alright. It’s all.

James [00:38:01]:
And is there margin in that printing stuff? Yes. Okay. I have some friends that own print shops, not shipping stores, but print shops, and some Store, I think they do okay. I think where they lose is where they have a bunch of inventory of paper or just products waiting to be used that

Shannan Bogle [00:38:18]:

James [00:38:18]:
You hope it gets used before it gets old.

Shannan Bogle [00:38:22]:
The nice thing too yeah. See, the nice thing is there’s not really a shelf life on my product.

James [00:38:27]:

Shannan Bogle [00:38:28]:
You know, like, you know, like a restaurant or, you know, some place that has they have to keep renewing their stock.

James [00:38:34]:

Shannan Bogle [00:38:35]:
Mine, it’s it’s cardboard, it’s paper.

James [00:38:37]:
It’ll hold. Okay. Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:38:39]:
You know, it’s stuff that, you know, it’s gonna be good 2 months from now Sure. As it is today.

James [00:38:44]:
You don’t have to worry about something until I suppose decades down the road. This box is 50 years old. Maybe we should get a different one. Okay. Tell me about the mailbox thing. Is there so is that more of a bring people in kind of thing, Or is that a I don’t know. It’s a service that you can make some money on? Is it

Shannan Bogle [00:39:03]:
Yes. It’s a service you can make money on because there is no cost. Okay. You know, I’ve I’ve made the initial cost of buying this the mailbox set.

James [00:39:11]:

Shannan Bogle [00:39:12]:
The keys well, I suppose, yeah. Once in a while, you have to rekey a lock.

James [00:39:16]:
Okay. Because somebody didn’t return a key, something like that? Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:39:19]:
Yeah. So basically, yeah. That’s that’s why I say the mailbox scene is is a better profit margin

James [00:39:26]:

Shannan Bogle [00:39:26]:
Because there’s no actual cost to it. So Except for paying the employee to put the mail away each day, but

James [00:39:34]:

Shannan Bogle [00:39:34]:
They’re there anyway. Negligible.

James [00:39:35]:
Negligible. Okay. So in the case of the mailboxes, did the UPS store because they bought or became from the mailbox, etcetera.

Shannan Bogle [00:39:43]:
Mailboxes, etcetera.

James [00:39:44]:
Does the UPS Store, hey, say, hey, these are the mailboxes, or do you just get whatever mailbox you can find? Or

Shannan Bogle [00:39:49]:
No. They say, here, These are the ones you have to have.

James [00:39:51]:
Got it. Okay. And do they limit it

Shannan Bogle [00:39:55]:
to number or square footage? Not necessarily.

James [00:39:57]:

Shannan Bogle [00:39:58]:
No. Because Yeah. Each time you wanna change something though, you do have to do a redesign fee through corporate.

James [00:40:06]:
A redesign fee. Okay. Not just send the redesign, but there’s a fee involved. This is Oh, yeah. Sounds like government. Okay. Yeah. Alright.

Shannan Bogle [00:40:15]:
So yeah. So if you wanted to maybe necessarily add more Mhmm. Mailboxes because you’re doing a great business

James [00:40:22]:

Shannan Bogle [00:40:22]:
With that, then they they’re gonna step in and say, hey, we wanna make sure your your area is still because as a franchise Mhmm. They want you looking like everybody else.

James [00:40:32]:

Shannan Bogle [00:40:32]:
You know, just like any fry yeah. Yeah. Because somebody walking into a store in Boston, they wanna walk into Wisconsin and look the same.

James [00:40:40]:
Fair. Totally fair. So mailboxes, I imagine people wanna come and see those. They just come in during business hours to pick up their mail? Or No.

Shannan Bogle [00:40:48]:
I have 24 access. Okay. On my. Some stores do, some stores don’t.

James [00:40:52]:

Shannan Bogle [00:40:53]:
I have a retail gate that will drop down and close off the retail section. That’s why the customers then will get the 24 hour access code because I’m not open Sundays.

James [00:41:02]:

Shannan Bogle [00:41:02]:
So that way they have access, you know, if they’re a late nighter or, you know, a Sunday person that just wants to come in. Yeah. Because the door locks behind them, they come in, it’s it’s nicely lit.

James [00:41:13]:
It’s Alright. Sure.

Shannan Bogle [00:41:14]:
A pleasant environment. They can get check their mail and

James [00:41:19]:
Easy. Yeah. Alright. So the a lot of times people I imagine are using this to have or maybe all the time. To have a physical address so they’re not using their house or a PO box or something like that. Right. Do you find that a lot of people just don’t get mail? They just they have their business address on their professional stuff, but just mail is

Shannan Bogle [00:41:38]:
Yeah. Because the email is taken off, you know, you get emails.

James [00:41:42]:

Shannan Bogle [00:41:42]:
They don’t get physical mail. Alright. But they still need to have the address.

James [00:41:46]:
Yeah. That’s what I’m wondering. Okay. So you have, I don’t know, 5,000 mailboxes and your employee has to sort 5 letters or maybe a Uline catalog or something.

Shannan Bogle [00:41:56]:
Oh, yeah. I just want the money whoever at Uline pays for the printing.

James [00:42:01]:
You gotta get that contract, whatever that is.

Shannan Bogle [00:42:03]:

James [00:42:04]:
I just had one of those, a Uline catalog delivered. Store tangent. Right? I mean, you’ve probably seen 500 of these. I saw 1, and it was the size

Shannan Bogle [00:42:13]:
Of a phone book.

James [00:42:14]:
Size of my it was because it was curled up in our mailbox, I thought it’s a good thing we didn’t get any other mail that day. Good news. And then I thought, wait a second, we’re multiplying this times how many businesses did they send this to? Surreal. Surreal. So, whatever. Hopefully, it’s working for them. I take that back. I hope it’s not, because I don’t want those things.

James [00:42:36]:
But at any rate, I hope the business is doing well. It’s just

Shannan Bogle [00:42:39]:
Oh, you know it is. Yeah.

James [00:42:40]:
Kill the catalog.

Shannan Bogle [00:42:41]:
Yeah. Kill the catalogs. Because see yeah. Because see with Uline, we’re not allowed to order from them. They’re not approved by corporate. Okay.

James [00:42:48]:
Oh, here we go.

Shannan Bogle [00:42:49]:
Here we go.

James [00:42:49]:

Shannan Bogle [00:42:49]:
Because to be approved by corporate Mhmm. You have to pay them a percentage of what you do.

James [00:42:54]:
Let’s pay corporate a percentage.

Shannan Bogle [00:42:56]:
The companies do.

James [00:42:57]:

Shannan Bogle [00:42:57]:
So that’s why Uline is not going to go is not going to be approved by corporate ever is because they have they’re so successful. They don’t need.

James [00:43:07]:
Alright. Got it. Okay. So

Shannan Bogle [00:43:10]:
We’re not supposed to order from them, but I’ve heard of stores doing it.

James [00:43:15]:
So does that mean the, if you ship through post office or something like that, the post office has to pay a nut to the UPS No. Franchise owner?

Shannan Bogle [00:43:25]:
No. Because no. Because only requirements that are that they charge.

James [00:43:37]:
Okay. Tell me about like the the scale or the counters. Is that all UPS Store Yes. Mandated? Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:43:44]:
Yes. Yes. When you have yes. The the software that we use

James [00:43:47]:

Shannan Bogle [00:43:48]:
The computers, the hardware that we use, we have to purchase from corporate.

James [00:43:53]:

Shannan Bogle [00:43:54]:
Because it has to be approved by them. Basically, because then if we have a problem, we have a tech line we call. They’re supposed to be able to fix it because everybody’s got the same model.

James [00:44:05]:
Mhmm. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:44:07]:
So the people are trained on, okay, you have to have the, NV Vision Flex for your computer. You have to have the Mettler Toledo scale.

James [00:44:16]:

Shannan Bogle [00:44:17]:
You have to have and it’s just like, yeah. Okay.

James [00:44:20]:
Alright. Alright. But it’s not to the point of where you hear about some of these franchises like McDonald’s or something that say you have to get everything through us, including your glass cleaner. It’s almost murderous Yeah. Because they have to charge $50 for a bottle of glass cleaner or something like that.

Shannan Bogle [00:44:33]:
What I do like. Okay.

James [00:44:36]:
Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:44:36]:
Is yeah. They’re not that beholden to us. We can we can outsource, you know, go to like a local Sam’s Club.

James [00:44:43]:

Shannan Bogle [00:44:44]:
For our paper Okay. For our glass cleaner, for our, you know, floor cleaner.

James [00:44:48]:
The everyday whatever. Okay.

Shannan Bogle [00:44:50]:
You have to buy the a floor from them, which, you know, is the laminate like this. Yeah. But I can outsource to how I’m gonna clean it.

James [00:45:00]:
Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:45:00]:
They aren’t requiring me to

James [00:45:02]:
Get the UPS mop.

Shannan Bogle [00:45:03]:
Yes. There you go. Perfect. Yes.

James [00:45:06]:
Alright. Tell me the there’s I don’t know how many UPS stores there are around Madison area. 12. Is there really? Mhmm. Oh, wow. Okay. Yes. It’s very oversaturated.

James [00:45:16]:
Is there okay. I didn’t see, man, I’m just learning stuff left and right here. So how is the relationship that you have with the other UPS store owners? Do you see them? Do you see them at, I don’t know, some UPS club

Shannan Bogle [00:45:29]:
somewhere? To be a lot better.

James [00:45:30]:

Shannan Bogle [00:45:32]:
We’re trying to make it so that we kind of all talk. We used to have, a group just like, you know, all the business owner, you know, meetings. But we used to have so that the owners would get together and we could then bounce stuff off each other and be like, okay, what works for you? What works for me? Sure. Why don’t we charge the same?

James [00:45:54]:
Makes sense.

Shannan Bogle [00:45:55]:
And it used to be but you know, as the stores now are changing ownership and maybe you have younger people coming into the, you know, but they don’t wanna meet with the older older people because they

James [00:46:09]:
think. Is that a lack of desire or they just don’t know how to talk to people?

Shannan Bogle [00:46:13]:
You know, I don’t know.

James [00:46:14]:

Shannan Bogle [00:46:14]:
And that’s why I’m I’m like I don’t know and maybe it might be the corporate just telling them, hey, this is what you need to do.

James [00:46:22]:

Shannan Bogle [00:46:23]:
And see I’m an older Store, so no, I don’t have to do everything you say.

James [00:46:29]:
Alright. But if you push back like that, do does the franchisor get UPS? Upset or they’re just like, oh, you’re good?

Shannan Bogle [00:46:36]:
It depends on what it is.

James [00:46:37]:

Shannan Bogle [00:46:38]:
I was using here’s a perfect example.

James [00:46:41]:

Shannan Bogle [00:46:41]:
I was using a program that I bought, that I bought that I liked because it incorporated packing.

James [00:46:48]:
Software program.

Shannan Bogle [00:46:49]:
Yes. Okay. UPS, it wasn’t an approved product.

James [00:46:52]:

Shannan Bogle [00:46:53]:
They found out I was doing something wrong and they sent me a they sent security to my store to take me out to lunch to tell me they were closing my store if I didn’t change

James [00:47:02]:

Shannan Bogle [00:47:03]:
Immediately. And that’s why I say there are certain things that they

James [00:47:06]:
Over a software program?

Shannan Bogle [00:47:07]:
Yes. Okay. Because yeah.

James [00:47:10]:
And what was the big concern that there was gonna be some Russian hacker in UPS software program? Store

Shannan Bogle [00:47:16]:
The software that I have to use, UPS Store corporate gets 20¢ for each package I ship.

James [00:47:21]:

Shannan Bogle [00:47:22]:
The other program, they weren’t getting their revenue.

James [00:47:24]:
Oh, there it is.

Shannan Bogle [00:47:25]:
So yeah. There it is right there. So it’s all about the bottom line. Alright. So, but in our packing, when we do our packing training from corporate, everything has to go into a bag. Right? A poly bag. There’s none in my store.

James [00:47:40]:

Shannan Bogle [00:47:40]:
Well, there is now because of Amazon but Okay.

James [00:47:43]:
But you

Shannan Bogle [00:47:43]:
know, because people would question me when they were going through the training. They’re like, well, where’s the we’re supposed to use? Oh. You don’t need to do that.

James [00:47:50]:
Okay. Because it’s one more thing, it’s worse.

Shannan Bogle [00:47:52]:
Well, it’s a cost. Yeah. You know, they don’t supply anything. Okay. So you have to buy it.

James [00:47:58]:

Shannan Bogle [00:47:59]:
And you don’t it’s it’s unnecessary

James [00:48:01]:
Got it.

Shannan Bogle [00:48:01]:
On my account.

James [00:48:02]:

Shannan Bogle [00:48:02]:
You know, I have bubble wrap.

James [00:48:04]:

Shannan Bogle [00:48:04]:
I, you know, I I take care of items.

James [00:48:06]:

Shannan Bogle [00:48:06]:
That’s not a question. Got it. I have seen But a sweater doesn’t need to be in a bag?

James [00:48:12]:
I would hope not. I think if I were to pack something, if I had an extra sweater, I might use that as packing material.

Shannan Bogle [00:48:18]:
I had somebody this is funny. I had somebody come in and they were shipping to their college person, college kid. They used real peanuts as packing because the college kid will eat anything. So instead of using Styrofoam peanuts, they used real peanuts. So that’s why I think that’s funny because Wow. Yeah. When you have different packing methods I was just like, yeah, now

James [00:48:38]:
I have a pack

Shannan Bogle [00:48:39]:
real peanuts in there and I’m like, okay.

James [00:48:41]:
I can just imagine all the mice that ate a lot of bugs.

Shannan Bogle [00:48:45]:
The worst claim I had to do was I had to call a customer because a raccoon had gotten into a UPS truck and eaten their package because they had sent, you know, homemade bread.

James [00:48:54]:

Shannan Bogle [00:48:55]:
And so call a customer and say, I’m really sorry, but we have to pay a claim on your item because a raccoon ate it.

James [00:49:03]:
Wow. That’s it feels silly just saying that. That’s funny. I’m trying to think one of the questions that I have for you. The place that you’re at, you’ve been there 26 years. So how tell me about traffic since pandemic and coming and going. Are people afraid to come to a store now? Were they fine?

Shannan Bogle [00:49:26]:
No. And what I found and and then once again, we’ll go back to why I’m so happy that we did get the Amazon contract. I like the traffic. Okay. You know, and then people will choose a UPS store versus maybe a Kohl’s. Because in Kohl’s, you have to go into the store, you go to the back of the store. My Amazon thing is set up right in right

James [00:49:49]:

Shannan Bogle [00:49:49]:
In the front window. Yeah. So all you’re doing is you’re walking in and you’re walking out. You’re not staying in a product. Yes. And I’m finding that that’s what people want now. It’s all automated.

James [00:50:00]:
Man, if they had drive through drop off or something like that, I suppose Amazon wants wants keep it a little bit of a pain. You saying

Shannan Bogle [00:50:05]:
that, James. I was looking because in front of me Yeah. The building in front of me has the clinkies cleaners with a sliding door.

James [00:50:12]:

Shannan Bogle [00:50:13]:
So I reached out to the landlord to say, hey, you know, if this property ever becomes available

James [00:50:18]:

Shannan Bogle [00:50:18]:
I would like to talk to you because then I would have the drive through. Nice. Because I did during the pandemic, what I did is I invested in having a pod set up so that people could just drive through.

James [00:50:28]:
Oh, nice. Yeah. That’s the game.

Shannan Bogle [00:50:31]:
And the other owners laughed at me and they’re like, yeah. Uh-oh. Why would you do that? Well, guess who got the most? Returns that year. Funny. So yeah. You

James [00:50:40]:
know, whenever somebody says, hey, we should do this, and somebody counters with, we’ve always done it this way, I feel like that’s the worst possible thing that they can say.

Shannan Bogle [00:50:51]:
It is.

James [00:50:51]:
If that’s the answer for your justification for doing or not doing something, you gotta look deeper at that.

Shannan Bogle [00:50:57]:
You gotta try things, you know?

James [00:50:59]:
I love it. Yeah. Well, Shannon, thank you so much for being on the show.

Shannan Bogle [00:51:02]:
Thank you.

James [00:51:03]:
For the people that don’t know, that may not necessarily be local Store even, maybe they’re east side, Sun Prairie. Right? Where is your UPS store located?

Shannan Bogle [00:51:11]:
West Madison by the West Town Mall on O’Dana Road.

James [00:51:14]:
Okay. Do you have an address?

Shannan Bogle [00:51:16]:
6666 O’Danna Road.

James [00:51:17]:
Well, how do you forget that? Wow. Alright. This has been Authentic Business Adventures, the business program that brings you the struggle Store and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. We are locally underwritten by the Bank of Sun Prairie. If you could do us a huge favor, if you enjoyed this conversation, give it the big old thumbs up, subscribe, and, of course, share it with your entrepreneurial friends, especially those that may have some Amazon returns, need to ship something, mail something, receive mail, shred, print something. I’m probably missing something there. Buy some tape.

Shannan Bogle [00:51:52]:
Laminate, notary.

James [00:51:53]:
Laminate, notary. My goodness. That’s so awesome. All the list here. My name is James Kademan, and Authentic Business Adventures is brought to you by Calls On Call, offering call answering services for service businesses across the country on the web at, as well as the Bold Business Book, a book for the entrepreneur in all of us, available wherever fine books are sold. We’d like to thank you, our wonderful listeners, as well as our guest, Shannon Bogle, owner, queen of the UPS store in West Madison. If somebody wants to find you, what’s the best way? Online.

Shannan Bogle [00:52:27]:
Online. I have a website, UPS Store. Alright. 0704. 0704.

James [00:52:32]:
Sweet. Past episodes can be fun morning, noon, and night. The podcast link fun at Thank you for listening. We will see you next week. I want you to stay awesome. And if you do nothing else, enjoy your business.

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