Zak Koga – Karben4 Brewing

In the entrepreneurship world we are certain of two things: 1) Beer is awesome and 2) Business can be tough.  Zak Koga of Karben4 Brewing shares in his experience of starting a brewery with his brother and a little help from his friends.  He left a successful career in commercial construction and opened up a brewery.  What does it take to start a brewery?  A little luck, a lot of patience and the will to make it all happen are some key ingredients.  Having a cat riding a fire breathing unicorn while looking ready to dominate the universe on your star product doesn’t hurt.  The beer with that image is Fantasy Factory from Karben4.  Definitely check that beverage out when you are in the Midwest.
Listen as Zak tells us the story of how Karben4 came to be, the decisions that had to be made and the results that came of all of his and his crew’s hard work.
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