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Running a business can be tough.  Often the most challenging part is marketing.  How do you get people to know that your company exists, so that you can tell them what you do, so that they are aware enough of you to actually buy from your business?
Marketing is what can make or break a company.  If no one knows you exist, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do.
So what’s the solution to the juggernaut of a problem?  One option is to hire a professional with a proven track record to help build your audience, your brand and your business by bringing you customers through the marketing channels that fit your niche.
That alone can be a challenge.  How do you make sure that the marketer that you hire can do all that they promise?
Listen as John Vuong, of Local SEO Search tells us how he started his web marketing business and helpes get businesses found.
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My name is James Kademan, entrepreneur,

author, speaker, and helpful coach to small
business owners across the country.

And today we are welcoming/preparing

to learn from John Vuong the founder
of Local SEO Search. John,

how are you doing today?
I’m doing great James.

I’m excited to be on the show today
and really excited to get share some

stories and insights to you and your

audience members. Yeah. You know, I’m excited because

SEO, search engine optimization, is a challenging thing for any business

I mean with the name
of your website alone.

I think you
probably hit high on the ranks right there.

Yeah, so key words are very important.

But, branding yourself as someone

that actually knows what they’re
doing is more important.

So we just position yourself as a leader

in the industry. So let’s start with when
you first got started.

How long have you been
doing this on your own?

I so I started this agency 8
years ago. 8 years ago already? 2013, yes.

Alright. And prior to that, I actually was doing advertising sales

and I dabbled in traditional advertising,
print media, magazines, directories and I

was dabbling in to online affiliate

but then I stayed at a very stable size
larger company called Yellow Pages.

Oh, I remember those. I was there for five years also doing
advertising sales and found where I wanted

to continue and pursue
my business career and life.

And what made you decide
to jump ship from sales?

What’s a universally Yellow Pages jumping

ship from the Yellow Pages specifically I
can understand why but sales universally

you can make some decent money as
a salesperson. Yes you can definitely, but I also found where I

really wanted to pursue
my passions as well.

I gravitated toward working with only
business owners over the years.

I work with thousands of business owners

and usually local in scope anything in the
Yellow Pages directory and every single vertical

I was able to meet these business owners
on a personal level and I got to really

understand what their troubles were
their struggles and their stories.

I like why did they pursue their dreams
and they really focused more on community

relationships and understand
the foundation of the how to run a proper

business and people forget about
that in this digital world, right?

They forget about the service, the relationship

piece the understanding of pricing, competitive analysis, UPS,

like all these things that really matter
and it took not just years and maybe 5 or

10 years, but sometimes it took
generations to harvest a really successful

business. So, people need to understand what it
takes to be a business owner, entrepreneur,

community leader, and now, you know
now that I’ve been doing it for 8 years,

I reflect on what my challenges were

when I first started and it was a lot of
struggle, a lot of pain, a lot of time

in and not really focus on my strength
right and now I’ve got a grown over

the years to get better to harvest
my strengths and really amplify my message.

So what made you decide to actually go off
on your own was it because you saw what

all these other business
owners were doing.

And you decided.

Hey man, I want to I want to ride
the rides they’re riding kind of thing.

Well, me being a sales rep, I was listening and hearing
from Frontline their pin points.

And as you know the phone book itself
with no longer getting a decent return

on investment people are spending a lot
of money not getting the type

of lead count or source
and quality that they once did.

Because as you know, internet, Google kind of started
becoming the focal point.

Because I don’t know if people the younger
Generations specifically understand

that the internet internet
sorry didn’t always exist.

Like it’s just mid-90s onward
and it’s been evolving ever since.

Yeah, so it’s interesting even to think eight

years ago YouTube was available,
but it wasn’t what it is now

as far as search goes and social media

was a thing, but it wasn’t
this much of a thing.

Yes, so it’s evolves.

So it’s interesting to see I
guess just point it out, right?

Yeah definitely because as you know,
like Google how to replace what

Yellow Pages did very well which wire is
ready to buy seeking out information or

services or products like you
were category in the phone book.

When what somewhat was ready to buy they

picked up the phone book delivery once
a year free to your home now,

it’s Google on your smartphone device
tablet desktop and laptop in its stool.

Really SS book does internet prices

of body has picked up with all these
energy that are just happening.

You’re as it progresses
technology advances.

Now, it’s becoming be going out a Iran

green and things are automated.

However, people still
want to be in control.

They want to know and seek out information
themselves and they don’t want to get

pushed and there’s a difference
between Yellow Pages vs.

Google and social media vs.

Advertising in traditional media like
magazines Brokers newspaper pliers.

Now, it’s all digital format Wright radio

was podcast TV was now YouTube,
you know, it’s all the same.

More analytical tools that can monitor
in track and custom Behavior Target Target

every ad out there, but they forget still
takes a business person a solid foundation

of running a business to be successful

this owner frustrated and Google was it

sold Beats, right there’s ads and there’s
organic very similar to Yellow Pages.

The white pages is more Brandon keywords,

and I didn’t really know
how to do it myself.

So I went and focus on my strengths
that begin which was sales.

I went out there so long until I was able

to then hire team and learn
and make a lot of mistakes and.

Hire more people fired all our
people made more mistakes.

I figure out who I really wanted to be

known as and who I really wanted to Target
at the ideal cuz you said the word was

for Google and I’m like
that’s that’s an ass man.

That’s still a beast.

That is tough to understand.

Sometimes I say I say always Foundation

understand the basics of running a good

business and everything
will take care of itself.

Picture of love to believe that would love

to the team that you have now how many

employees do you have 30 30 employees

and there was formed because
of the gaps and we specialize in SQ.

So for us it’s more the pillars,

there’s content dragon’s tooth
on the graphic design Thursday the link

Builders there so many different paper
focus on being a boutique agency that did

everything regarding to ask you

and not touching at North America.

There’s some in UK and Australia.

How do people find you.

Yeah, so for us it’s just doing good work
wear tomorrow and doing this stuff

which is helping branding myself and just
educating people write the more you’re out

there giving advice and helping others
either like you or not and just like any

form of branding podcasting youtubing book
publishing a blogging website article

writing the show me different
ways to amplify your message.

The whole thing is consistency and doing

good work because social
proof is everything indeed.

That’s fair.
So just walk us through how you went

from in 2008 starting you’re on your own
you’re selling but you haven’t necessarily

figured yeseo thing out now 8 years later,
you got 30 employees.

That’s an eight years.

That’s what I would consider to be
pretty strong girl with in the SEC.

Again, I’m always learning.

I’m always trying to figure out what I’m

good and not good at and so
I’m always evolving right?

There’s always offered.

And you got to play with your strength.

So my strength was always sales and who I
want the out there and sold then I hired

people and I also try to figure out myself
and I realized really quickly that I’m not

going to be as good as someone
that has been doing SEO by 10 years.

If I’m just starting I
could read all I want.

I can watch all I want I could block you
in just as much content and information

and knowledge skills that but I
wouldn’t be them right.

So I started hiring I made a lot

of mistakes at beginning I hired
for the wrong reason now,

I hired for more personality
and core values than just skill set.

Joshua so initially you were
hiring for skill-set here.

It’s more about understanding who you want

to be known as you need people to surround

yourself with that are
in the lineman with your values.

Right and if they’re consistent,

they know what you believe
in and they are big Advocates.

You’re a lot healthier last rest
and you actually enjoy your team or.

Yeah, there’s it’s interesting how culture

of a business can change
with one bad hire.

But even if a tire is a smart person they

have the skills and talent
text to get the job done.

But as their personality doesn’t match.

Oh my gosh, man, that train
is coming off the tracks.

I’d learned that as well as you pay
the do the job everyone’s happy.

It’s all good, but it
does not work that way.

I’m always a big advocate of hiring slow
and firing fast and take your time

that them properly just like how
a client would bet you a Pity customer.

You should do the same thing
for everything every Supply every vendor

every, you know,
anything that you’re doing even

the clients that them as much as I bet you
to make sure that there are no goals are

in line stations are there and you
actually want to help them or not.

Let me ask you about that specifically in
regards to being slow and wedding them.

How much are how do you vent
a potential hire cuz it in my world.

That’s a challenging deal.

There’s no a try as for a month and see
if I’m a cool employee kind of thing.

So I guess just run me through the steps

that you take care of and trying
to find a good employee.

Yeah, so typically is internal we ask

to see if anyone knows of good people good
job postings in personality test along

the line and screen right
and we let go for a man.

I would say so we kind of know what skill

set is required to our Gap is when we hit
80% capacity which are hiring right

and then we understand that to maintain
this whole system and process.

We got to continue that so for me,
it’s all about the system of it is making

sure that they scream properly so HR or
someone before it gets to me to do

the final wedding and they’ve already gone
through probably like dozens or hundreds

of other applicants and falling
and interviewed them and everything else.

So they gave me like the best of the best

before they even get to my level and then
I either prove and say, you know ask him.

Did you hire them if this was your
company and this their money, right?

Cuz that’s always the final gotcha read.

If it is, then you go with it because
employees I have been very loyal to me

and they know me right so that we’ve
always cultivated like a family culture

and once you do that they kind of know
who I am and who I want to associate

with and her little bit that mold then why
would you bring that person along

the course of this whole organization
Circle back to what you talked about

before about the 80% capacity
with the calling answering service that I

own we keep track 2 Data
like that all the time.

So necio field.

How do you figure out
what 80% capacity is?

How do you measure that?

Yeah still over the years it’s hard
right because it’s all predictability.

It’s all about like.

For us we we time 1-year
contracts to give them toys.

No, no clients on a cycle annual

and with that in mind we can predict if we
start getting a lot more growth in a year.

We can predict revenue for the next year

in band with Ryan fasting issues
with all the planning projections.

But if you’re able to project
on a on a SAS model or any kind

of recurring business my roommate is
but then you have a real business, right?

That’s cuz it’s all about predictability.

If you can’t predict in you’re going after

new clients all day long everyday,
it’s stressful and not only that you’ll

cut your your staff are loyal either
because they don’t know when their next

paycheck is going to be and if they’re
going to be around next year or not.

Interesting. So are you tell me what your

measuring then in regards to is
a productivity or is it X number

of clients per employee or how are you
measuring that? Yeah,

so over the years it’s changed from being

with typically, we kind of track a lot

of measures and productivity because we
kind of converge act each task how long it

takes and how many types of giving
on daily basis how many emergency tasks or

not? How many clients can a project time?
That’s how we account for staff right?

It’s how much time do they have

in bandwidth how much capacity are they
at? And are they close to over burning

themselves dressing themselves and just
being honest with people cuz they will

tell you if they feel like we
need to hire more people or.

And that’s the biggest gotcha when you

filled a culture where people are very
honest with you saying look we can take

on x amount more clients,
or I’m feeling very stressed right now.

Can we start hiring for rebuilt
that trust with your client your staff?.


I want to ask you what let’s just compare
different employees cuz there’s going

to be some employees that can just
roll with whatever you throw at them.

There’s going to be other employees
that just naturally feel like it’s

on the verge of too much
work for any set of tasks.

So how do you figure out the average

that’s comfortable of a challenging
so to speak for each employee.

However, you need to encourage
everyone as well.

So we do a lot of internal training we try
to figure out like are they good fit

and where do they see themselves in 5
years 3 years and trying to challenge

everyone to get better level
up in every aspect of life.

Not just at work right still for us.

It’s more trying to get different
perspectives be realistic and then either

questionable are at all or
just being honest because.

For us it’s like monthly calls weekly

calls and everyone’s
on the call in that department.

If they advise me.

Look we’re stretched or last week was

unproductive because we had an emergency
situation is it it’s fine, right?

Cuz it’s the one off but if it’s happening
on a regular basis, you can see that it’s

going to have a huge impact
on your process rain.

So it’s just understanding that whole
rhythm of expectations and client Morello

and staff around and everything
else interesting.

So are your people or where your people
in an office on the same office or are

they all over the remote
agency remotely again?

I was livid.

I was working remote at Yellow Pages.

We very moved away from the office

environments at my home
base, and I was more.

Ebay account manager I had a book

of business and I was trying
to figure out the best system, right?

And yes, I have CRPS and they
have all this stuff book for us.

It was more of a boat like trying
to make sure you’re organized.

So I was able to organize
myself or the years.

So I’m a big Rafters guy two years ago.

We won the championship
ticket holder for 15 years.

Wow, really matters and I love basketball.

And so two years ago.

It was it right?

We had a chance.

I was there every game I was there season
playoffs enjoying the parade just threw up

again a championship for any sport is
an accomplished and you don’t know if

you’re going to embrace it or
have it in your lifetime read me.

It was like just living it.

No worries.

I see here when I want
to ask you a 2% capacity.

I got to think where I was at.

We’re just talking about
basketball Toronto Raptors.

So they won the championship
in 2022 years ago.

That’s cool.

And so that picture I noticed drop

that won game 7 made us play

against Milwaukee afterwards.

So we beat you guys in game 6.

I said that so you you’re talking

about remote on your people remote.

Yes, so tell me about remote hiring
and it’s a system in process,

right and right will that matter so as
much as you same thing you scream they

fill out application resume pulling
through personality test back call

references the same thing as you would do
through a recruiter trying to put a job

board, but you need to ensure that they
have everything in order at home.

So they have a stable internet connection

good, you know computer laptop,
whatever technology microphone headphone

Whatever video cam whatever
you need for your.

Business right one that is already.

Then you test them to ensure that up
and working running properly before you do

more of a hireright
and maybe do a probationer.

Give them a month to month sweater
probation to test them out.

So it’s just like any company like I

worked at I would say dozens of companies
before I landed Yellow Pages.

It was all about like understanding of his

that employees going to be a good fit or
not managers have to go through the same

vetting process and as a business owner is
probably even more so because it’s your

money right to ensure that they’re going
to fill Gap that you have to deliver on,

you know, you were standing
and no one’s perfect.

No as long as they are willing to give it.

All right, and they’re going to try.

So are you are you supplying equipment or

you’re expecting them to have the computer
camera had said all that jazz again.

It’s in the job description of what
is necessary before you apply.


Alright, you make sure that everything

that you need either have
experienced or they have it.

Okay, then they’re accountable to take

care of the West again if they’ve been

loyal and they’ve been a good employee
then you might you don’t mind getting it

to him if there’s more
productive with an interesting.

How do you guys communicate internally
since you’re not in an office?.

Yeah, so we have a lot
of software instant messaging.

We call all the time collaborate through
a lot of these kind of meetings.

We have a lot of tools right
with technology comes a lot more out

there, but I think the big thing is
making sure everyone’s on board.

And doing it and engage with it.

So we use Asana we use
in a lot of instant messaging.

We have a lot of Dropbox and Google Drive
and you know all the stuff right?

It’s just making sure everyone understands
how to do it and on-board which is

actively doing on a regular consistent
basis and no one’s bottlenecking.

Alright, so you’ve 30 employees.

You got a lot going on personally,
imagine family business all that stuff.

How do you keep track of any employee is
kind of falling off the rails little bit

or slowing down or or even
doing a really good job.

How do you keep track of what
your place have going on?

I not me I have managers to do
this operation manager manager.

Every pillar has a manager earn the right
to kind of do last of the doing work

manage the people just like
any higher key, right?

You trust them.
They earn your trust.

Hire people right off
the bat to be managers.

I wanted them to learn what needed to be
done to then hire and promote within

a different skill-set together underway
versus hiring from an outside interesting.

How do you know the people have
the skills when it comes to FCO?

That’s somewhat of a science and art I

imagine so when somebody comes to you
and says, hey, I’m super awesome at SEO.

How do you know the same thing?

Right and we can get
everything give them examples.

What would you do in this scenario work
with so many different campaigns based

on our team and their experience
and what has six faces.

What was the type of in a road map
for Gratiot and if people are thinking

outside the outside
the boss be more creative.

Having a solid foundation then
infant very creative as well.

Right like I would try this if it didn’t
work, I would try this and then I was just

a different mindset all
together and it’s okay.

You’re going to make
mistakes to totally totally.


It’s just I’m interested
in SEO just as business owner.

You have to be I’m also a little jaded
because I’ve paid more than a few people

to help with SEO and more
than a few times.

I would call it less than successful.

But I didn’t I didn’t know right what I
was using as a vetting process was

essentially if I type in SEO Madison
for example, and they show up.

I figured well,
they must be doing something.

All right with their own composition
the same thing batting process.

Why would they any customer Choose You did

you check out the case studies
testimonials reputation.

Did you bet them?
Did you do it three other competitors?

What is the skillset pricing?

What is the accountability?

What’s the Benchmark?

What are you you’re kpi is right.

What is the deliverables
and what your expectations are?

What does success mean to you?

All these need to be answered before going
with someone because there’s a lot

of sales people there A lot of people are
just for the quick dollar there is

legitimate business owners or yours or any
company that really want to help you grow.

You’ll find out who they are.

It may take a little bit longer but.

It’s a gold mine when you partner

with the right kind of business or agency
or that’s in it for the right reasons,

cuz I don’t think that they necessarily
intentionally did less than great.

I think it’s just it’s
a challenging field.

I’m so in my experience
just about all marketing.

There’s no if you spend this,
then you will achieve this be kind

of learn after the fact if
you spend this might work.

Am I not so marketing
is a black box, right?

So predictable anyone would
pay to get guarantee results.

That’s why Google is out there Facebook is
making millions and billions of dollars

daily because people don’t
know there’s so many unknown.

Oh, yeah, they’re selling a lot of Hope
homeless advertising on radio television

product placement Instagram
influencer marketing email marketing.

Everything is advertising.

However, you have to realize Yourself
by trying different things what works what

doesn’t be realistic when people are
saying thing and use your own judgment

to see what really you
want out of this campaign.

You want to ultimately work
with what are your real expectation?

Right like I told myself before I reach
out to find Clarity on what I want.

All right, so when you go down that road

and I’m going to I’m going to prove
you a little bit cuz your SEO guy.

So generally speaking when I talk
to clients of mine or other people you

when marketers reach out to me
and say what do you want in the end?

We want more sales so that we can
end up earning more money systems.

We going to get larger so we can have
better systems as we get better systems.

It’s more lucrative business.

That’s the endgame, right?.

Yahoo, is it safe to say some clients are

more particular help me with that cuz
that’s the right type of client.

It’s the right type of sale.

Okay, ideal Persona Avatar of 10 best

people that you love working with her
personality trait of who they are exactly

what they like doing how they
shop who they hang out with.

What communities do they what do
they absorb in terms of content?

Once you figure out that goes 10 profile
them and then put your website and all

your marketing efforts
to speak to those 10.


All right is called real marketing
and creating a Persona Avatar.

That’s going to generate you.

I do customers in valley of quality.

That’s hiring Li convertible position

yourself as a leader to go
after the right type of people.

You only want to work with.

All right.

All right, so it’s not so
brought us a more sales.

It’s moving a little bit more specific

seen more sales with these types
of people that are my ideal client.

Again, it all depends
on the type of business.

If you’re very high ticket
items service versus a product.

Do you mind if I just borrow you for will

use two case studies that I should be
there pretty different one calls and calls

essentially phone answering
for small businesses.

And the other one is easier
to, which is a product.

Fairley High ticket but it’s
a one-time thing or b2c.

So I mentioned you would go about two

different ways which was a two different
customers that you’re going after.

Okay, just walk me through.

Let’s just go down the calls on call
Road and we’ll just use the guinea pig.

I know your ideal business code
and their ideal customers, right?

Is there a niche that you
want to go after?

Is there a revenue threshold is there
an employee count is a region that you

want to go out at those questions
and create a website in any marketing

behavioral to understand the questions
that they have the problems.

I hate you have a right good content
creative whatever produced good

information online to attract
and cultivate that goes I believe Facebook

you can do Google ads but with SEO its
position yourself as a leader expert

by creating Goodwell research information
amplify with liens and Community build.

Start speaking writing a book and all

that stuff positions you as
a leader in that topic niche.

So once you start doing that,

you’re going to cultivate inbound lead
of quality of your ideal customer that is

higher lifetime value customer higher
probability and less dress photos.

Worst case scenario type client onboarding

intake like what’s
the system process in place?

So that’s the type of ok and b2c is very

similar, but the high ticket item

understand your competitors
and where are they advertising?

What are they doing right now?

So I figure out how you
going to be unique.

What’s your Competitive Edge Persona like
this challenge with product as you don’t

really get to know your
clients the same way as a B2B.

Customer that you’re talking
to them on a regular basis.

Is that one time ticket?

They’re going to buy it and forget you.

I want to say hopefully but that’s only

because we don’t want
them to have problems.

Yes, cuz like we’re selling Windows so
it’s not something like oh,

I have good Windows right you hope you
have a maintenance program may be right

like Insurance the whole
premise of that one time.

When do purchase is they either go

referral or you could try a service
whatever and they use you and that’s it.

Hopefully, nope.
No problems.

No issues.

And how do you build
a recurring business model?

I’ll do that because you’re always

constantly looking for new customers right
relationships with builders

and contractors renovation guys,
or you have some sort of philia program,

but there’s different business models
alongside their the Whitby to see

the whole true premise is
what makes you unique.

Why did they choose you? Is it the brands
of service the price? I don’t know.

Write years in and figure that out to set
yourself apart and then put

that in writing with social
proof everything socialproof.

Not what you say, but what
other people say about you.

Alright, so let me go down that road

because I wrote a few books and giving
away books in an attempt to get reviews

asking for people on the verge of begging
in the streets on my knees for reviews.

It is tough unless you really pissed

someone off that is super easy
to get a review not a good one.

But just getting people to give a positive
review it takes 10 seconds or whatever

but it is tough getting people
to leave reviews at least in my world.

Again, you need hundreds
of clients to get 10 reviews.

So you have to go above and beyond

expectations to get a review but it takes
one negative review, which is just one day

like you had one bad day or dropping
service or whatever we all we have

somebody that we’ve never met before
but a one-star review and that’s when I

started paying attention like all I
guess we have to do something with this.

I mean know this guy.

So wasn’t the world doesn’t know that I

don’t know that guy but it’s out there
and public domain information as a barrier

to entry or the barrier to creating
a review is negligible.

So there’s a lot of bad people there

and there’s an offer for me best practice

is always over-deliver
on everything you do it right?

Like everything you do is give give give
hopefully they see value in what you’re

offering and we’re going to do it because
the only they used to superseded their

expectations, but they
want to help you girl.

So they read other people to read
their personal experience.

So, how can you make it so easy
for them to write a review?.

What does that mean go above and beyond
service go above and beyond cleaning up or

whatever like give more
than that actual product.

People will not just remember the product
but they will remember the experience.

So what are you doing after the whole

deployment of the window that will make
them remember you as the window guy?.

Fair this whole Affair is challenging man.

Oh, holy cow, but it is challenging right?

I would agree with that
the whole review thing.

It’s kind of it’s one of those things
is just a frustrating necessity.


Cuz I think of it one people will trust
reviews from people that they’ve never met

before may not even exist and maybe Bots
more than they’ll trust their neighbor cuz

their neighbors essentially one review
and when they look on something else

there’s 50 reviews or 500
views or something like that.

I’m going to trust that star rating.

People that have never met before
and that’s just came about like 10-15

years ago that wasn’t really a thing
and the internet evolve and now it’s

definitely a thing
and sauces business owners.

Now, we have to adapt we say, okay, we
got a deal with the review thing overall.

I would say it’s good.

It’s in it’s an easy way to vet businesses

which people needed a way
to vet them to build trust.

I don’t know how people get it before we
didn’t at any rate it has to deal

with these and so now we’re like,
okay we got to ask for reviews without

being annoying or at least
minimizing the annoying part.

But it’s still that you’re simply asking
someone to take time out of their day.

Even if it is 20 seconds.

What is a challenge so there’s no right

answer for how to ask her
how to constantly ask.

I think it’s a process, right?

Okay, when you have customer service
calls, when you give them when it’s

complete and then follow up in whatever
it’s always the process of reminding them.

All it is is implementing a process
in while working at Yellow Pages.

There was no nothing like that.

It was word-of-mouth referrals.

They had a whole stack of references
reference letters was a big thing.

Really think about that if you think
about people ask her friends and family.

Yes, you get a referral or not.

But reference letters played the same
thing as a third-party reviews and all

the client had a stack of great
reference letters big did exist.

It’s just how is it now portrayed

digitally and still V online,
especially High ticket items.

They wanted to see what other people have

done their experience the pain points
and how you over delivered right?

Interesting isn’t interesting
game that I’ve learned.

I want to say that I’ve learned a fully

completely but I have learned a lot just
in publishing the book having a business

working with our clients that calls
on call to get them reviews because

in the end their success is our success we
want to build up them and even as

challenging as it’s like it’s
like it’s like bad employees.

Every employer has had to deal with bad

employees at one time in their in their
business career and every business is

going to or has dealt with bad reviews
at one time or even even if you’re not

better views just struggling to get
reviews interesting conundrum will call it

a lot of things for a lot of businesses,
like maybe even five years ago.

I knew how important Google my business

reviews were so I actually printed
and created post guards with steps.

Give to every single client with batches

of hundreds of them mailed it out giving
it right cuz I want to overdo liverite.

So give it out to your clients.

Here’s a step-by-step and maybe out

of the hundred one or two reviews came out
of it was that I don’t know but for me,

I showed like I was proactive to help
my my hands to do something about it

and maybe they will then take it
on to the next level or sure and the value

that I’m trying to portray to them because
we are delivering right opportunities,

you know, what the value
based on your behavior?

If you are above your competitors

already winning Yahweh.

Yeah, it’s one more thing you say that cuz
I used to send a postcard to the printer

repair business and we sent out postcards
at real trifle thing and then cluded

a perforated postcards that the customer
could tear da is already stamped.

It was already addressed and just gave

three things one through
five in essentially.

What we were asking for was any feedback
and it took if super quick

for the customer to respond to that we got
three quarters of those we would get 3/4

back which was when I would tell
that the people there like three corners.

Holy cow.

Is interest in talking to you because now
I’m thinking we ask for reviews from all

of us and we got more back in these
postcards and we did an online review.

So interesting the challenge is people are

so distracted today going
on email social media.

They got this phone buzzing with a update
all day long news Twitter feeds and you’re

buying for the retention and yes to step
outside of what their Norm is of checking

to be different and what’s different is
things that are traditional that people

forgettable so that postcard
that mail out.

That flyer is differin.

It may cost you some money for Stanford

has negligible but different
different messages, right?

All right.

Lincoln marketing and advertising as many
different forms of media to get different

attention of these people that you
want to get in front of interesting.

I like it.
I like it.

I know we don’t have a whole
lot of time left here John.

So let’s talk about for the business
owners that are listing here.

What are the space of three things
that they should look for in an SEO?

Search provider?

SEO is fairly complicated has
200 signals is always updating.


My suggestion is when you’re ready again,
it’s not for everyone business owners have

to understand how important
it is before the value in it.

If you haven’t dabbled into advertising,

I would say don’t start
with that seal play with that really.

Play with the Ecstasy of that are
good traction or not.

Because if they just in business and you

think you’re going to be the expert right
away, like that’s a dream come true.

I do love Professional Services dentist

lawyer physio Cairo in all the trades,
but they’ve been in business for 2030 like

training and maybe in business
for like 5 years or 10 years.

They understand what it takes to be

a business person and that’s who you
want to be position as so understanding.

What s you really can do for you as
an expert to work with an expert do

with SEO before you sign up with someone
make sure you’ve met them check out.

There’s a check out.
The reviews reputation case studies

third-party reviews are
huge and references.

So understanding Like Apples
to Apples comparable.

Who are you using?

What are the you getting and.

Finding out like if there’s people

in the Nisha industry,
that’s work with you good track record

call those businesses all see if they
could be honest with a quick chat and see

if you can ask them like
experience results.

And you know, would you
hire them again or what?

Would your take be on it?

Right reading 10-20 $30,000.

It’s going to be a big ticket item making

sure you do everything you need
to make sure it says right decision.

All right.
And then again, it’s the gotcha right?

It’s like will you know that and take
comfort knowing that you have them working

for you for asking out a time
and let them do their thing.

All right, like expertise they
trust you for your service.

You want to trust them for their service?

You understand that you.

It’s like any employee as well.

Do you want to be a micromanager or do you

want to be the manager that people look up
to you trust her expertise and skill set

to hire some it’s the same thing right
when people are deciding which SEO it

could be a consultant
independent contractor agency.

It could be in house right speaker.

What is right for you?

It might not even be a seal.

It might just be contacted
via web development.

It could be a seal strategy right there.

So many pillars are a full-service.

We took care of everything cuz we feel if

we’re going to do it right we
do it right the first time.

All right.

So most of the businesses that you were

working with, can you paint a picture
of what type of what size Weehawken

the contractor the construction company
that’s five employees or is it typically.

Are the Hub revenue
of maybe 250 and onwards?


Alright depends on what
they’re looking for.

So it’s a monthly retainer depending
on how to use landscape keywords.

And it’s a boutique agency.

We want to help the small
family-run businesses.

But also the larger is this is what we’re
trying to give them the best value

but also really focus on results,
but they trust us as s yours that know

what would kind of doing without
her track record, right?

Some good stories of people that were

either just starting out or let’s say
they’ve been around for a while,

but weren’t really known that hired
you and just rocket ship to the Moon.

Definitely like we have a lot of case
studies and third-party reviews.

I mean a lot of businesses just don’t

understand the magnitude
of what it as fuel campaign.

If done right and I always tell people

that you know, you probably tried a lot
of advertising and you’ve got frustrated

with other agencies were different
cuz we really need to understand you.

And once we understand what your goals are
we going to try to achieve those goals.

So a one-man operation
to five man to 10-man right?

That could be a success story for London.

You could be Revenue, right?

It could be headcount.

It could be, you know anything we’ve seen

a lot of businesses girl right from 2
million growing to 20 million or from 201

know what the pens right but again,

they have to be realistic to so they don’t

mind spending to getting so if
you’re spending $1,000 like.

Jason wise what do you expect right vs.

Someone’s paying $10,000 just say

that $3,000 business,

which I imagine a lot of well,
probably one or two man contractor

businesses are in that realm when they
just do a little odd jobs,

maybe the kitchen or basement here there,
but it’s tiny stuff on top of that.

They probably only have a gram to spend
the month or something like that asking

them to spend 10 grand a month is going
to be a half the revenue for the year,

which is not practical so much old what’s
practical and what’s what they can achieve

with that and that’s the thing
about what we’ve been trying to do.

We understand small businesses
that I am working with him.

We’re here to help all sizes.

Not just the bigger agencies

that that only want to have a $10,000
a month retainer married at fifteen

hundred or thousand dollars depending
on size Marketplace competition.

You want to help the little guys become

medium size or hiring people
in that success to bring up sometime right

and not having to worry
about what goes on digital.

That’s why I’m doing this.


Sure, John before we finish I
want to ask you just your advice.

You started your business
from scratch essentially.

It’s been going for 8 years.

You’ve grown it 30 employees
that’s impressive.

What have you learned over the course

of those eight years that you
didn’t necessarily know.

We’re going to be challenges when
you first start it I learned a lot.

I’m still learning the biggest learning

for me was trying to delegate

and earlier as a business owner.

Should they want to know what’s
going on things are done the sooner.

I controlled it a lot early and I should

have let go more because
it was very stressful.

And not everyone’s going to work like you

as a business owner entrepreneur
and how DNA is different.

What a type personalities when you
delegate you hire people for different

tasks and roles and responsibilities,
you start understanding what their skill

sets are and give the more accountability
you give them more deliver was more

responsible and get them
to level up as well.

So I found that becoming a leader has

helped me becoming more I guess
stress-free but also helping them get

become better human and that’s
why I’m enjoying now.

This is part of my journey
of this business.

I’m loving the the team environment /

the culture always trying
to help them get better.

I totally agree when I first
started my first employee.

2007 something like that.

I treated or perceived that employee to be

a tool they were means
to accomplish an end.

And that end was essentially to take
care of my customer or our customer.

So to speak I wasn’t crazy cruel like
a Cinderella stepsister or something like

that, but I did not consider
the employees growth their Improvement.

Now, I mean over the course of time I’ve
learned and have evolved to hire better

employees that are actually looking
for growth in some aspect of their life.

Is actually been incredibly helpful.

You can give them more freedom to like
here’s the job make it happen.

So it’s helped me as a business owner
because then I don’t have to look over

their shoulder all the time use them
trust and it helps them improve.

So it’s an interesting range or

interesting Evolution, which is sounds
like you’ve gone through as well.

Even more interesting is when you come

across the business owners
that haven’t made that leap.

And you can see that they’re they’re

treating their employees
essentially as pets.

Yeah, and I think evolving as a parent

stress levels or important in treating

employees like humans now, they’re right.

You understand you have a family
and you want to harvest the best child.

Therefore you have a better perspective

of what it means to be a parent
and someone on your staff has children or

they are going through some challenging
times and maybe you are much more wise

and they are because of your experience
in the early stages of their career.

You can give them a perspective of what it

means cuz you lived it
so that respect alone.

I mean it’s happening right? You have
to let people in on your journey.

But giving them a bunch of choice so

that they can evolve
the way they want to do it.


I like it cool John.

How can people find you? They can check out my website.


because we’re in Canada. We also own .com
but .ca is still

my bread-and-butter because Canada.
Check me out on the team page.

You can contact me.

If you have any questions regarding

anything SEO or anything

we’re here to help support and give value
and provide some good valuable information

so that you can make
a better informed decision.

I love it.
I love it. It’s interesting

I was teaching a business planning class.

And the students were asking me where
do we go to learn more about this?

Like this one guy was starting a tea shop

and he said I do I learn about a tea
shop? Dude just find a tea shop owner

and talk to him because they will be

more than happy to give you advice. Any
business owner that doesn’t want to give

you advice is probably
not a good business owner.

It’s true, right? If you want

to volunteer and go out there and learn, go learn.

Well John, thank you so much for being on the show this has been awesome. Thanks a lot James for having me.

Awesome. This has been Authentic Business Adventures the business program

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me again that website Awesome.

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