Zeb Anderson – LegalQ

Every business will eventually need the help of an attorney.  Whether working with an attorney to create a client contract, or to go over a lease that took a forest to print, legal jargon surrounds the business world.
But how can a business owner find the right attorney?  Many attorneys may be great on paper, but the attorney/client relationship is typically very important to making sure things get done and are understood by all parties.  Utilizing an attorney that you don’t feel comfortable with can be devastatingly expensive.  Attorney’s are a part of your professional team, and you want a solid player for this position.
This is where Zeb Anderson, cofounder of LegalQ comes in.  Zeb helped create a marketplace for entrepreneurs to find attorneys and get a feel for how they work, at no initial cost to the entrepreneur.  If the brief meeting goes well, the relationship moves forward.
Listen as Zeb explains how LegalQ came about and how it can help entrepreneurs looking for all manner of legal help.
Visit Zeb at: https://legalq.io/
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