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The overnight success, as we all either learn the hard way or gather as we explore this business world, is hardly overnight.  It typically takes years for entrepreneurs to make some mistakes and learn just what works and what does not.
The real successful people are happy to share their experiences with others, working as a bit of a Sherpa to would-be mistake makers.
So when I was contacted by owner Vinnie Fisher and I did a little homework, I was excited for this interview.
Vinnie takes us on his entrepreneurial journey that includes growing a business into 7-figure revenues in months, and realizing that the business was losing money.  The numbers don’t lie, we just need to be aware of them.
Then he takes us to his current business that tackles the numbers issue.  For a very niche market.  Vinnie explains what has lead to him running by the mantra, “The niches bring the riches.”
Vinnie takes his education train down the track even further by offering some of his books to our loyal listeners at no cost.  check them out here:

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