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Authentic Business Adventures Podcast

How do you break into a new market?

Maria Kovach from Simply Stated Interiors visited me to discuss the challenges she has uncovered from starting her interior design business.  Maria is driven, confident and full of energy.  Listen as Maria tells you how to start a interior design business.

How to be a successful woman in business?

Erin Ogden chats with us about starting her law firm, having a business partner and we delve into the challenegs that women face in an ever-changing professional world.  For that matter, we discuss the challenges men and women face as they interact with each other in a professional manner that walks the line between cold and rigid and kind and helpful without delving into being creepy.

How to run a successful accounting business?

How do you start an accounting business?  It can be tough to create a business from scratch that keeps you pinned to your desk for three to four months a year.  Brandon Donkersgood from Legacy Tax and Financial has made a name for himself as not only a successful accountant, but also a smart, caring and outgoing one.  Accountants across the world can learn a lot from him.

How do you grow a business?

Briana Frank from Tree Health Management knows a bit about growth.  She has become a national treasure in the arborist business world and chats with us today about starting her business.  She delves into the fun and challenges of having employees, competition and the dirty secret that not everybody with a truck and a chainsaw knows what they are doing with your trees.

How do you start a massage therapy business?

The big questions around starting a massage therapy business become; do I start a franchise, where do I get funding, can I make money at this and will I enjoy this business.  Jenny Knight from the Madison Hand & Stone Massage discusses all of these topics with us as well as working with your spouse as a business partner and how you shut it all off so you can be a family together in the evening.

How do you choose a business? How do you make great decisions?

Susan Bulgrin of Culver’s in Madison as well as the Echo Tap discusses what secrets she uses to make her decisions in business.  Susan started out as a nurse and decided to go off on her own.  She never intended to start a restaurant and now she owns quite a few of them.  Susan also discusses the culture of a business along with the pride that you as a bold entrepreneur should take in your businesses.

How do you start a earth excavation business?

How do you start a Drone Video Business?

How do you run a successful restaurant?

How do you start a radio station?

What do you need to start a business?