Martha Sullivan – Provenance Hill Consulting

Starting a business is a conundrum in balance.  First, you need to work hard, fast and long just to get the business off the ground.  Then you need to push more to add employees, expand on new ideas and keep the momentum going.
Then a funny thing happens.  You will continually come to forks in the road.  One way allows you to continue with the risk, pleasure and pain for running a successful company.  The other is a path that guides you to remove yourself from the business.  Preparing your business for sale is the same as preparing the business to become the freedom machine you wanted it to be.
Listen to Martha Sullivan, owner of Provenance Hill Consulting as she explains some strategies to prepare your business to sell.  Many of these strategies are focused on the mindset it takes to build a business you can walk away from.
As you stroll to the bank.


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