Accountability Group Coaching – Star Players Like You


Starting a business?  You are not alone.  This is a support group as well as a team of fellow entrepreneurs that will help you on your new business journey.

Meetings are held monthly at the Draw In Customers Business Coaching office in Madison on Wednesday mornings from 8:00am-9:30am.

Coffee and high-fives will be supplied.

Which Wednesday do you prefer?


There is no problem that three people and a whiteboard cannot solve.  With Draw In Customers Accountability Group Coaching, you can be sure that whatever problems you may be experiencing in your business, other business owners have too.  You can use their experience to navigate your business challenges in a safe, fun and dynamic environment.

  • Meet Monthly with Accountability Group
  • Weekly phone calls with Business Coach
  • Follow-up emails from Business Coach
  • Setup check-ins with Accountability Partners
  • Routine business education curriculum based on needs of group

With group coaching from Draw In Customers you have the organization and leadership of a professional business coach leading the meeting and keeping the members on task.  The other members add their experience and character to make well-rounded and enjoyable group coaching sessions.

Draw In Customers Business Coaching is able to find members for your accountability group, or you are welcome to bring together professionals you are impressed with.

Group coaching sessions are held monthly at the Draw In Customers Business Coaching office in Madison, Wisconsin.

One person may not have all of the answers.  With group coaching, you can get different opinions and perspectives to help guide your business.  As a bonus, you will be able to help other businesses navigate some of the challenges that you have already had to face.

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