The BOLD Business Book – Paperback Edition


The BOLD Business Book is on the store shelves and in warehouses of every great book seller.

What does it take to be BOLD in Business?

Suppose you were considering starting or improving your business. Suppose you wanted to make more money AND have the free time to enjoy it. Let's just say that you want to be able to have your business work for you. Maybe you are not there yet but the vision is real. This book is for you.

  1. Grab the book
  2. Read the book
  3. Take the action
  4. Get the phenomenal results

It starts with step 1.

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The BOLD Business Book is on store shelves and warehouses of every great book seller.

This book will help you in 3 simple, yet powerful ways:
1) Get you motivated to make the progress your business needs.
2) Give you tools to make the progress your business needs.
3) Be enjoyable enough to succeed at numbers 1 & 2.

A real book?  Yes, a real, printed on paper book.  If you prefer an Ebook, please note that in your purchase.

Does this price include shipping?  Yep, shipping is included for this price.

Are you crazy?  Maybe a little, but this book was written for those business owners that are Bold and want to be even Bolder. Sometimes you need to be a little crazy to find the good crazy that is lurking around.


Why should I buy The BOLD Business Book now?  Because you are a savvy Bold Business owner, or you want to start a Bold Business.  And there are 2 ways that Bold Business owners take in information.  Small chunks very quickly and small chunks really quickly.  The BOLD Business Book gets you the gritty and useful small chunks of information that you can think on and process.  When you finally have The BOLD Business Book and read it, you will be triggered to take even more action on the information you will now have read twice.  How many books have you read that truly helped you with all that you hoped it would?  Did you know the information, or do you actually use it?

How much of those books do you even remember?

You will buy The BOLD Business Book to help you read, act and succeed from getting the small chunks of information to act on quickly.  Your business deserves the great leadership you can provide with the knowledge in The BOLD Business Book.

Alas, our shipping is still a bit archaic since these will come to you from Draw In Customers Business Coaching directly, not a warehouse in some far off land.  And we were not built to ship books.  We were built to write books and offer business help through business coaching.

Who is this James Kademan guy?  The author of The BOLD Business Book is James Kademan.  James happens to also own Draw In Customers Business Coaching, a business coaching business in Madison, Wisconsin.  James is also a co-owner of Calls On Call, a shared receptionist service also located in Madison, Wisconsin.  James has a detailed history in starting, running, growing and selling small businesses.  He excels at communication and often can be found speaking at events for business professionals that want to grow their business.  If you truly are a Bold Business owner, and you are thinking more than a few minutes about spending less than $20, maybe this isn’t the book for you.  Then again, maybe this book is exactly what you need.

I saw James speak and I want this book NOW!  Can I get it sooner?  If you need help sooner, feel free to contact James for a free business help coaching session.

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