Heather Ewing – Abstract Commercial Real Estate

Recently commercial real estate took a hit.  As you know, people have been working from home in various capacities for the better part of 2020.  Many businesses, mine included, are finding that an office may not be needed.
That does not mean that commercial real estate is dead.  In fact, it is very much alive.  It just shifted a bit.
This is the perfect time for Heather Ewing to start her commercial real estate brokerage.  You see, Heather has a TON of experience in commercial real estate in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  She knows what is going up, what is coming down and what is getting built out.  Having someone like her on your side when it comes to finding the right place for your business is a huge benefit.
Listen as Heather explains how and why she started Abstract Commercial Real Estate in 2020 as well as why it was a great move.

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