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In most marketing blogs the mention of utilizing your email list is standard fare.  Some blogs casually mention this, saying things like, “with a typical email list of over 10,000 names, you can expect an open rate of 2,000…

These blogs will discuss the steps to take to make use of your existing email list, but when it comes to starting your list or actually growing it, they resort to some brutally basic ideas.

Essentially they want your website website visitor to trade an email address for some item of value.  Something along the lines of a whitepaper (Top 7 Ways to Lose Weight), a discount (Sign Up for 10% Off), a newsletter (Want more junk mail?), or any other giveaway that will seem of value to the person giving their email address.

This tactic has become known and a bit shady.  Your email address has value and your time is limited.  Because of that, you may give a rarely used email address or just skip the offer.

The challenge becomes even deeper when you ask yourself, “Will I really use this giveaway?

As I searched for a better way to serve my website visitors as well as get the all-too-valuable email addresses, I landed on a solution.  This one happens to be fun and informational.

I use a simple quiz or survey with a fairly unobtrusive popup to entice my visitors.  The idea is a visitor is taken through a simple funnel from website visitor to quiz taker to results requester (via providing an email address).

You can set this up as well easily with a quiz or survey through Interact (The Quiz collective).  The beauty of using Interact vs. many other options I have explored is that you have a plethora of templates already setup.  For example, check out this quiz to find out What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You.

You can see that the quiz is fun, interactive and makes you think.

Website visitors are typically rolling down a rabbit hole in search of an answer or two.  Most social media is just that. Now visitors to your website can roll down the rabbit hole that you want them to instead of just clicking aimlessly.

Interact has quizzes for all manner of industries, as well as games and other opportunities for an interactive (hence the name, Interact) piece on your website to engage your website visitors.  It took me less than 10 minutes to get my first quiz on my website.  Sure, you can also customize the quiz. Though, be careful. You will not know what works and what doesn’t until after you get some responses and can look into the data.  Interact has quizzes and surveys that have been tested on a much larger scale than you or I realistically could.

As with all marketing ideas, implementation is the key.  As in, just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be done.  Tweak as needed, but get something going.  Whether you use Interact like I did or some other means, the value of your email list is worth you taking the time to get quality email addresses from quality people by giving them something of value in exchange.

Remember that the idea of value to you is not important. What is important is the value in the eye of your website visitor.

Before I started using quizzes, my first attempt at email list building was to offer a simple white paper with fantastic information.  It turned out that nobody cared. Eventually I decided to try to give away my book. I even tried the audiobook version, which is around a $20 value.  Crickets continued to be the result.

Adding a quiz has proven to be supremely beneficial.  Essentially the people want fun and something unique to them.  With Interact, you can now offer that.

In addition to all of this, these quizzes can be added to your social media as posts with the click of a button.  Now you can draw people to your website from their social media of choice.

This is just one piece in a larger marketing puzzle.  It also gets results after you get people to your website (or social media pages) in the first place. Alas, that piece of the puzzle is for another blog. Whatever you do for marketing your business, do something.  Reading blogs alone will not get you the results you want.

Let me know how using quizzes works for you as you build your email list.

James Kademan is a Business Coach for Draw In Customers Business Coaching in Madison, Wisconsin as well as the author of The BOLD Business Book. When he isn’t exploring fun marketing options for his client’s businesses, he is busy guiding entrepreneurs to success in business and beyond. He blogs successfully to the world at If you are considering hiring a business coach, take a moment to call James at (608)210-2221. Pop-quiz, are you awesome?  Yes is always the answer.

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