Easy Business Website

$2,200.00 $2,100.00

Your business needs a website.

Get a professionally done website in less than 30 days.

Or you can get our sister’s husband’s niece to maybe, hopefully get it done (she won’t).

Or you can do it yourself (you have better things to do).

Or you can pay $5,000+ to have another website developer get it done (that’s crazy).

Life is all about choices.

Website Add-Ons

Do you want to tweak your website a bit?



Website Options


 You will get a brand new, custom designed website. The website will be easy to use, very powerful and stable. It will also look great. The website you will get will include your content created during your on-boarding session, your logo and the colors you want to make it your own.

Your new website will include a Home, About, Contact and Blog page.

You will get 1 year of hosting for your new website. You will have easy access to make changes, if necessary. The web hosting will be with a trusted company that has served us well for years.

With your new website you will get a professional, easy to find domain name.  The name itself is cheap, but what domain name should you get?  Is it easy to type and tell your users what you do? Our content strategists will find a domain name for you that your customers can easily find you with as well as remember and use. You will own this domain name to keep forever, if you wish. The domain name registration will be paid for an entire year.

  • Security software included.  This will prevent unauthorized usage of your website as well as attacks on your website.
  • Backups included.  Should something drastic happen and you lose your website, we will continuously backup your website.
  • One year of website maintenance included.  Software updates to your website will be taken care of for you.
  • Training for you included.  So you want to tweak your website and add pages yourself?  We will train you on how to get all of that done.
  • Domain Name included.
  • One year of web hosting included.
  • Strong website foundation included.  Your website will be built on the same architecture that powers over 30% of the web.  Which means just about any web developer can help you.
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