Business prison or business factory, you decide

I was chatting with a client of mine that was gunning for the ultimate in business freedom.  Like most of us, her goal was to achieve a level of success in her business that allowed her to make money from the business while not needing to actually work in or even on the business.  She was aiming for essentially retirement within two years.

As you can imagine, that is an admirable goal and one that the majority of entrepreneurs that have thought about the future in any light have considered to be the ultimate goal.  

When an entrepreneur hits that point, they have essentially reached business nirvana.  You have built the mountain and climbed it. Now you can have that mountain pay you to do whatever you want.

Here’s where it gets challenging.  The ability to do whatever you want leaves a very wide berth for you to fill.  Think of all of the things you could do with all of this time and the resources to actually do almost literally whatever you want.

What is the first thing you would do if you achieved this?

Would you read more?  Travel? Hang out with friends?  Or would you find a way to build another prison, to keep you occupied?

By building another prison, I mean in a good way.  Well, good-ish.

You see, just about every human is very good at one thing, limiting themselves.

We can imagine doing just about anything, and then we build a way to prevent us from doing so.

You build a business, only to create a prison, in a manner of speaking, that limits what you can and cannot do with your life.  

Sorry, I can’t enjoy life. I’m stuck in this prison I built.

Once we escape from our prison, by selling our business or even temporarily by taking a day or two off, we find that we are not needed.  We, as humans, want to be needed. We need to be needed. So we often will build another prison just so we can be needed as a person that maintains or actively works on escaping that prison.

Which means that once we achieve this nirvana of freedom in which we have time and resources for us to spend however we want, we often become overwhelmed.  There are so many things that we have wanted to do for so long that we don’t know where to start.

So we do what we know, which is building another prison.  Or finding a way back into our old prison.

Let me offer you a better way.  

Detail what you will do once you escape the daily grind that you have created for yourself.  If you will travel, where will you go? If you will read more, what will you read? If you will spend more time with friends and family, who and where will you meet?

Think of what will happen once you achieve what you are aiming for.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is we achieve our goals.  So be certain that you know what you want success to look like after you have achieved those goals.

You want to avoid the thought, “Is this all there is?”

You want to pursue the thought, “Why did I wait so long to make this happen?”

Achieving freedom- true, pure and fun freedom is a worthy goal in business.  You could argue it is the goal to have as a business owner.  We all want freedom.

To attain that freedom, we need to stop building prisons and build the figurative factories that produce time and money for you.  Time in the fact that you are not directly needed so you can do what you want and money in the fact that your bank account grows from the profits of these factories.

Generally speaking, a figurative factory starts out as a prison.  You decide if you are willing to take the steps necessary to turn that prison into a factory.  Just make sure that you know what you will do to enjoy your life once that factory is up and running.

What will you choose to do?


James Kademan is a Business Coach for Draw In Customers Business Coaching in Madison, Wisconsin as well as the author of The BOLD Business Book. When he isn’t helping his clients, build their own figurative factories, he is busy guiding entrepreneurs to success in business and beyond. He blogs successfully to the world at If you are considering hiring a business coach, take a moment to call James at (608)210-2221.  Tolerate the prison as you build the factory to enjoy your life how you choose, all because of your achieving business nirvana.

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