Jeff Redondo of Invictus Advisors

How to Be a Financially Secure Business Owner

Jeff Redondo – Invictus Advisors Money comes in and money goes out.  Do you know the pattern with your business, beyond that? Many business owners find that they are good at their thing.  That thing may be doing electrical work, … Read More

Covid 19 and Business

What Have We Done?

Are you excited to get back to business?  We’ve been shuttered and sheltered for so long that I fear that we have forgotten what it was like to enjoy doing things, such as getting a haircut. This all stemmed from … Read More

Mark McNally of The Ashford Group

How to Sell a Business

Mark McNally – The Ashford Group Business owners do not stay business owners forever.  At least, not with the same business.  Many businesses just close up shop, but the ideal situation is with the entrepreneur selling their business to a … Read More

Ellen Barnard of A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center

How to Start and Run a Women’s Sexuality Resource Store

Ellen Barnard – A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center I came across Ellen from a social media post that explained a bit about the issues that can plague a retail business during a pandemic that makes retail sales from a … Read More

Shirley Gutkowski of Primal Aire in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

How to Use Your Breath to Be a Success

Shirley Gutkowski – Primal Aire We use our mouths everyday.  We bite, chew and sometimes we even breathe through it.  Did you know that the mouth and nose are hugely important to our health and well-being?  Of course you did. … Read More

Matt Cuplin of Midwest Financial Group in Madison Wisconsin

How to Be a Successful Financial Planner

Matt Cuplin – Midwest Financial Group Financial planning can be a tough game.  As a planner, you want to get your clients the best products to allow their money to work for them.  As the master of your own destiny, … Read More

I Feel Like This is Getting a Bit Out of Hand

We have a bunch of people afraid to go anywhere or touch anything, we have a bunch of people that think that their freedom is being taken away if they can’t go anywhere and touch stuff, presumably in a non-creepy … Read More

Dena Carreyn, the resilience expert.

How to Rise Above Your Setbacks

Dena Carreyn We all have burdens, challenges and setbacks.  Every single one of us.  But sometimes you meet people that have been challenged a bit more than typical.  Sometimes those people fall down and never get up.  Dena Carreyn is … Read More

Victoria Lioznyansky of Brilliant Speakers Academy

How to Learn to Present as an Introvert?

Victoria Lioznyansky – Brilliant Speakers Academy Introverts can have a rough time in business.  They may be smart and able to work alone or with a few colleagues, but as they move up the ladder, they may be asked to … Read More

Girl with a stuffed animal is prepared to build her business.

This Too Shall Pass

A couple weeks ago, I was the guy saying we cannot stop the entire world from spinning just for a virus. Turns out, many people are more than happy to do just that. Regardless of where you stand personally with the … Read More