Bryan Clayton – GreenPal

In my experience, there are two businesses you can start and almost start printing money.  Lawn Care and Cleaning Services are those two industries.  The funny thing is, that growing from a one person show into an established, reputable company with employees and all of the things that go along with having a real business can stop some people from turning their job into a business.
Bryan Clayton started out cutting lawns to pay for college.  Then he built his company and sold it.  He became the go-to guy in Nashville for lawn care.
After selling his company, he started a new one to help lawn care professionals get business.  This was a genius move, since time spent marketing your business is time not spent directly bringing in revenue.  With, Bryan has created a system for homeowners to find the lawn care professionals they want AND get the lawn care professionals connected with the homeowners.  Peanut butter, meet chocolate.
Listen as Bryan explains his entrepreneurial journey from cutting grass for cash to getting the lawn care industry nationwide a smooth operation.

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