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Software is great.  It can do all sorts of magical things, most of the time.
But what if you want software built for your business?  In the past you would do one of three things, 1) Learn ot code yourself, 2) Hire a coder as an employee, or 3) Outsource the coding to a subcontractor person or company.
As an entrepreneur, writing your own code can be fulfilling, but extremely time consuming.  Especially if you need to learn how to code, before you actually write any code.  That leaves hiring someone, either as an employee or contractor.
Let’s add in the challenge of software being an evolving medium.  Like constructing anything new, the idea will change as things are being built.  New ideas will be added, and things will inevitably break.
To solve all of this, you need the right coder to create your vision.  How do you find the right coder?
This is where David, cofounder of Aloa.co comes in.  Aloa.co connects small businesses with vetted coders.  This alleviates the issues of coders stopping  projects with no warning, and pricing disputes.
Listen as David explains how Aloa.co can take your software idea and help make it a viable product, whether just for your business, or for your industry as another means of revenue.
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