Tara Ingalls – Tingalls Graphic Design

There are an almost unlimited amount of places to get your logo, business cards, website or brochures designed.  There are about as many places to work to peddle your design skills as well.  The interesting thing with business is that it is the little things that often keep people coming back for more, whether as a client, or an employee.
Tara Ingalls started Tingalls Graphic Design over 20 years ago.  That alone is impressive.  But think of all that she has experienced during her ongoing entrepreneurship journey.  A few scattered years of recessions, a dried up employee market, a pandemic, 9/11, 2008 and a medley of competitors found through the internet.
Still, Tara presses on with a dynamic crew and a loyal client base.
Listen as Tara shares some of her experiences of owning her graphic design firm for over two decades, specifically how she not only survived, but thrived through that whole debacle we made it past.
This is the second interview I have done with Tara.  She is a business owner worth paying attention to and someone that is extremely fun to chat with.
Visit Tara at: https://tingalls.com
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