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If there is one thing that is tough to talk about for most people, it is death.  That’s probably a good thing.  In the spirit of good things is also talking about life, and the fun things you get to do while living.
What if we were to combine those topics and add in some money and business talk combined with investment strategies?  This is where Sarry Ibrahim comes in.  Sarry is a member of the Bank On Yourself group and owner of Financial Asset Protection.  Sarry preaches to people about using whole life insurance to create sustainable wealth over time.
The beauty of using life insurance like this is that you can borrow against it.  That is to say, if you invested in a whole life insurance policy, as Sarry is recommending, once the value reaches a certain point, you can then essentially be your own bank.  You can then fund your business, or do other potentially money making things with this borrowed money.
My rule is to never borrow money for something that will not pay for the opportunity cost of that borrowed money, so I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a boat.
Listen as Sarry details the how and why of building your wealth through whole life insurance on this episode of the best business podcast.

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