Randy Schmidt – Madison Property Restoration

We have all met business owners that are good at the service they provide.  But how many business owners do you meet that really know business?  I can tell you, it is rare.  That is why I was excited to interview Randy Schmidt, owner of Madison Property Restoration.
Randy is a guy that understands business.  He knows the flow that he wants to have happen from taking care of the initial customer contact to getting his people in the right places with the right training to take care of those customers.  This is especially powerful given the business he is in.  Often, his clients have a mess on their hands and they need Randy to help them get it cleaned up.
Listen to this business podcast as Randy tells us his secrets to business success in the restoration business.  His insight applies to industries across the board.  Enjoy!
Visit Randy at: https://madisonpropertyrestoration.com/

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