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Nothing brings truth to the mantra, “It’s a small world after all,” like technology.  With the dawn of the internet and email, we have essentially brought the masses access to, well, the masses.  That is to say, you as a business owner could have a designer create a logo for you in whatever corner of the globe they happen to hang out at.
The challenge, of course, is knowing what designer would do a great job for you.  Add in the challenges of value and payment and suddenly the designer across the street looks more accessible.
But what if you could get more done, easier, with your design needs and have multiple options to choose from?  Suddenly the designer across the street looks limited, expensive and somewhat archaic in nature.
Ross Kimbarovsky  has essentially brought high quality design to any entrepreneur with internet access.  As an entrepreneur himself, he has solved one of the many challenges those starting businesses may face.  In this case, the challenge has much to do with how your business looks to the world.  Basically, what is the face of your business?
Through, Ross brings those in need of some design easy, affordable access to that design.  He made the deal a no-brainer by having designers compete for your business based on their designs.
Listen as Ross explains the joys, challenges and solutions that starting his business, has brought him and the world.
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