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There is a special type of magic that comes with working with your hands.  Something that cannot be duplicated by sitting at a desk or hanging out in a boardroom.  As a former mechanic, I have an appreciation for the professionals of the world that get their hands dirty to make their money in business.
Keith is one of these professionals.  In this buisness podcast episode, Keith Dickinson takes us on the journey that he has taken from learning the skills needed to become a master machinist onward to owning his own manufacturing business that creates incredible items for their customers.  Items that you and I may live with everyday and not even notice.
The skills that are needed to become a great machinist combine the head, heart and hands.  Keith illustrates this point proudly as he tells the story of his business and shows how he cares for his employees and clients in a way that very few companies do.
There is something incredibly moving about having pride in your work.  Keith and his crew have it in spades.
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