Ernesto Jamie – Madison Auto Protection & Rustproofing

This is a country that loves cars.  As it turns out, in some places, like Wisconsin, have an environment that attacks cars.  Salt, road debris and a plethora of other culprits attack out cars and cause them to rust and, arguably worse, tough to work on.  The best prevention for this issue is to either buy a new car every year, or protect what you own.
Ernesto and his crew at Madison Auto Protection & Rustproofing makes the choice to protect what you have an easy one.
What sets Ernesto’s business apart are two distinct things that most business could learn from: 1) A quality product above all else and 2) A level of service above all else.
Most businesses like to believe that they have the best, but we all know that is not always the case.
Ernesto has brought customer service in the automotive world to another level.
Listen as Ernesto details how he started his business and what has allowed him to receive accolades from his clients that are driving hundreds of miles just to use his services.  The man knows how to protect cars.

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My name is James Kademan, entrepreneur,

author, speaker and helpful coach, to
small business owners across the country.

And today I am excited

because I am welcoming/preparing
to learn from our Ernesto,

the owner of Madison Auto Protection
and Rust Proofing.

And he’s got a sidekick here, Lester.
So are Ernesto,

Lester, how are you guys doing today?
Pretty good.

Very well.

So let’s start Ernesto, with you.

What is Madison Auto Protection
and Rust Proofing?

Well, it’s a company we use.

You know, we protect cars.

That’s what we do, is we take care
of the customer and protect their cars for.

All right.
Rust in Wisconsin.

So I have to apologize because when I was

let’s call it 16, 17 years old,
I get my first car.

Yeah. I didn’t know that

they just rust just
by existing in Wisconsin.


So I learned that.

And then I found that you can
get these cans of undercoating.

So I was just
I was annihilating the bottom of my car

with that stuff and I think I did
more harm than good with that.

So it took me a few years to realize

that there was actual professional
companies that undercoat your car.

So can you talk about why people
undercoat and what it is?

I guess the material and stuff like that.
It also depends on materials.

You know, during the years I learn,

it’s like you say, you know,
different materials of work and stuff

that don’t work, like,
for example, like rubberized on a car.

And that’s one of products that

looks good, but it doesn’t
perform the way it should.

All right.
So that’s one of my one of my experiences

on the area of rust proofing cars
that I know what actually works.


So let’s say if a car works.

It was different from anything else.

Ours is not rubberized.

So it’s a self-heal product.

And we do have two different
products, which is. OK.

We apply them on what you car
can can be applied to. Gotcha.

So let’s say for like for example,
like a truck like yours.

Which is the one with these was like rust

free with an older truck,
which is we can do the process of wax and oil.

I went

I drove a long ways
to get a rust free truck.

I had to find one. In Wisconsin
they don’t exist.

So something like that.

You know, we can apply the wax and oil

for the first coat will be wax.

And on the second is an oil base,
which is, you know, the

the oil base is what actually
really works in the long run.

But that product would

wear off on time.

So by applying the wax and oil, you can
keep the oil longer on the actual.

OK, so the wax goes on first.

Yeah, the wax goes on first.

OK, and then there’s a second
application of oil on top of the wax.

OK, you mentioned self healing.

So how does that work.

So let’s say if you apply the

rubberised on the coating,
if you have friction on the frame,

there’s nothing you can do
with that, it doesn’t work.

This is the way cars are built.

They’re going to have friction

and that the friction, the friction,
a crack your coating.

So that’s, that’s how you actually have

the rubberized
higher product it will crack

and would let the water go into the
between the trulock and the metal.

And like you just say, you know,
it will make more harm than good

in the long run because
the moisture will just not dry.

It will stay there.

It will start eating up the metal.
Oh, so it essentially gets trapped.


So you’re when you spray that stuff
on there over the course of time,

you’re essentially creating
places for water to hang out?

Pretty much. The opposite of what you’re
trying to do. Especially with the brine

here in Wisconsin,
you know, and especially

the spray so much that stuff is so liquidy

it will just stay there and

eat the metal so, so. Interesting.

Faster than other state. I had
a Jeep Wrangle TJ

that I was spraying just so much
undercoating on there

and I drove it in the winter one year and
that frame almost didn’t exist anymore.

Yeah, that’s. It was crazy.

I thought it was I thought I was
protecting it, but apparently I was harming it.

Because he was what it was doing was

just dropping everything.


So you know, so going back about our

process, you know, that’s why
the waxing oil is so affective.

So let’s say with the friction,
you’re not going to have that cracking.

All right.
The oil will heal the wax sometimes.

So that’s that’s what’s so good about it.

That’s cool.

And you do a reapplication every year.

So we do a touch up

just to make sure everything is
nice and covered. OK, because over the course

of time, yeah, because this is
nothing that’s forever right now.

You got to you got to see the truth when
you’re playing,

when you print any product, you know,
nothingness, you need maintenance.

And everything is just like you think you

can’t get all your chain three thousand
miles over five thousand miles.

So you got to get you under
by taking care the same way.

So it’s the same thing.


So let’s talk about how you
got into this business.

So how long have you been doing this?

I stopped doing this since 2004.

OK, it’s been a while.

All right.

How did you get that first gig.

Oh we’re just like, hey,

nothing would please me more than
hanging out under car spray, you know?

And I was like working with cars.

OK, all right.

You know, I move to United States in 2002.

OK, so, you know, I work in a catering
business for a couple of years.

I mean, you’re in business.

Oh, wow.
OK, so 180s gets there.

So I always knew that when I work it

because it does mean a new country and,
you know, new surroundings.

So you don’t know what’s going on right
now, plus the language barriers there.

So it’s going to showup.

One of my brothers is not working in
a place where I work for

12 years.
Oh, wow.

OK, yeah.
So he’s the one who got me into the job.

All right.

So that was my position now is
I start working on other stuff.

Rossborough think,
OK, that’s what I was doing.

So did you know anything about rust

proofing, so to speak, before you got
together to kind of learn on the job?

I didn’t know anything about what I was

surprised when I came to you and
especially Marzel, how bad the car was.

Oh, yeah.

So, you know, coming from Mexico,
which you don’t see something like that,

and then you come here,
not a whole lot of salt on the road.

And then you see a five year old

Columbanus is missing
half of the rock panel.

Oh yeah.
We will like amazing.

Like what?
Heck, yeah.

I was looking for a little truck

and I was looking at Toyota Tacoma
and Nissan Frontiers and I learned

that Tacoma’s have their frames
replaced under warranty.

And I thought, wait a second.

The whole frame
like that’s a lot of bolts.

It seems so weird to me.

But they just and also, you know,
people don’t know this much about they

don’t realize some of them get the frame
replace, they got the frame undercoat.

All right.

So then I will say seventy percent
of the strokes and got the frame replace.

Did not you have to have
severe damage to it to the place which is

which I’m talking about that we just
have about 2002 tundra on the submarine.

It got to the point where the frame is,

you know, crack in the middle
of the back end, correct.


This seems like a little
bit of a safety issue.

It is, yeah.

OK, now I just blew my mind
in the in the 2000s here, right.


So I actually had a friend come
into his shop and his he had a Prius.

What year was that.
Prius 2006.

Twenty six Prius and the spring
had rusted and the spring.

The metal spring broke.
Oh you’re kidding.

And so we took pressure off of it.

The spring was just it was you could tell

it was rusted but it was
just like came apart.


And I don’t know if you’ve seen other ones

and that that’s the one that I was
experiencing that my friend had came

in there and it just blew my mind that
Russ could actually be that powerful.


Because you’re talking about metal.
That’s yeah.

That’s super.

And so that really was an eye opener
to me and to to what it can lead to.


So generally speaking,
I guess from your experience,

does the public know that there’s a way
to prevent this,

or is it just kind of like they
just sell the car when it’s arrested out

kind of thing or drive until the seat
falls out in rust proofing?

The be back in the 70s was for a while
for a worker back in the 70s and 80s.

You know,

I don’t want to make
that rust proofing time.

OK, so in other words, the shops came
along and seventies and eighties,

but the industry went
through the dealerships.

So let’s take that business and you know

that resell the product
for a higher price, OK?

And then, you know, they will sell it,
send it, send the car to the players.

All right.
So that industrial customers know how

to take care of the car
for the winter went away.

OK, just be cool so that you
can have our private lives.

Well, sure.
OK, yeah, that makes sense.

All right.
So that’s why, you know,

like the newer generations, I mean,
people from the 70s and 80s, they know.

But the steel still back in the days or

even the early 2000s,
if you want to cross,

can’t you have to go through
the dealer and they’ll send it to the.

Oh, really?


So now nowadays, you know,
you can actually see the more companies.

So they can actually go
out of the dealerships and get on.

All right, Frostproof and I remember

the little stickers that had little
tank that said auto armor on them.

Yeah, I think in the 80s.

So that’s one that was was out of armor,

which is the company on the different
names of the same problem.

So they play the same product.
Oh, interesting.

As like six different names.
Six different names.



So they own six different names
but they apply the same product.

All right.

As you know, just given
the paperwork is the same thing.

We just different
different logo and different name.

All right.
All right.

So how or has the technology really

changed in undercoating
in the past 20, 30 years?

Are companies like that then, aren’t they?

What they did say, they became
they went for a cheaper problem.


I performed for a couple of years,

but the same thing is
the rubberised on the corner.

On the long run, I actually do
more harm than they do now.


Those new companies,
just the belowdecks and stuff works.

That’s what I like about it, you know.

So that’s why my company, you know,
before I went on business,

I did so much research on it,
see what would actually work.

All right.

Well, actually, I can I can say to my
customer, this is why I’m selling you.

And this this is going to work.

All right.

A place is the place where I used to work
in, like I was just an appliance.

It was the guy who was
doing the undercoating.

That’s it.
But at the same time, you know,

you cannot close your eyes when you see
a train coming back two years after.

And as you know, from everywhere, oh,
after you choose just two years price.

So you can see the before and after
and oh, you just wasted your money then

pretty much, you know,
like it becomes more like, hey, man,

this is this is just someone
stealing your money.

Oh, they’re selling snake oil.

I mean we can make it look nice and black

and kind of stuff away,
but sure it still will be there.

All right.
So for the next hour, it’ll look good.

For the next six months.

And as you can, that’s
not going to come back.

All right.


So how did you come across this,
the two stage product that you use?

So I researched online for, you know,

I was so how when I was supposed
to go on business with my brother,

when the owner of the shop that I
used to work for, he was retiring.

So that’s the business.

It didn’t work out between him and I.

Your brother in you right now.

So we think we don’t we
came in different terms.

Should you work out for me?
I’m wild.

So I started doing my own research.
All right.

That might be for the best, right?

Well, family can be a challenge.

Know this like they say, you know, working
working with your family as they have to.

It’s tough to fire them, to fire them.

They know you have feelings attached.

It’s really the car.

Next Thanksgiving dinner.

A little tough.

This is just the worst for the best.

And it’s fair.

But also, you know,

even if I buy those business,
I was thinking to move on from Gnaraloo,

OK, that sure we pay the law
and I was thinking, you know.

I’ve got to be on my own.

It wasn’t the way I will stay there.

So if they just speed
up the process, let’s

just bypass those early stages.

So I just speed up the process, you know,

but it speed up the process
will speed up that quick.

Oh yeah.
So the business is going really well.

So business was going well, you know, I
selling the product and I’m proud of it.

I seen the results.

I think cars come back.

Exactly what I was expecting to see.

Hopefully when you saw
mine recently it was OK.


Them and you bring yourself
as clean as I thought.

It will be sweet.


I was actually at the very
early on stage with him

when he committed to the product.

Me and my friend were helping him set up.

My friend basically did
the technology work for his

OK, sure.

And I was given him like researching
the product, what he had told me and come

to find out, the Canadian army actually
uses this product under a different name.

It’s the same product in the US.

It goes by a different name.

And so I found that to be
very interesting.

And then it just kept getting deeper.

And I was surprised that no one else was
on in this product because it was around

the Canadian army, was that they had it
ten years plus at that point, ten years.

So I was really, really shocked.

And it’s almost like if
a business kind of has

the lock or, you know,
no one else the monopoly on it

to break to break into that even,
you know, it was it was quite amazing.

And then a company out
of New Hampshire got.

The product and then started distributing

and you really I think you really have
to do a lot of research

to come to that point,
and we’re one of the only ones

in Wisconsin with this
product in the beginning.

Yeah, yeah, at the beginning.


and going back to one thing you said
about where he checks it every year.


What he’s actually looking for is rocks
are the main culprit to this product.


Because he’s had he’s looked at products

that come or he looked
at his product a year.

If you’re not in the heavy gravel

and stuff like that, there’s
nothing he really has to touch up.

Oh, and so it’s really that’s
like the only combatant.

And we’re talking minuscule compared

to the rubberised product where it’s like
completely peeling off and large strips.

And my jeep, it would come off in sheets.

Yeah, exactly.

With a rubberized something
on the suspension.

And I was getting rained on with rust

and crushed and this sheet
of undercoating on one side and frame

the other side came down
and I thought, huh, that’s not good.

So I sold the jeep.

I this is a headache that I don’t I don’t

know how deep this goes,
so just get to work.

Just curious how you found the product.

So and it’s interesting because to find

you specifically, I didn’t
know you existed before.

So I jumped on the Google machine and I’m

like, hey,
I bought this truck out of California,

so it’s rust free and I’d
like to keep it rust free.

So I knew that undercoating was a thing.

Yeah, I knew that undercoating
was such a thing.

And I bought it in the winter of last year

that I called the dealership was just
some tiny mom and pop dealership.

I bought it from out of state and I called

them up and said, hey,
do you do undercoating?

But of course they don’t
have winter where they were.

So they’re like, what?

So I’m like, okay,
because I was hoping to get it under it

before I even brought it home,
because winter was just on the cusp then.

So I just got on the Google machine
and I started typing in undercoating and I

came across the typical names
that I recognized whatever,

and their reviews weren’t that hot.

And then I started digging into, well,
maybe their products are different, right?

Like what is undercoating?

Undercoating is one of those
things that you don’t see it.

So for me to know what’s good and what’s

bad, I learned that the stuff
in the can is junk.

And you get online and people are talking

about just taking used oil
and spraying it on there.

And I’m like, well, it seems like a mess.

Yeah, literally.
Literally, like, who knows?

It’s an oil.
It’s good or good enough for your frame.

So it’s just one of those like as you go
down the rabbit hole of research,

you just figure out what’s
working and what’s not.

And it’s one of those things that when you
leave the place that I’m recording your

vehicle, you are hoping
that it’s going to work.

There’s nothing that you can be like, hey,

that’s not going to work or that didn’t
work because not rust shows up instantly.

You’re trusting that the company that’s

servicing your vehicle
has a good product and that two years,

five years, 10 years down the road,
your vehicle still looks Tip-Top.

You don’t know you’re trusting them
and still looking at the reviews.

And some of these reviews go back years

and there seem to be a common theme,
the like one.

From my point of view,

service is a huge deal
and a lot of times people are just

complaining about the people
behind the counter being cranky.

Go and deal with a cranky person.

I’m the customer service business so

cranky, like I don’t care how awesome
your product is, but then you see them.

But their product not being that great.

And yours, I stumbled upon your website

and you had phenomenal reviews
and they were, I think, your five star.


I just look you’re fifty nine,
five star reviews.

And I’m like, how is that even possible?

Because even accidental
one star reviews get on.

They’re just irate people
pissed at no reason.


Like I called you on Tuesday and you
couldn’t get me in Tuesday afternoons.

I’m going to leave a one sided view
like you didn’t even have that.

It’s like, OK, this guy’s got
to be doing something right.

And then I saw that you did the touch up

now because I’m like, OK,
nothing lasts forever, like you said,

and the bottom of your vehicle’s
got to be getting abused.

Like this side tangent.

I went for a motorcycle ride a few
years ago and I was an idiot.

Wear t shirt and shorts and I’m going down
the highway and it’s just any road, right?

It’s just any road.

I’m going 70 miles an hour
and I’m getting sandblasted.


Like, there’s just stuff flying
around at seventy miles an hour.

And it was hurting.

And all I could think is
your car’s got to take this all day.

I was driving like it’s
just getting sandblasted.

So what was the bottom line car taken.

Even more so when I saw that you did
the touchup thing, I’m like, OK,

here’s a person that’s using a product
that they believe in and they believe in.

So much that they’re going to essentially

touch it up every year,
knowing that something is going to go

wrong, wrong you like it’s just
it’s just maintenance right now.

So it seemed like this seems cool.

And then I just called you up.


I almost didn’t use you
because you didn’t answer the phone.

And that’s the thing.


in your industry, not a whole
lot of people answered.

So I mean, a lot of industries, whatever,

but that’s a with my call
answering service.

I’m picky about that.

Now, that’s interesting.

That’s the game because.

Like for someone like me,

just like I don’t want to after you went
down, you’re like a half hour into Google

learning about all this stuff,
then you’re just like, OK,

you get to pull the trigger, make
a decision and move on with your life.

I can’t spend days or weeks studying
undercoating like

it’s just a car or just a truck or
whatever is not the end of the world.

So I just make the call
and get it done and move on.

And I’ve been happy with the results.

Really happy.

So that’s

One thing I wanted to add when I was doing

the actual research
that that he didn’t really he had told me

basically the basic stuff
about the research already.

And I just kind of kept
going deeper and deeper.

And the actual oil that is used is food,
food, great oil, great food.

Oh yes.

And truly embraced or plant based.

This is

oh, so so this is

a question that I can’t remember off
the top of my head, I don’t remember

if I had to guess, I would say petroleum
based just based on the smell.

Yeah, but as far as the when I saw

the food, the food grade and I was like,
wow, that’s interesting.

So, like, you know, a lot of products,

food products have
petroleum in them as well.

I grew up on Velveeta
growing up in Georgia.

I’m sure Wisconsinites did not.
I say Velveeta?

And they’re like, what is a fake cheese?

And so, like,
I was familiar with with this and

that that kind of really
you I didn’t really realize.

But you are telling me people were
actually spraying actual oil on there.

Oh yeah.

And that’s like
that’s like the resources when that will

actually start dripping and where he has
the formula he uses is a no drip formula

and it’s food, you know,
food grade as well.

And that just really blew
me away when I saw that.

You know, it’s interesting about
the no drip thing because I did

after I had to do work.

Yeah, I had to throw on front struts

and that stuff took three
days to get off me.


Like, it was just like, what is this.

It was like magic marker.

I mean, as far as the permanence goes,
it wasn’t and it was thick.

It was one of those things.
It wasn’t just like motor oil where you

can just wash it off
and move on with your life.

Like this has become a part of me now
for a little bit.

So when I do, I’ll never have to do

underbody work or anything
like that either.

They’re like replacing
suspension components.

It’s like get out the rubber gloves.

Otherwise it will stick to you’re going
to be looking like you’re leaving

fingerprints everywhere
for the next two days.

So that’s interesting.

Interesting product.

And that’s that’s what
I really like about it.

So did you like you did your research,

at what point did you decide
this is the stuff that I’m going to use?

The first time I saw it,

as soon as I figured it out,
that’s exactly what it was like.

OK, thank you.

Click OK, the reason why I was so well,
I told this story to many of my customers

are probably telling their
story to when I first met you.

You came up.

One of my friends owns a mechanical
shop on the West Side.

You know, sometimes I stop
by and see how he’s doing.

So sure.
So I was six years ago,

maybe even longer than though I stopped by
two thousand to four split up in Iraq.

Yeah, I crawl on.

There was like the you just
bring this team from Florida.

This is like they wanted to do
a super clean that was frost free.

It’s just like a Florida car.

If you bring a car from 2000 to explore
from Florida and you compare two thousand

to explore from Wisconsin,
you’d like to do is gone.

It’s not

likebig difference.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

So I was like, oh my God, the brake lines,
AC lines, everything just intact.

So luckily enough, the owner came out,
you know, he just is like walking.

You walk about ten minutes after me.

They just brought this one from Florida.

It’s like, no, I borrowed Brown
in Wisconsin and I had a summer.

So what did you do to you?

Don’t drive it on the winter.

Even if you don’t drive it on the winter,
if you drive it, go like spring.

You still it was August.
Oh, yes.

You know, this brand
is still on the rolls.

It’s still, you know.

Yeah, it’s the summer
and this is all gone.

So it’s like not just every
year spring all you, huh.

Not more.

Oh, it was like he didn’t
told me that brand all year.

But you stick this article, you just
spray top, just bring everything.

All right.
And that’s what I do every year.

I was able to keep it way.
All right.

So I was like, that’s what it works.
All right.

Yeah, that that’s actually
what actually works.


So that’s how it’s like I mean,
I know more all your works, but, you know,

and we’re software quick
now with a more all what.

But was it’s not a bother because if it

gets to the suspension part
it will start deteriorating.

Bush Yeah.

And Robert and everything, you know,

it will save the metal if
you apply twice a year.

But the Rexall stuff like that rubber
stuff, it will take a beating.

The oil to me

I feel like there’s a there’s value to it
because I had a seventy nine Malibu

that had pretty much every
gasket on that engine leaking.


And you could see the vacuum
from driving under the car.

You could see the oil
right down the tunnel.

The drive shaft tunnel.

The sides of the car.

It wasn’t getting the spray totally rusty.

No but we’re had that engine spray
was just fine.

Oh yeah.

So I used to joke that like this
engine comes with free undercoat.

So there is this.

I don’t know.

Wide strip of clean metal and that car,
everything else is Swiss cheese.

It’s a mess, but it’s interesting,
like, OK, I get it.

I see what works.
Yeah, I mean, but I can’t imagine being

under my car with some pom trying
to spray motor oil on there or anything.

I’ll be a mess.
Oh my gosh.

And then just look at your driveway like
this car looks good.

So, you know,
and then also doing the research and then

I sort of I mean, I heard
about this for the first time.

There was research,
something of them especially my concern

was more about how I was going
to work in the long run.

if he’s going to affect the suspension,

the way I think is going to affect,
it’s not going to affect it.

So I called the owner,
the owner of the owner of the company.

I talked to the super nice people,
the open book.

You know, they talk to you about whatever

you want to talk about for a long time to
talk to you as long as long as they can.

You know, they know what they sell on.

So I bet that’s that’s when
things like this is what I like.

You know, it’s you know,

it’s really hard to get to the main
owner and talk to him about the problem.

You can talk about a business.

You can talk about customer service
and they can give you a big field there.

But yeah, I talk to them on it.

You know, it’s going to be really hard.

It’s interesting you say that I just had

a Gmail address that I
don’t use very often.

Yeah, I got an email from Google that said

we’re going to cancel
your email for something.

And I’m like,

who do I talk to to solve this?

There’s no let me just call
Google up and say, hey, it

doesn’t happen.
Yeah, it’s not even an option.

It’s really yeah.

It’s really hard to get to the top.

And so I talk to him and know he laid out

the way his business work and how how they
do doing on sales and stuff like that,

because now, you know, they they sell the
product, but they also apply themselves.

Oh, interesting.
OK, so that’s what I was like.

This is actually this is what
I’ve been thinking about it.

This is what actually works.

So, yeah, you know,
I talk to the brothers,

I talk to both of them on the marketing
side and on the product side.


And they both of them, they have a great
answers from me and I just we get around.

This is it.
All right.

This is what I like.

This is what I works.

You talk about it.

The audience laughing now that they

actually don’t deteriorate any
suspension parts actually help them.

All right.
So keep it nice and healthy.

It will not dry.
You rob everybody.

So that was one of my concerns.

I would say it’s a huge concern because,

you know,
I mean, like I say,

I know the motor oil works like you just
said, because if if you like car seat,

you go to a junkyard,
you can see our way then.

Oh, see if you see a friend or you
can you can see the spots for free.

There may be audience that you can see

the metal if you strip down
is going to be pure stuff.

There’s no oil on there.

So yeah.

Yeah it’s pro cons.

I want to talk about the other
stuff that you guys have going on.

You’re doing some vinyl

protection and some patent
protection type stuff.

So we’re not doing it cause people
are still paying protection.

Feel OK.

The reason we haven’t we, I mean we can
do it but we’re not certified to do it.

Just because of covid.

So, OK, so since, uh,

we cannot go and get certified to the
place so but we’re doing the ceramic pro

with the ceramic coating.

OK, that’s that’s another Hiyam
product that really protects you pain.

OK, yeah.

So help with oxidation on the pain.

You know, here in Wisconsin

it’s more about keeping you clean,
you know, especially on the long winter.

You know, you don’t clean this often.


But you do have some
oxidation because of brine.

The, you know,
stick them to the pain is bye bye then.

See when you go for a drive that your
car just has this film of salt and dirt.

So that’s will help allow keeping.

You can’t keep them being healthy.

So this is more this is
not a solid product then.

This is more a step or two up from wax.

Is that the idea or.

I was uh twenty steps up.
Twenty steps up.

All right.

Yeah but is it, is it a liquid
product when you apply it.

It’s a liquid sheet.

It’s not OK, it’s a liquid brother.

OK, and it’s also a great soap.

Ceramic coatings

for what I see so far.

This is a buff.

And then I said, oh really?
Oh yeah.

Of course.

You know, this is a low end
products made products.

And and how you see how this
stuff works is when you apply it.

Oh OK.

You know, any ceramic water you get
on up like a small tributary sections.

the reason why, because we had to apply,

you had to sit and then you had
to wipe it off and polish it, OK.

You know, which one is the best is
one the harder it is to polish.

Oh, and it’s harder to get off there.

Then, you know, it’s tougher.
That’s tougher.

All right.
And another one, this from Pearl Brandao.

This is one of the hardest, first of all.

This, you know, we can be doing.

I mean, we can be doing
a truck for two people.

It would take us about a stoplight,
the whole truck, eight hours.


So you’re talking to people 16 hours.


You get to chisel the stuff off.

Well, I mean, for coats is a lifetime.

Like, you don’t have to do anything.

That’s lifetime.

Lifetime on four coats.

And we’re talking there’s actually videos

that when I started doing research when he
was telling me about the product

at the beginning of the setup of the shop,
literally they’re dumping mud on it and it

just goes away and it’s just
like nothing’s on your hood.

And they’re like dumping mud on it.

And they and they do it like half

coating, half not.
And then the mud,

just like all on the paint
and the other is just like ripping off.

And it’s like, whoa, this OK,
I see what’s going on here.

And I was really amazed by the product.

Didn’t know any type of product existed

like that except for the coatings which I
have seen on the ultra high end cars.

But yeah, it was it’s really
a special product, I feel,

in an overall great price range as well.


So, you know, we’re to talking
about patent protection now.

This is the same thing I learned
from working in the place.

You know,
it was it was kind of upsetting to me

because of, you know,
if the customer pay less,

if you get your Frostproof in your
patent protection than through.

Yeah, through a dealership, you know,

you’re paying fifteen hundred dollars,
you know, fifteen, sixteen of.

That’s a pretty penny.

This is a lot of money.

So there’s a lot of money
for where you get it.


They would take us

not giving us about two hours and have
to get everything done in another.

Well and then that’s how much you know

in sixty five for two and a half
hours obviously love and so on there.

And that was, that was included in our
interior protection and protection.

Everything that you know, like

two and a half hours they just spray
bombing the whole thing with some dinner

in ah let’s say the ceramic, the ceramic
protection that was just spray foam.

You know, it’s just exactly like you want
to dealership to the car, wash them,

you know, if you were to car was,
you know, have the spray works.


You know, you wash your car
and then in the car with us.

That’s what they’re putting on.

There is a very similar
product and it doesn’t work.

It works.
It works just like works if you want less.

If you look at Draw In Customers,

the company is like, what is
the different ceramic chlorine

besides waxing my car every month?
I told the truth.

This is the same thing.
If you work your car every month,

you’re going to get the same results
as your car.

But who was, you know,
who was who’s doing their Rimando?

It seems like there’s a lot of work,
but if you look every month,

it’s going to work because waxing know,
I would say if you drive a and especially

in Wisconsin,
you’re going to get the most one month.

At best.

So yeah.
When so when you’re paying sixty five

dollars and you get the same results,
the stuff of the month, but you do have,

you know you have this,
either this is a warranty which is if you

really it and what it covers is
just as sure as we really are.

That’s to happen in Wisconsin.

OK, ok, so you’re essentially
buying worthless piece of mind.

Pretty much.
OK, so

doesn’t work, but that’s going
back to the same mentality.

You know, the like the dealership

privatized the area of to protect
new car in general, though.

All right.
So they just make a profit out of you,

but you don’t gather well,
actually paying for.

All right.

So, Christine, so, you know,
that was one of my things.

You know, I want to still stop

the actually work and I
make the customer happy, OK?

You know, even if they come
and pay me six hundred dollars.

Mm hmm.
I know if they can.

Sixty five levels of somebody actually
work that we there’s value.

There is a value is it’s a it’s a product

that actually works is program
for perform the way it should perform.

And that’s you know, that’s one that’s one

of the part that I’m really
proud of my business.

OK, we don’t we now sell out to just
sell product actually works.

OK, some of that you can be proud to sell.

Though so the ceramic stuff does that

thick enough for it’s protecting
the paint from road like that.

Sandblast offers more will
help but not the same thing.

You know, if you have a truck go straight
to the metal then you can do OK.

Even the best protection
is not going to get.

We’re talking about

what actually we’re going to pretend like
chips and stuff like that, we,

the patent protection feel OK,
that b the next level up, all that stuff,

it actually really works OK,
because if you have you know,

you’re going to have a Rochet special,
people go down the hallway, you know,

in the back of a truck full
of sand, you know, like.


So like having the protection on film,

you know, if you enter them into the film,
you can just pull it off and reapply.

And it’s all the paint on the car is going
to be all right because it’s not nice.

Yeah, nice.

And well, one more thing about this.

PEF is self-willed.

Oh, all you got to do you feel
like you do it it yourself.


All of them are the specific ones that are

you know, we just I just looking
for the one of the ceramic provides OK.

The rest the pretty generic.

OK, it’s a couple more Chi Chi brands.

Hiyam brands of the work.
Mm hmm.

But the generic wants
to talk about brands.

So if you know, if it’s a brand that you
know, for years as a generic one.

OK, yeah.
All right.

So yeah.
You know, that’s a generic.

So I mean the work.

They don’t look as clean as the ceramic

of, you know, because as soon as we apply,
if you see the film,

you come close to it, you know,
even if you do not know much about cars,

you’re not going to see
there’s light on the paint.

OK, so it’s not that little yellowish.
You don’t have the yellow.

You look at the Blowering looking
and it just looks through it.

Oh, very cool.
So that’s just one things I really like.

Wow, that’s impressive.

I mean did you see it.

One actually makes sense.

I’m going to downshift
into the business side.


And talk about you starting your business
so your brother

didn’t join you or whatever and it sounds
like you did not buy this business

that you were going to that you were
working at before, is that right?

No, I didn’t.
OK, yes.

So you said, hey, I’m going off on my own.

Tell me about how you decided to go off
on your own, not buying this business

and how you decided where you’re
going to place your business.

That’s a long story.

Now, it was

actually it’s a long story
in the short period of time.

OK, all right,let’s go.

Oh, this bird was worth five
months altogether since.


So so the idea was my goal in the
business, you know, by the business.

My brother and I work out.

We tried to give me an offer to take.
OK, brother did.


you know I didn’t feel
at the time that was fair.

So it’s like,
you know, I think now you visualize when

you’re going to be in the future
more than the short term.

It’s like you have to yeah.
You have to write.

So I told myself that I really
want this in the short term.

I want to reach these in the long term.

Like maybe you should take a pay cut right
now and deal with the headaches by myself.

Mm hmm.
And move on from this.

You know, this is messy.

Mm hmm.

So I left behind.
I thought, you know, like I say,

it’s not the sort of research
and what I’m going to do and I’ll.

Which was my main thing in the beginning.

I was always, you know,

working the business until I can
actually move on and start on my own.


But this is just give me
the jump start to start now.

All right.

So when that happens, No.

One, I quit the place
and then took me two weeks.

It did all this research, which I did not.

The main part was actually, OK,
this is the time you got to do it.


So let’s not talk to the owners
of the products and stuff.

And then the two weeks when the loan is
like, OK, so I’m going to give myself

a window time to find a place
where I can, you know, open up the shop.

Which is was really hard to do.

And finding a place, finding the place in
one month because that is not not Yeah.

Is pretty short end for me.

What’s more, the location.

OK, the customer could be in and out.

So it would be not hard for them to find

me and also easy enough
for them to come in.

And I imagine it was tough as well to find
a place that would let you work on cars.

Yeah, that’s one of our

first we found the place
and, you know, so it was a sublease.


Because like I say,
I was going to have to find a place

with something to work with the way
the business would be set up.

So we found the place and then

they just went by.

So we took the someplace and we talked to
the guy who was at the lease at the time.

It’s like, you know, the landlord
say this, OK, stuff like that.

So a week and a half ago, when you
start moving here, we started going to.

They heavy equipment and everything,
and I just want to cut in the heavy

equipment he’s talking about, we actually
the lift which you probably saw.

Yeah, we call it the blue thing.

We actually went to Iowa to pick that up.

It was in a farmer’s

garage and he was like, not old enough
and wasn’t working on cars anymore.

It was in great shape.

So we went down there and got that and it

was quite difficult to move around,
to say the least like that.

And it’s I’ve never seen
anything like that.

And it was so we actually
put it in this guy’s thing.

And I started looking around also like he
obviously was not set up for automotive.

What he was set up for was printers.

He his actual business before that was
buying printers from China, OK,

through through like were,
let me say, Chinese printers.

But he was buying them
at just like regular places.

You would buy them here.
And then he was actually getting them

together, hundreds of them, and selling
them back to China in suburban areas.

That because you couldn’t get the same
printers here that you could get here.

They were only for us.

So he was selling them back.

And then what happened to him was he was

actually a UW professor and this was
his side gig, OK, the market crashed.

And so he was stuck
with all these printers.

He couldn’t do it anymore.

And that’s when he had
to get out and sublease.

And so when we brought that in there,

you know, he said he had
talked to the landlord.

But then when we put our stuff in,

apparently the landlord probably saw
that and was like, we don’t allow cars.

So there was some miscommunication.

And I just wanted to add that in advance.

Like, see, your already put some
stuff in and it’s we’re about done.

It can’t be.

We just got the you know, we just

put the stuff together and then
you ate up a lot of your mind.

Sticking around with that.

What are we going to do next.

Yeah I no but it was like another week

and then we find the place
that we are right now.

All right.

So, so I was without a place
for a month and a half.


Which for it seems to me longer than that,
but for a lot of people it’s harder

to find a spot, you know
where you can actually.

Oh yeah.
Starting a business that quick.

Mm hmm.

Sometimes it takes a few weeks just
for the landlord to get you a lease.


So like some landlords just don’t
move at the speed of business.

In my experience, yeah.

So everything just went bust.

I mean, like I say, for me it was
probably like five months of time.

It was just a month and a half.
All right.


So I don’t have you know,
he’s the one who stayed by me.

It took us three months
to set up the place.

All right.

You know, I do everything myself.

We throw the paint booth,
we set up the hallways, everything,

all the electrical equipment that we
needed to put inside the shop.


So did you have to get a loan to cover
all this or did you have nothing savings?

I got enough in savings also.

Well, so you had because you’re a few
months with no income coming in.

And you had to pump out.

Actually I was working full time still.
Oh you were.

Oh wow.

I was working full time and you know,
put a stop to it.

All right.

So at the same place the other
I’m not OK with the place before.

So just a different hustle just
to find your time a little bit.

All right.
So I was working a full time and,

you know, just working hours,
many hours, just like who was up to it.

So it took us a while, you know,
three months to set it up.

And then you open the door, says, OK,

this is this is time you were
the first customer to say

stare at the phone waiting
for it to show up, lucky enough.

You know, I knew a lot of people.

So they’ll, you know, decide, well,
you know, take some of my services, OK?

And that’s how slowly watermelons.

And, you know, the protocol on that would
bring us a lot of customers to do so.

Oh, really?

So by then by the end of that year, we.

I mean, we didn’t

we didn’t make much profit,
but we make enough to cover the bills.

Oh, all right.

So which is for her this it’s really hard

for any business to break
even in the first year.

Yeah, I would think especially a fairly

capital capital,
capital intensive one like yours.

Now, for the first year in four words, it
takes a couple of years to make a profit.

Yeah, interesting.

And you know,
second year we are businesses.



So, you know, and what
what really surprised me,

the undercoating we’re having people drive

from other states, from Iowa,
from Illinois and to come to you guys.


And this like I just I didn’t understand
it and but I know how much

how much he believes in these products
and how much work he puts into it.

And so, all in all,
it kind of makes sense.


one thing about about him is just
the way everything comes together.

It’s one of my favorite quotes
by Bruce Lee used No Way as the way

and used no limit as your limit
like that, like embodies.

And I think that’s why,

you know, it’s just it’s such an amazing
story when when you put all these pieces,

how it started and really his whole
origin story of this business.

That’s cool.

So you’re in year two, is that right?

All right.

So you must be on the verge of growing
your shop or how does that work?

Well, we actually outgrow the shopping.

Right, OK, because quadruple.

Yeah, that’s a big multiplayer in a year.

We think we should do

more of a bigger shopping.

OK, now I’ll know how
soon there will be sure.

I think the more the more services we
added to it, the more we going to grow,

especially with the services
that we provide us.

You know, we’ll provide
quality of services.

So, you know, we just are talking about,

you know, people coming
from different places.

So we just have a lady.

She was three weeks ago,

she called me and asked me what you
get on nineteen ninety two for F 150.

OK, Sprint AstroCom Grocery.

She was looking for someone

to go down the corridor down and
I get the same protections just like,

you know, I’ve been doing
research for a month and a half.

It’s like, well I did it for a half
hour and that was a long time.


Because I want I you know,
I want you know, I have these and

there’s the 1992 deal.

You think you don’t see if you have

a 2020, you know, like it’s gonna take you
two hours to do the research.

But in the nineteen eighty two you want
to get the guy who actually can do right.

Because like people talking,

especially if you’re planning
to drive in during the winter months.

So see the like the reason I choose you,
it’s just because of your Google reviews.

You know, they all all those reviews that

they are personalized reviews
of wherever you went to place, you know.

They don’t talk about, you know,

they talk about the quality of product,
but they’re not all genetic.

So that’s what I noticed.

That’s one thing I noticed where it wasn’t

just excellent or you were
or just one sentence, blah.

It was like so there I was

with my nineteen eighty five Kelly and
this whole story like wow.


If you guys did this the black hat
way you went through a lot of work.

So these, these seem super legit.

Which is interesting.

One that you accomplished that and two

that people took the time to write
a review on undercoating.


Which is a hard thing to try to get
people to leave a review for a book.

And they’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t have
ten seconds out of my life to do that.

I think one thing with these reviews, it’s

it’s it revolves around their
past experience with automotives.

And I think because this experience
and these products and him and his work

ethic and how he treats customers is
so different that people are shocked.

That’s fair and it’s totally fair.

Yeah, you do not.

You don’t necessarily expect good customer

service in, well, anywhere,
really, you want it?

Yeah, but your expectation I feel like

it’s gone so downhill in the past
10, 20 years that when somebody is nice or

follows up or just tells you
what they’re going to do

is rare and it sticks out like going
on something with the whole Gmail thing.

I feel like the whole Silicon Valley

technology thing, they’ve removed the
service aspect of the try to automate it.

They took the humanity out of it
and the humanity was the nice part.

So when it’s just automated,
it’s it’s black and white.

It’s very impersonal.

And it’s kind of you don’t
feel like you’re cared for.

Then you were you’re
purely a customer now.

You are a means to revenue.
That’s it.


So it’s just.

Yeah, it’s become weird,

even like you go to McDonald’s or
something, it’s automated,

maybe that was because they were
having a tough time finding employees.

Yeah, it’s just weird.

So we’re still a customer service
thing is gone dramatically downhill.

So, yeah, it’s a deal with us.

When we answer phones for customers, we

want to say fairly often

get people saying, oh,
you’re real and they don’t know.

They’re like, well,
I don’t know what to do.

I was expecting an answering machine
or voicemail or something like that.

Like they didn’t know

I got to talk to a person like,
you know, what’s my next step?

Yeah, just say hi back there.

And that’s pretty much what it is.


So it’s cool because I know when I drop my
truck off at your place and you tell me

what you’re going to do,
like you took the time to do that,

it wasn’t just take the keys,
get out of here.

Trust us.
We’re all good.

So yeah, that’s cool.

That’s very I mean the Meile
doesn’t maintain those.

If you don’t take care of the customer,

you don’t have a business
that’s the name of the game.

Now that is the name of the game
and is you know on that.

I like that pa, you know,
the one on one with the customer

and explain to them what
you can do to the car.

So yeah, I even you know,

I have customers just like the same way,
you know, they put, you know, you know,

a lot of our cars as you work
on your own personal car.


It’s a lot it’s a lot
of people who don’t know.

They have no idea.

They come to the shop and

they trust me enough to give me the keys.

But I when I see someone just to give me
something, just hand me the keys and ask

asking the questions that the customer
I actually hold back the

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because I want them,
I want him to understand what I’m going

to do to make sure I want him to be OK
with this guy, not because I want to

make myself look better, but I just make
me feel better as a business owner.

Don’t keep the customer.

This is what you get and this is
how the product is going to work.

I suppose it also helps from a referral

standpoint and also because instead
of them saying, like,

I got my car on recoded,
they can say, look, Ernestas showed me we

got this WEX product and then we get this
oil product and bla bla bla bla bla.

They actually have some education to

promote, you know, instead
of just saying, oh, it’s good.

Yeah, I actually noticed that where he’s
had he’s done customers and gave him

the whole spiel and then they,
a friend of theirs gets a new truck

and they come in and he’s like, oh,
you don’t know about this product.

My friend told me, I’m good.
Here’s the keys.

And it’s like that’s happened on several

occasions, which is, you know,
I can’t even fathom that really.

It’s it’s quite mind blowing for me.

And one other thing.

We’re talking about
research on new products.

To do that he wants to introduce
in this bigger shop is

the coating of truck beds.

So he he’s deep into research now.

And I think that’s going
to be our future as well.

And I’m we’re really excited about that.

And we have a lot of customers
asking about that, too.

All right.

So so I feel like that’s part of our
future that he was talking about earlier.

I mean, we do have customers
waiting for us, so.

Oh, really, I just I mean, like, you know,
just does, like you say, quality

make you wait, you know,
like a couple of customers,

you guys do bed line and so like, no,
we don’t, but we will in a few months.

It’s OK.

I wait until you guys out there,

they see the products like, you know,
I’m going to wait for you until you get

this set up and then I’ve come to you
for before I go anywhere else.

And we’re still choosing the product.

And it’s like it’s it’s so neat to have
people really customers feel this

inundated with with what
what is the situation?

I think of construction.

We answer phones for a lot of construction

companies and a lot of construction
companies just as a whole.

They have a reputation for being

terrible communicators,
terrible from a punctuality

or just being where they say they’re going
to be when they say they’re going to be.

I can’t imagine building
a house or doing a remodel job.

No, I just see

or you just hear all these stories where

it’s just like, hey, I’m getting my
kitchen remodeled or three months passed.

When they said it was going to be done,

they said it was going
to be done in a month.

We’ve been doing dishes in our bathtub
for the better part of half a year.

And from a contractor’s point of view,
they’re just like, that’s the business.

But I’m thinking like there’s no
way that that should be the norm.

There’s no way it shouldn’t be that way.

So when when a customer finds a business
like yours and you’re trustworthy and you

get a good product,
everything is fair and.


They want to latch onto and be like,
what else do you do

and all these problems that I want
to pay someone to take care of.


And I haven’t found anyone else I
can trust to take care of so much.

Funny enough,

I guess that I just got a phone call was
referring to was this guy called

his supervisor talking mobile
as he just got a new truck.

Oh, nice.

It’s like so you guys do this,
this and that’s like we do

like can I get these services
and these services and this area.

And these are minor things like, oh,

I want to get everything done for you,
but I want you to see what we do first

and then we move on to the resident
said it was all right because.

OK, that’s fair enough.


you can take to them back and they
won’t take so many services, but.

Oh, sure, I feel I feel better off in
a couple of a couple of ServiceSource

and then yeah,
they take the rest up,

almost asking people to build their trust
in you instead of just saying, trust me.


That’s pretty cool.

So yeah, I’m the kind of person to be
like, well if you trust me let’s roll.


I feel like you know a lot people focus
first on how much profit,

how much money they can bring in and all
the before the focus on the customer.

Now I don’t have the mindset.

That’s probably one of the reasons I feel

like I can actually let the customers
go some place if they’d like to.

So now and not try to push
me into my business.

It’s time to sell my product the best I

can, but not pushing me,
I’m sure if won’t make any sense.

It totally makes sense.

So that’s why I feel like we have our

customer base grow because they feel,
you know, like you say,

it’s really hard to find someone who is
going to be extremely hurt,

someone who is actually going to care
about some of your problems, you know.

So that’s the thing.

That’s one of the main things on my mind.
I’m not a customer.

I’m not trying to solve them
or to make a profit just because I want

to make sure that they feel on their
own that that actually works for them.

Yeah, that’s cool.
That’s cool.

I like it.

So the you’re going to end up in a new
shop or expanding the existing shop?

Not sure.
Still, is there space.

I don’t know.
Next to nothing.

Nothing much.
We can

kill that parking lot and drop
a building or something.

we’re going to have to if we we

at which is we will we are more
service to our population.

That is not that way.

There’s nothing we can
do in the shop anymore.

All right.

I want to pause for a second and tell
the radio people that they can keep

watching or keep listening
to this on Draw In Customers.

That can’t just click on the podcast link.

I am not even looking at cameras.

Let me just check

if you’re listening to this on the radio,
you can go ahead and click over

to the Draw In Customers dot com website,
click on the podcast link.

You can hear the rest
of this conversation.

We’ll figure out where this is at.

And I want to talk to you about employees.

Yeah, because employees for every business

can be a challenge.

And for your business,
you’re talking service.

You’re talking a fairly dirty job.

At least I believe it’s a dirty job.
No address issues.

All right.
It sure is.

And, you know,

I guess just tell me your experience
in finding deciding you’re going to have

employees and just that whole
what you’ve gone through with that.


So one of my staff focus
on getting someone working for me.

I want to be treat them the way I
would like to be treated.


Well, the time they were I was working for
somebody else on the really hard worker.

If I, if I get hired by somebody,

I can do the best of my abilities to get
down to where they want me to get to that.


That’s that’s how I see the but also
like to be treated that way.

And if I, if I give you a hundred
percent I want to treat me.


I like the way
I perform for you, you know.

Well that’s one of the things that I see.

I don’t see the many businesses,

industries are
they treat everybody the same.

I feel like, you know, those

that has ups and downs,
in fairness, all the way across.

It’s good for some people.

That’s better than not
people like people like me.

You know, if you give you a hundred,
ten percent less than you do and there’s

another person who comes
in to seventy percent.

Oh, yeah.
You ended up losing on that.

But so I took that mindset to my business.

So, you know, even though if you don’t
if you’re not the Fosters, it’s me.

But if you do, if you go then way you do,
you take pride in outlook.

Do you think it’s all good.

It’s all good.

But I do speak a lot from you.

I suspect, you know, you know, quality,

you know, show up,
show up on time and don’t come.

I don’t like people who complain because,

like, we all can complain
about many different things.

Oh, you could always complain about
it’s always I’d like, you know, like

right now we have one
guy working full time.


so slow season right now.

One of my brothers working for me
a full time the whole year.

He just went back to Mexico
for a couple of months.

OK, so sorry, man.

Right time.

But, you know,

going back is really hard to find
someone who can actually,

you know, when you speak, it’s really hard
to find someone who can call for you.

Yeah, right.

It’s really very, very challenging.

But if you pay them enough of your
you know, you actually have to find

someone who actually love what
they do, not just go to work.

They take pride in their work.

And I would say, you know, you can make is

it’s a mindset that you go
wherever you want to go.

But if you have the mindset that you were
looking for a job and you’re going to do

anything just to make sure you do the best
you can for that particular job,

you know, and you get paid what you get
rewarded and everything,

I think this is it shouldn’t be
that hard to find some people.


But, you know, it’s up and down
and that’s tough, tough stuff.

So, you know, like, I have
the guy who work for me full time.

You know, we have it up
and down from the beginning.

Mm hmm.

But he didn’t know much about
cars in the beginning, though.

Oh, interesting.

He had zero clue about how to polish

the pain, how to treat a car,
how to take the wheels off the truck.

All right.

You have zero clue of let’s quite
the learning curve you had to teach.

But now he’s one of the best.

He’s nice.
All right.

So we picked up on it because
he was a little slow in the beginning.

But, you know, he saw the process.

You know, the more effort you put in,
the more you get rewarded.

Mm hmm.

So he saw the process is like, OK, the
more I learn, the more I take it home.

Mm hmm.
So he he saw that part.

It seems like for now I
couldn’t be without him.

All right.

From where we start to where we are right

now, like, I don’t see myself
being without him right now.

He’s so.
Well, that’s cool.

Yeah, that’s very cool.

I think a special thing.

And one thing that he was saying,

what he’s looking for in an employees,
I think one thing is also trust

is a huge thing for him.

And he’s actually known this employee
at from his hometown in Mexico.


So he knew he he had, you know,
a relationship over the years with him.

And I think I think trust is something

that that can take a long time, especially
when you’re in a business setting.

And I’ve I think

me just helping him as a friend, um,
our trust has grown and and it’s just it’s

just been amazing how we’re able to push
each other, too, in that aspect.


Trust is a tough thing because I find
with my employees of Calls On Call,

I just because of what we do,

I have to just trust the employees to do
to do their job and to to take care

of the customers,
take care of the callers,

all that jazz, because I can’t be
behind them with every single call.

And when you hire a new employee,
the resume says the thing.

You chat with them over an interview,
but in the end, you don’t know how they’re

going to be until they’ve been
on the job for a little while now.

And they’ve tolerated me as a boss.


I’m hoping that’s not a big deal.

But I imagine there’s times
that was just like, oh, my God,

they have to get along with the employees.

There’s a whole culture of the business
that you get one bad egg and that’s going

to change the whole culture of the
business not to get a mop that up.

Now, like there’s a whole,

I guess I would say, unseen,

unseen thing that’s just going
on with your business as far as culture

and employees and the work that they’re
getting done and how they feel now,

if they feel like they’re
being treated fairly.

And and I guess going into that trusting
there’s some people that are just

not that good and they don’t
see that in the interview.

They’re not just like, you know what,

I’m kind of lazy or I find the easiest
way to get away from not doing anything.

They don’t tell you that in the interview.

Yes, I find that out later.

And hopefully that’s not how they work.

But there have been times that I heard

people and just like, oh,
you didn’t tell me you were a moron

or you didn’t tell me that, you know,
X, Y, Z or whatever it is in there.

And there’s certain just life skills
that you expect people to have.

Let me ask you this question.

Does a business owner know
how was easy for you to let go on?

The list is like to keep it freedom to one
like the first employees.

How how tough the first one is,
though, the first one is tough.

When I

think of my first employee,

he was

a nice guy, sharp guy,
but not the most presentable guy.

He had a funk.

And, you know, Roma, the guy stunk.

He was a patchouli oil,

didn’t believe in showers kind of guy,
but he was very smart, extremely smart.

Like it’s one of those things like when

the zombie apocalypse comes and you’re
in your vehicle and it breaks down

and you’re surrounded by zombies,
he’s the guy you want with you because

he’s going to able to fix the truck
to get away from the zombies.

Yeah, right.

Even though he probably never worked

on a truck before,
he could just figure it out.

So he had value.

But there was a value versus
a printer repair company right now.

So I know the printer repair business
had a challenge, still has a challenge.

We’re in the customer service business.

As far as I was concerned,
just about any service business.

I feel like customer service first.

Whatever you do is second.

Yeah, right now, the undercoating,

rust proofing customer service first,
the rust proofing second,

because the customer is all the women
that if you prefer

all that jazz like you bring in the
business end, that’s customer service.


Like nobody cares if you’re the best
at what you do, if you’re a jerk,

don’t want to spend money with you, maybe
you’ll do it once but then never again.

And they’re going to tell their
friends, don’t go to that guy.

So this customer service first I
was in this guy super awesome.

He’s 90 percent of the way there.

I could put him in front of any machine
and he could just figure out, however,

when he shows up in an office
and he smells like he’s just been hanging

out in a dumpster for the past two weeks,
that’s a bad day.


And that’s going
to reflect on my business.

I got a little step further.

He had some political leanings
which who cares?

But he had political leanings that he
wanted to share with our customers.

Oh, oh, no, no, no, no.

You’re there to fix the printer,

not to preach whatever it
is you’re preaching about.


So I got a phone call from a good client
and they said, hey, here’s a situation.

The guy came, he fixed printer,
OK, but here’s what happened.

And the guy

tried to spread his his beliefs onto

the customer
in a in a semi aggressive way,

not physically aggressive,
but just very aggressive.

And so I I’m like, OK, I’ll talk to him.

He’ll never go to your place again.

I’ll take care of you guys.

Frank got to take care of the customer

then just figure out what’s going
on with the employee,

not have a conversation with the employee
and say, look, here’s the situation.

You’re super awesome at X, Y and Z,

but I love you and I couldn’t
replace you for that.

This is what we got going on.

We’re small business,
so you got to wear a lot of hats now.

You got to wear the warehouse hat.

We got to mop up the bathroom hat and we
got to take care of the customer here.

Now, as it stands right now, you are
unable to take care of the customer.

So something has to change.

Either you have to learn to take a shower

and keep your mouth shut
or you get to walk.

And he said essentially the shower thing,

I get that I can figure that out,
but I can’t.

In my heart.
He’s an idealist, right?

I can’t.

The what happened was a customer had
a radio station on that was listening

to some political you Urara
that he didn’t like.

So he didn’t ask.

He told them to turn it off

like we’re not in a situation
where customers paying you.

Oh, well, you listen
to whatever they got up.

You are there to take care of the printer.

Yeah, right.
It doesn’t matter.

Just do your job.

Move on with your life.

I’m curious how when you went to address

that situation,
did you do it in the professional setting

or hey, let’s have a couple
of beverages outside of work.

It’s like, how is your strategy on that?
I’m just very curious.

So my what I typically say is that the
the employee knows what’s going on.


He said something and he knows, like, you
don’t just say, hey, shut off your radio.

And the person’s like, OK,
that doesn’t happen.

Yeah, right.

Even if you tell your kid to shut
off the radio, show you to.

That’s just stupid stuff.

There’s going to be more
of a conversation than that.


And it’s generally speaking,
not going to be rainbows and moonbeams.

So this guy knows something happened.

I don’t think he knows or knew
that the customer called me.

So when he came in the shop, I said.


this customer called me tell me a story,
OK, and some put it on him just because it

doesn’t look it doesn’t matter how
you slice it, there’s two sides.

So I got the customer side.

Now I want to get his side and
he gets all red faced and gets all fired

up just like they were
listening to my mom.

Oh, well.

And I’m like, well,

your heart rate’s getting pumped here over
radio station, man.

So I’m like, that’s when I said,
OK, we got to figure this out.


It’s going to be very
tough to replace you.

I’m not interested in replacing you,
but you’re essentially forcing my hand.

If we are saying that you need these
things in order to fill this position as

an employee because we’re
small business, right?

You’re the employee like we’re two people.

No, I can only do so many things.

You can only do so many things.

And one of the things you’re not willing
to do

is avoid telling the customer to change
their radio station

or what they’re listening to,
like that’s going to happen again.

Some office that you go
in to fix some printer.

At some point, somebody is going to be

wearing something or listening
to something that you don’t like.

And I need you just to ignore it.

If you can’t do that,

we to walk away.

What was the outcome of of his.
You walked away.

Oh, he said essentially that his beliefs,

he was not willing to challenge those
beliefs by ignoring those things.

This whole thing was silence
is acceptance in this case.


And I’m like like I was
trying to fight for him.

Like, look, dude,
you know that when you tell somebody

to shut off the radio, they’re not going
to be like, oh, you’re totally right.

My printer guy told me
to shut off my radio.

I’m going to not believe what he believes.

It’s not going to happen.

You’re not going to convince someone.

You’re not going to change their mind.

Even people in the radio stations
are going to change people’s mind.


Like, people are very close minded
when it comes to stuff like that.

They’re religious about whatever.

So I’m like, is it ideal or is it just
this fallacy that you have in your head

that it’s not going to come true
in the end?

It doesn’t matter if you work
here or at any other place.

Something like this is
going to come up again.

You I just keep hopping jobs endlessly
and he’s like, I just can’t do it.

And I would have loved to say,
hey, you know, we’re big enough.

We have space in the warehouse.

We can tuck you in the back.

We never see anybody else.

You rent your own printers
and move on with your life.

Yeah, I would have loved to have that,

but we were just too small the company
to have that be an option.

So it’s one of those like really

you’re not willing to sacrifice what I
considered to be like this tiny sacrifice.


So it was one of those

you ever just have one,
those conversations with someone.

And it’s just like I can’t
believe that this is your stance.


I just can’t like you’re willing to quit
a job with no plan B,

and there’s other jobs where he could have
gotten a different job,

but there’s no immediate plan B
and this job was ninety nine percent.

He loved it.

And I like to think I was a cool boss.

I paid him well, blah, blah, blah.

This was one percent just
for this one little thing.

And so it opened my eyes to like, OK,

employees want a lot of stuff that you’re

not going to be able to deliver
on every single thing that they want.

And there’s going to be some people

that get it and there’s going
to be some people that don’t.

And you have to find the people that get

it and you don’t know what they’re going
to get it until after they’re with you.

So I I’ll give you another example.

It is my most recent employee that I
hired with all covid thing going on.

We opened up our search nationwide
because the people are working from home.

We’re like they not to be in the office.

They don’t have to be a near
Sun Prairie or Madison.

Why not search nationwide?

We have customers nationwide.

Let’s just see what happens.

So this girl fires

fires in from Texas, my interviewer.

And it’s awesome.

She’s super cool interview right
like this half hour, 45 minute interview.


So you can only tell so much
from that conversation.

So don’t think, OK, what is my risk here
if I hire this person?

Let me pause for a second,

because before I hired another girl out of
party, Bill, so thirty minutes away,

I brought computer monitors,
all this equipment over to her.

She didn’t show up
on the first day of work.

Just show up working from home.

So then I had to go back there,
collect all the stuff and just

it got a little bit messy, but it wasn’t.
It could have been.

She just she had some personal stuff going

on and she was cool, but it could
have been way worse, right?

So I’m like, OK, I’m going to ship this
stuff to Texas desk computer monitors.


You’ve got a couple of thousand dollars
worth of equipment

to a person I’ve never met in person to
something of they flake that’s just gone.

Like you just you’re out.

Were you seeing a video call or whether
it was just over the phone, some call.

So it was it was video.

So but in the end, like you,
people can fake stuff for 30 minutes.


I’ve had quite a few employees that seem
super cool in the interview and then they

just wouldn’t show up on the first day or
or like this one,

even in her own apartment, she wouldn’t
show up like they just flat rate people.

Flake I never knew that was
a thing until I got employees.


apparently it’s a thing.

So I’m thinking, OK, what’s my risk?

And then what is my reward?
She seems super cool.

She’s super smart.

Her references are like,
this person’s a rock star.

You’ve got to hire her.
Whatever she does, she’s awesome.

So run with it.

And I’m like, all right,
we’re in the business.

Business is risk.

I’m going to take a chance.

Super awesome, incredible employee.

Just super great clients,

love her employees, love her
wits to get those two combined.

That’s a rare thing.

Because it’s I mean,
we’re in an industry where

we’ve had people that were kind of catty
in in an office setting.

Hey, there’s littleyou know what I mean?

Like, any time you get more than,

let’s say, well, more than one person,
there’s going to be it’s like any time

there’s more than two cars,
there’s going to be a race, right?


Like with any more than one employee,
there’s going to be either I like you,

I don’t like you or just write this
whole politics and all kind of stuff.

So we have four full time employees.

Now, this is the best culture
that we’ve ever had ever.

By leaps and bounds.

The challenge, as business owners know,

is that when you get better
employees, you pay them more.

And so now we’re having to lay down more

cash, which that becomes a challenge
because then you have to navigate

clients, you know what I mean,
to be able to afford to pay him.

Like, it’s just there’s
a little bit of a dance.

There are.

Are you on contracts with those
or is it a month?

OK, no.

So our clients within 30 to 60 days.

But you’d be a bad day, but they
could all leave us all at once.

Oh, that would be a very bad day.

We’d have to really mess up

and for the volume of work that we do
for our clients not to toot our own horn,

but our clients would
most of them would be in a world of hurt.

We’re the back end of their business.

So they

we just do a lot of stuff for.

And then it’s the trust thing.

No, they’ve grown to trust us.

And by us, I mean the receptionist.

It’s not so much me
because I’m just a dude.

I’m just a the business owner that

essentially sold them on the work
saying that we’re super awesome.

Then my crew proved that we’re awesome.
And then the people that hire us are like,

wait, if you can do that, can you do this
right? And they’re just added add and add

to the point that you’re doing
all this stuff for these people,

for their colors and for them
as a business that they don’t

it’d be tough for them to go anywhere

else, including hiring
their own person in-house,

because we know that when you hire
an in-house, are they going to show up?

Are they going to never take vacation?

Like there’s so many variables, right?

With employees, my rules and employees
come with baggage, every single one.

It just depends how big is the bag is.

It’s like a tiny little
baby boomers that like.

Back to you, Paula.

That’s an interesting way of looking
at it, because they’re people, right?

And everybody, you, me, everyone,
we got baggage of some kind.

And some of us know how to just let it go
and enjoy your job without that baggage,

as some people are like,
I’m taking a baggage everywhere I go.

I’m going to go in the store.

And when somebody asked me paper or

plastic, I’m going to tell them
about my dead puppy or whatever.

Yeah, but well,
so it’s tough to find employees

that will meet that will
fit into your culture,

that will do a good job,
that will show up,

that are willing to tolerate whatever it
is that the business does in any industry.

It is.

I mean, I think of the people.

Think of

a single quick trip.
Quick trip.

They had a billboard.

I know that was a year or two ago.

They’re looking for five
hundred employees.

You’re looking for five
hundred convenience store.

Our employees,

I was looking for one receptionist at
the time and I was having a rough time.


I’m like, wait a second nights,
weekends dealing with crabby people.

A lot of the times

you’re dealing it’s essentially,
I guess maybe there’s a corporate ladder

of some kind, but it’s probably
not the greatest in the world.

Do you think they’re overshooting?

They want 100 good ones.

But like, let’s start off with five.

Give them six months.

You got to get on.
OK, sorry I held it like this long.


So let’s end this right there and then
I really appreciate your time.

This has been an amazing experience.
This is cool.

And yeah.
I thank you so much for your time.


we can do a second.


I would love it after we
after we expanded that up.

We would love to do this again.

And I know you’re going to have
more experiences as you grow as well.

That’s the name of the game, right?

That’s what makes it fun.

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You guys got this. It’s cool to watch as you

guys grow your business
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Yeah, that’s you doing something right.

That’s all it comes down to.

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