Ernesto Jamie – Madison Auto Protection & Rustproofing

This is a country that loves cars.  As it turns out, in some places, like Wisconsin, have an environment that attacks cars.  Salt, road debris and a plethora of other culprits attack out cars and cause them to rust and, arguably worse, tough to work on.  The best prevention for this issue is to either buy a new car every year, or protect what you own.
Ernesto and his crew at Madison Auto Protection & Rustproofing makes the choice to protect what you have an easy one.
What sets Ernesto’s business apart are two distinct things that most business could learn from: 1) A quality product above all else and 2) A level of service above all else.
Most businesses like to believe that they have the best, but we all know that is not always the case.
Ernesto has brought customer service in the automotive world to another level.
Listen as Ernesto details how he started his business and what has allowed him to receive accolades from his clients that are driving hundreds of miles just to use his services.  The man knows how to protect cars.

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