Dan Woll author of Death On Cache Lake

Dan Woll – Author

Deep down inside, almost everyone has a story that they want to write, publish, market and sell.  Well, maybe they just want to write and sell it without having to deal with those middle pieces.
Anyways, Dan Woll has taken all four of those steps, multiple times.  He has written or co-authored North of Highway 8, Death On Cache Lake, Further, Sarah Saves Christmas and Sarah Saves Her Friends, with more in the works.
This conversation stemmed from his historical fiction book, Death On Cache Lake.  This book deals with the as-yet unsolved mystery of where the person is now that set off a bomb at a hall on the University of Wisconsin campus in 1970, during the anti-war movement, after hiding for almost 50 years.
Visit Dan at: http://danwoll.com/

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