Kayla Storlid – Nature Nanny

It seems we are all just busy doing what we do, and sometimes we forget to take a moment to enjoy the nature that surrounds us.  The nature that deep down inside, we are actually a part of.
Being in nature, surrounded by trees and plants and breathing the air that doesn’t have the tinge of industrial progress, has been scientifically proven to be beneficial. Nature never intended us to stare at screens, Whether for work or to kill zombies.
But where do you go, and how do you really explore nature?
This is where Kayla Storlid, the founder of Nature Nanny comes along.  Kayla is a serial entrepreneur that went to her, and your, roots to bring us a business that can help us reconnect to nature.  With therapy walks for adults and children, Kayla helps bring the natural healing to light.
Listen as Kayla explains her process and how she has found a great, natural way to help people of all ages enjoy the great outdoors.


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