YGT Mindshift Service Custom


The You Got This Mindshift Service is designed specifically to help you with your motivation, drive, commitment and accountability.

It is a one-stop shop for improving your motivation and accountability to help you actually get the stuff you need done…done.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

-Zig Ziglar



You Got This Mindshift Service

Business Coaching covers a broad array of topics.  With Draw In Customers Business Coaching, we focus on three areas: 1) Actions to Take, 2) Motivation to get the actions done and 3) Accountability to make sure you get all of these actions done.

But what happens if you know what to do?  You have a list that you know that if you completed it, your business would be phenomenal.  At that point, all you need is Motivation and Accountability.

The YGT Mindshift Service is designed specifically to help you with your motivation, drive commitment and accountability.

What is it?

The YGT Mindshift Service is basically a means to keep you motivated.  It is a way to inspire you and produce a drive and a hunger in you that moves you to act for your business.  It is designed for clients that know what to do, they just are not doing it.

How does it work?

  1. The YGT Mindshift Service starts with a coaching session that determines what you need to do and what has prevented you from getting it done.
  2. From there simple communications are sent to you via email and text to keep you focused, motivated and accountable.
  3. These communications often need no reply, though some will require a short response.
  4. The communications are customized to you.  They are geared towards what you defined as needing to get done.
  5. Additional communications will be focused on accountability, making sure you did what you said you’d do.
  6. Check-ins will be made to make sure your actions are getting the desired results.
  7. The service is entirely customizable to you, your needs, style and desires.
  8. Minor Business Coaching will happen within some of the communications, as needed.
  9. The YGT Mindshift Service is designed to help your mind make a shift from knowledge to knowledge with accomplishment.
  10. You get the drive, you take the actions, your business becomes successful.
  11. You become a model of success for all entrepreneurs that meet you.

The beauty of the YGT Mindshift Service is that the power lies within you.  You have the knowledge and intelligence.  You may even have a hunger deep inside you.  Like a rocket ship, you simply need spark to the light the fire within you.

We talk on principal, but act on motivation.

-Walter Savage Landor

The YGT Mindshift Service is a subscription service.  You will be billed monthly at the terms above.  You may cancel the service at any time.

The service can be combined with other Business Coaching sessions.  The service is limited in direct Business Coaching by design.  If you prefer more intense business coaching, please contact us or check out our business coaching packages.

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