Rhonda Noordyk – Women’s Financial Wellness Center

Divorce is tough.  Not only do you have the emotional challenge of realizing that your soulmate doesn’t fit the bill anymore, but you have some logistics to navigate.  A lot of those have to do with money.  whether it is dividing assets or just finding what assets each partner has, it can be bewildering and frustrating.  Add in some professionals that you hire that may or may not be working in your best interest and you have a recipe for a grandiose feeling of overwhelm with seemingly no one to turn to.
That is where Rhonda Noordyk and her team at the Women’s Financial Wellness Center comes in.  Rhonda has taken on the behemoth task of helping women going through a divorce get organized and get done what needs to get done.  She does this in such a way as to help her clients and keep them sane, as they get the help they need to navigate the shark filled waters of divorce.
Rhonda started as a financial planner and evolved into creating a business that offers so much more for women.  Business is so good, take that as a good thing or not, that she has multiplied her business over the last year.
Listen as Rhonda explains what she has done to help her clients, to grow her business and to keep an eye on the future.

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