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You know how in most cars, you get in and unload whatever you have on you.  Water bottle, maybe some keys and, of course, your cell phone.  Cupholders have become phone holders.  Now as you drive you want to use this fancy technology packed into your phone, but even when your car has a screen, it seems as if it were designed by someone that has never actually used their system.
So here we have the technology available that we want to use, a few feet from the screen and buttons that should be able to use them.  Alas, we’ve been stuck with the less than safe route of trying to get our cell phone to do things in our car while we are driving.  This is impractical at best.
Enter Vehroot.  Tom and his crew at Vehroot have created a product that is essentially a replacement car stereo that also incorporates other automotive functions, and uses you phone as the screen.  You can make calls out, play music, and do all of the things you want to do, on the screen you want to do them.  All of this is setup with a spot to put your phone!
I joked with Tom that all he needed was the shelf for the phone.  The rest is just gravy.
Listen to the interview with Tom from Vehroot how he explains the details of his creation and the fun of getting it launched.
Spoiler alert: if you have an extra $500K laying around looking to invest, Tom would be happy to share some details.
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