Nicholas Hinrichsen –

Nicholas has gone the distance in Silicon Valley.  After starting up Carlypso and selling it to Carvana, he started, a website built to make refinancing your car easy.  That alone is impressive.  Add to that mix some Stanford Education, his experience with his business partners in YCombinator and raising $10M in venture funding, and you have a solid guy that knows his way around start-ups.
I wanted to quiz Nicholas about the venture funding world.  How do you get financing and what is the deal with these high valuations of companies that have yet to make any profit?  Nicholas had all of the answers and more.
He is super awesome entrepreneur and I had a blast chatting with him.  You’ll enjoy listening to Nicholas while you learn the ins and outs of funding your business.
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Today’s guest is Nicholas Hinrichsen, Stanford MBA and founder with a successful exit to Before selling his business, Nicholas raised $10M in funding from angel investors, lecturers, professors and institutional investors.
After three years with Carvana, Nicholas left to start, a digital platform to refinance auto loans. 20M car owners can save thousands of dollars in minutes and usually don’t even know that refinancing a car loan is even an option!



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