Tricia and Brad – The Virtual Foundry

Creating something new is always a challenging task.  First, you need the idea, that part is easy.  The challenging part comes in the execution.  Enter 3D Printing.
With 3D Printing, you could affordably create three dimensional shapes and creations to test your ideas.  But the 3D printing was plastic, leading to some different limitations.
Things changed when Brad, founder of The Virtual Foundry came up with and patented the idea to be able to print metal objects with existing 3D printing machines.  Now The Virtual Foundry supplies the creative types around the world, from major aerospace companies to the lone creators in their basements, with the material to be able to get their ideas into tangible, metallic form.
Listen as Brad and Tricia discuss how they got started, built their business and are revolutionizing the creative world.
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