John Fenley – Murfie

Here’s the thing about good business ideas that get investors, sometimes they tank.  Started around 2012, Murfie was designed to give subscribers access to their physical music collection anywhere on any device.  In addition to that, they would store your CD collection and allow you to buy and sell other CDs.
Then a few funny things happened, including some ownership swaps and a few emails that left subscribers scratching their heads.
Enter John Fenley, the owner of Crossies LLC.  John is an energetic guy that flew across the country to resurrect Murfie from the lost memory of software companies that were bright candles that burned out too quickly and is in the process of bringing it back to the shining beacon of musical storage and playback it was intended to be.
Listen as John tells us the intriguing story of a man doing what he can to bring new life to Murfie, all while taking care of it’s subscribers as best he can.
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